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Tyres Slashed And Aerial Cable Cut

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  • Tyres Slashed And Aerial Cable Cut

    Hello, I'm new to all this, both discussion groups and being harrassed by a neighbour. My fiancee and I have lived in our house for a year. We have a neighbour who insists he has a right of way over our back garden. He parks over our off street parking space without any thought for our parking needs.

    We have recently (in the past 2 weeks) tried to open amicable discussions with him. He has a lot of junk stashed in one of our two outbuildings which a previous owner had allowed him to do. We politely asked him to a/ move his stuff from our shed, b/ stop using our car parking space as a rubbish dump and c/ stop using our garden path as his own access.

    My fiancee, a newly qualified property solicitor, obtained supporting evidence from the Land Registry to counter our neighbour's claim that his right of way was 'on his deeds'. As you may be aware, even if a right of way appears on one of your deeds, if it is not registered with the LR, the right does not exist.

    A friendly letter (handwritten, as this is always more polite than typing a letter, I think) was written and posted through his door last Thursday.

    That evening, our television ceased to work. We both work full time and value our 'home time' of a weekday evening, so it naturally concerned us and I immediately investigated the problem.

    Our aerial sits on his chimney. The cable between our house and our aerial had been cut.

    On Wednesday, I was taking delivery of a demonstration vehicle, so I parked my company car on my parking space wanting to keep it off the road. The following morning, I was completely blocked in by his car, despite there being a free car parking space on the opposite side of our cul-de-sac.

    This morning (Thursday) one of the fron tyres of my vehicle had been slashed.

    My fiancee and I are to be married in September and we're both already stressed out about this issue. I have contacted the police and they're coming round tonight but I still feel helpless... :sad:

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    what a despicable person!!!

    when the police come round they have to do something about this, it is criminal damage pure and simple. they surely have to arrest him for it. hopefully he will have been stupid enough to leave fingerprints all over his handiwork. the swine!!!!

    also if i were you i would get someone in to empty out your outbuilding of his tat and then send him the bill. if he doesnt pay, take him to the small claims court!!!!

    if he persisted in parking across my off street parking i would get someone round to tow the car away ( very far away!!), and again send him the bill!!!!

    this is a very spiteful and jealous person and he needs to be put in his place very swiftly and decisively. try not to let him stress you out, easier said than doen i know!!! he is a bully and cant be allowed to get away with this.

    be very frim with the police when they come round to you as we see often that they dont take things that seriously and when they go to see the NFH, the NFH ends up getting more sympathy!!!! :angry: :angry:

    let us know how you get on and i hope this forum will help you feel alot better :nfh1: :ban:

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      Hello Simon and welcome to the forum

      Sorry to hear about your NFH problems. He seems to want to make life as uncomfortable as possible for you I don't know what the police will do about the criminal damge to your aerial and car but unless you have proof that NFH did it I fear not much will happen.

      Have you thought about installing cctv so you can keep an eye on your car? You say the aerial sits on 'his' chimney. Is this a chimney that serves both properties and aeriel is on his side? Or is the chimney itself actually his property? I would imagine if it is his property he has the final say in whose aerial can be sited on it.

      Hopefully the police will be able to do something about the parking problem.

      I'm sure other members will have lots more advice for you and you'll find a lot of support and sympathy here.

      Good luck

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        Thanks for the supportive replies - it feels better already. I've just read some of the other stories and, whilst it appears I am not alone, my situation is nowhere near as bad as some...

        Misty, I've just bought a CCTV camera and linked it to my pc. It's very useful and not too expensive - bought it on line this week when it appeared NFH's campaign was starting!

        My other concern is over my cats - they're in most of the day but they like to roam at night. I don't want to think about him getting hold of one of them. It's the sort of nasty / malicious thing he'd do.

        Peculiar thing is, we were on fairly amicable speaking terms with him - we're roughly the same age etc. and it's such a surprise he's doing all this - I was even prepared to give him the benefit of the doubt when we suspected he'd cut the tv aerial cable!


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          I feel this is a case of sour grapes. His previous neighbour (of your property) allowed him as you say to use the outbuildings for his items, now though that has changed with the advent of the old moving out and the new - you - moving in.


          when the police come round they have to do something about this, it is criminal damage pure and simple. they surely have to arrest him for it.

          I hope so, but, without firm evidence to prove that he has done it then they are unlikely to pursue it, further they could give him a warning, but, as I say unless they have proof they are likely to put this down to malicious damage without proof.

          Its a real bummer this because you know its him but, he is such a turn-coat that he is in effect being nice to you when he sees you.

          Blocking driveways is actually a highway matter and the police can force you to move your vehicle if it is causing an obstruction - getting them to come out to it though is another matter as its way down their list on priorities. Someone suggested a while ago (Badger I believe) to another member who was having parking problems about buying an old banger (making sure its legal, taxed MOT etc) and then parking that across your driveway etc.

          You do sound like have covered most of the legal issues. It's just the criminal damage. Wait and see what the police say when they come out, you will be a bit more wiser by then.

          Its a pity your old neighbour didn't ask him (or more to the point you were made aware of his property being on the premises) to move his stuff before you completed the transaction on your home.


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            Hi Simon, and good to see another tormented soul has stumbled across the site!

            The cctv is a great idea, just make sure he can't allege it's looking in his window/ wife's sun-bathing area or something!

            If the aerial is on his "property", is it worth just getting someone in to shift it over a bit?

            As regards the property in the shed, I think another note(copy kept), saying you'll store it for another week(reasonable), and inviting him to arrange when he would like to move it. If he doesn't foreworn him you will then move it onto his property, and do so! (maybe check legally first, but this sounds have EXACTLY WHAT obligation to him?!).

            Good luck!



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              Well, quite an eventful evening! The police came round and looked at the slashed tyre (I deliberately haven't had it repaired) and the cut aerial. The PC (who was EXTREMELY helpful & concerned) then went around the cul-de-sac finding a witness. He then went to NFH's and had a chat.

              Imagine my surprise when the policeman said NFH had ADMITTED cutting the aerial cable, because 'it was interfering with his own tv signal' (the two aerials are adjacent) and he 'wants it removed from his property'.

              Important point of property law: My other half was (fortunately) there with a copy of our registered title deed, which she whipped out. It clearly states that when we bought our house, we have a right to all existing services (INCLUDING cables) whether they be on our house or his...

              After some deliberation, the local police inspector decided to bring NFH in for questioning on a complaint of criminal damage early next week, then leave it to us to decide whether we want it to be dealt with in a civil or criminal court :P

              I would advise anyone reading this in a similar situation that you're more likely to succeed (and get proper compensation) through the civil court than through the magistrates. However, I am very grateful to the police for taking the matter seriously, and helping me quash this individual's behaviour early on.

              I don't know if that's the end of the matter, only time will tell. But my fiancee and I have decided to take him to the county court to seek damages for distress, damage to property and trespass.

              Thanks for your support everyone - I'll be back with an update soon.

              All best wishes,



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                Great news. Just one thing though. Check your home insurance policy for:

                a) Repairing the damage

                b) Legal cover.

                You'll find a lot of policies include this. Its certainly a lot less aggravating knowing that the insurance company is picking up the legal costs and not you. I'm going this route at present with my own NFH.
                Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

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                So what's the plan?

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                  Hi Simon and welcome to the Forum

                  Well, what can I add? It sound like you have all angles covered.

                  All I can offer is my support for what it's worth .

                  Good luck with everything and please keep us posted.


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                    If he's found guilty in the criminal courts, which he most likely would be if he's admitted it, then you have a good chance of claiming civil damages afterward.

                    Thing is a court case isn't going to make for a pleasant home life. Could a mediation service help? That you have him over a barrel with the criminal damage charges is useful for your negotiations.

                    Hope he behaves himself much better in the future. If he shows no sign of doing so, the criminal charges would be a good way of clobbering him.


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                      Hi Simon

                      I'm glad to hear police were so helpful! Good luck with what follows, and keep us posted!



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                        good good good news!

                        I wish all police officers across the country were so helpful!

                        I hope it goes and stays quiet for you now to let you and your partner live in peace!

                        best wishes :ban:


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                          Good on you and your fiancee

                          I'm so glad that the police were actually able to do something and that your NFH owned up to what he had done

                          Good luck :clover: in the courts



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                            Simon, great result Let's hope NFH has learned his lesson. At least he had the decency (or arrogance) to own up to cutting the aerial cable.

                            Good luck for the future

                            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                              Hi Simon,

                              I know exactly how you feel having had two of my tyres slashed by my NFH. You are also lucky to have a partner with some legal knowledge. I'm glad but amazed the police have done something about it. If you read my story you will see what can and does happen when it gets out of hand. My neighbours have just completely trashed my garden this weekend and have previously followed me to my friends house in a differant town and did the same to her. They caused hundreds of pounds worth of damage and were seen by witnesses and the police have done nothing, again. :sad:

                              Don't give in or he will bully you until you move away. I have had threats, abuse, damage, poisoning, noise, phone calls bullying for two years and am moving house this wednesday as I can get no help from the authorities. My NFH said to me yesterday that while I live here she will make my life "Living Hell".

                              Best of luck to you and your partner and don't let the B*gger grind you down :nfh1: :ban: