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Loss Of Sleep

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  • Loss Of Sleep

    So I've been woken up again at 4.30AM by my neighbour upstairs. :angry:

    Every single weekend and at 6.30AM on weekdays.

    Is their anything in that human rights thing that refers to a peaceful nice sleep?

    An odd day here and there where you're woken from sleep is one thing. It being every day is quite another.

    Paul. (Tired and just wants a good nights sleep for once). :blink:

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    Hi Paul,

    Really sorry to read that, our NFH stopped us sleeping all the time. It's awful being disturbed constantly by noise in the middle of the night, then you end up waking all the time and worrying about it too

    Article 8: The Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Home and Correspondence

    Is your best bet - have you had a look over our HR Overview online? It's here:

    Noise Article is here too (in case you've not seen it):

    Where are you up to at the moment, can you give us a quick update in terms of the HA, EH Dept, etc?

    Hope it's better tonight.


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      Hi Paul

      I truly sympathise!! Partly cos I've just had my first night's good sleep in a couple of weeks(bliss!), and partly as my neighbour used to play music from about 6 every weekend morning! (and THAT was only weekends...bad enough!).

      I hope you find the articles Matthew mentioned useful....and LOG EVERYTHING for starters, and speak to EHO. Is it worth a try having a talk to nfh first do you think?



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        Hi Paul

        We have noisy neighbours - along with othr problems with them!

        All I can say is follow the advice you are given by people here. We did and are (we hope!) getting somewhere. Unless your neighbour is reasonable (most appear not to be or else they would be more thoughtful and considerate in the 1st place!) this may be a long job, but persevere.

        Good luck

        "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"