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Alien Abduction?

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  • Alien Abduction?

    My neighbours who live on my right are married with 3 teenages, the bloke is a policeman. I used to babysit for them and my sister helped her cope when their marriage nearly broke up.

    One of my neighbours took legal action against them ,because they would leave their Great Dane in their yard over night and it would howl and bark at all hours keeping people awake.

    We never complained though we were kept awake.

    After legal action was taken they took to leaving the dog in their outhouse instead, it still wakes us up sometimes this we ignored.

    Then we got burgled one night, our Yorkie woke us and chased him out the window, this made me feel on edge because at that time my partner was still living at his place a lot, and I was lucky he was with me then.

    It took a good 6-7 months before I could sleep all through the night without waking up thinking someone was burgling us again.

    Then they started to come home after 12am drunk and without their keys, this would involve knocking up someone to let them in. If no one answered at the front they would fall over their large locked gate at the back waking the dog causing it to bark. This we ignored on a regular basis, but then they started to decorate after 12am. Loud bangs and crashes, furniture being moved ladders being pulled across the floor. This would happen between 12-4.30am.

    One night I stayed up late and lost it I thought if I cant sleep I'll hang some pictures, five minutes of this and she came to our door and we had a blazing row.

    I tried to smooth things over buying flowers even though I felt they owed us an apology, and we have not spoken since. Besides they hang around with our NFHs crowd now so we regard them as more trouble then they are worth. We dont avoid each other if we pass in the street , we just dont talk now.

    Sorry if its a bit of a novel but it fits in with the next bit.

    My new neighbour moved in opposite, divorced 4 kids one who is 17yrs, and 12 cats and a dog.

    At first we were friends and she give the dog to us because they did not have a fenched garden. We talked and I opened up to her about my NFH and said my next door neighbours and us had a disagreement about noise.

    I became fed up of talking to her because she would make comments like aren't you friends with anyone and her kids would repeat this to us, not only would this annoy us but her kids would invite themselves into our garden whenever it suited them. Even if we had family around and were busy in a corner of the garden in a more private area away from the public. We could not garden without ending up with her three kids and more climbing over our wall to join them. At this stage you either become their babysitter or stop gardening and make an excuse to go inside.

    Not long after I banned all kids from my garden because of my plants being damaged on purpose tree branches being broken off large cherry trees.

    If I asked anyone if they knew or had seen this happen, they said we were accusing their kids of stuff, which we replied we were not. We told all the kids that if none of them came into our garden then they could not be blamed for anything anyone else did. Fair play for everyone.

    By this time I knew someone was messing with us, more damage etc. Our NFH came round and threatened to kill me and the geese if they were still there the next day. I was totally numb with shock, never noticed the guy before.

    Large group of kids 7-plus hung round our gate they said we had rats, we had never seen any. You know this part so I'll skip it.

    The woman with the 12 cats lets her cats breed constantly, the cats are on to the next litter before the kittens are fully weaned. She has a male cat and three females who mate as well as the long line of stray toms who hang around. They sleep, scrap and teach the kittens to hunt birds in our garden . She now has three dogs as well, because her kids did not like her giving the dog away to us. She piles bags of kitchen waste on her drive which they tear looking for meat. They bring their food into our garden, they look skinny and now cannot open their eyes hardly due to a infection, the whole litter has it. I phoned the rspca, I wished I had'nt afterwards because I had to admit I felt betrayed by her friendly manner towards our nfh, I felt like our friendship was one sided, she was happy to use our garden as her kids playground, and the more I talked to her and listened to her advice, her intentions did not sound right. I began to feel she was lying to me to get us to do what our NFH wanted.

    I also have wondered whether she or our NFH hopes to force us to move so they can move into our bigger house, with drive and larger garden.

    She blamed our NFH, and banned their son from visiting, so he stoned her windows . Her kids were upset and I felt bad it is not in my nature to be vindictive or bitchy, normally I am easy going and will get along with anyone. I decided to clear the air, I took flowers to five different neighbours promised to get no more geese, no one said they was a problem, and I admitted phoning the rspca. The only one I did not visit was our NFH I did not cherish the idea only being skinny and 4ft 11.

    The new problem is that one woman who lives on a street near by who takes in the stray cats that wander her way. Her favorite tom died 12yrs, and she knows the state of my neighbours cats. The problem is one looks like her tom and she has taken a fancy to it.

    I found her and some friends looking for her cat in our garden one day, it had being in for an op and had escaped into my garden. She was weird towards me and called it the same name as her tom that had died, then forgot and called it by its right name. I pointed out that it wasnt hers and she begged me not to tell.

    I now have my neighbour with the cats wondering if we are cat nappers as well.

    The cat is well cared for now , fatter cleaner and not permanatly pregnant.

    We call it the alien abduction in private, her and kids watch us all the time.

    We avoid the subject of our neighbours cats when we see this woman now, we think she is eying up the latest batch for alien abduction.

    Im beginning to think I should write a novel.

    I dont normally use forums and find it hard to talk like this, I also find it hard to talk in social situations. :banghead:

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    Hi GG

    Thanks for posting that - it never fails to amaze me how selfish and rude and self-centred some people are eh.

    I mean you did what they were disturbing you with and after 5 minutes, round they come. Seems one rule for NFH, another for you!

    Look forward to reading your next bit. Hope it's calm at yours at the mo.