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Advice And A Update On My Nfh

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  • Advice And A Update On My Nfh

    Has anyone else had dealings with leeds city council, with regards to NFH and harrasement? were they any help?

    We have moved while the council do the work on our house, but only temporary.

    The headcase on our street has stolen more patio furniture again, and vandalised our garden again, trying to get us to leave.

    Storage boxes given to us from the council woman who collects them from other tenents had insults aimed at us wrote all over them.

    I just hope we dont have the new double glazing put through when we move back in, the police regard it as a civel matter.

    The last thing the police woman said was that if we called them out again a harrassment order would be put on us as well, I find this hard because we have done our best to solve this and keep out of their way, we have done nothing to them.

    The council guy has visited us and has a file with three years worth of accounts and photos and still it goes on. He said he was going to visit them.

    He talks to all his kids school mates and kids being young take his view over people who are disabled and assume it is us who are weird.

    They deny all knowledge of having a problem with us, and say it is us with the problem. :banghead: :badmood:

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    Hi Goosegirl

    This all sounds can criminal damage be a civil matter?! I know that we all don't have loads of money, but is it worth spending thirty quid at Wicke's or B and Q on a cctv camera? And has any mediation been tried...council will have number for neighbour dispute mediation. At least if you offer to try this(even if nfh don't accept, which they probably won't), you have shown REASONABLE effort to try to resolve the differences. Have you taken any advice from Leeds Housing Advice(althoough admittedly, I think they are part of the council, and therefore not independent)?

    Who was "the council guy"? If he was an Estate Management Officer, and you are not satisfied with the response, ask to meet with the Team Manager. The council should also have a seperate Nuisance and Harassment Team..ask the council switchboard for the number, if you haven't already spoken to them.

    I don't know if you have involved any local councillors? Even if you have talked to one before, there will be others in your ward who might be in tune more with neighbourhood nuisance/harassment. As usual, log EVERYTHING! Evidence and recording are all-important.

    I am sure you will get lots of suggestions here, but that's all I can think of for now.

    Take care



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      :nfh1: I believe you! What a situation. It sounds worryingly similar to ours.

      I will try and write more later. In the meantime, if I've learned anything, it's Don't Take No For An Answer, especially when the No comes from officialdom.

      With very best wishes,



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        *our case*

        The police admitted to us that yes it was criminal damage and the "sympathised" but did NOTHING!

        I am beginning to wonder if this country has any back bone at all because they don't seem to be able to deal with anything :banghead:

        They seem to spend and awful lot of their time with, "Their hands tied".



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          Hi goosegirl

          Firstly, theft and criminal damage are NOT civil matters, they are criminal matters! Perhaps you too should make a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission! URL: How dare that policewoman threaten you with a harassment order!! You are the victim in all this!

          THREE YEARS??? The council has three years of complaints and photographs and they've done nothing?? Perhaps you should tell them you will take them to the Local Government Ombudsman! URL:

          I'm begining to think that maybe we should start a Wall of Shame and publicise all the councils, police forces etc that have failed to act against NFH!!!

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Thankyou to everyone for your advice, we are going to install cctvs when we move back. Also we will try the mediation route even though they will try and cast us as kid haters single and benifit scroungers. They of course have 2.4 kids and he works. At least if he goes off ranting abuse at us other people will hear it, and he wont be able to take it back and say that he never said it. :banghead:


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              Hi Goosegirl

              Good luck for moving back...and try the cctv cameras...all evidence is good(although avoid pointing at areas they could construe as invading their privacy!). Log everything, and do keep us posted!



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                Hi Goosegirl

                Well there isn't much more than I can say that hasn't bee said already, except I wish you all the best when you move back into your home, and good luck with the cctv. I bought a good one from ebay for about £25 inc. p&p.

                Best wishes