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  • Introducing Myself

    Hello everyone. I'm brand new to the Forum (and forums in general) so I'm just trying to find my way about and do things properly. Why I'm here and posting is easy.... our neighbourhood just received a gift of, not just one but two sets of NFH.

    One set is right next to me and the other is directly accross the street.

    This is great for them as they don't need to use expensive communications devices to exchange pleasantries.... they just open their windows and bawl across the street. The 'F' word seems to be the best way of punctuating such conversations.

    Another advantage is that if one of them fancies a summer afternoon of headbanging music, their mates accross the street can be seen dancing to it. You can see all the other neighbours windows being closed right the way down the road. Weve done the 'police' thing. They arrive with the big van, everything is nice and quiet, they have a word with the NFH's and things are quiet for a day or so. Except of course for the typical NFH follow-up-intimidation sequence.

    Because we dared to call the police, they ran accross the roofs of all the cars in the street at 4 in the morning. This was all reported to the police who are beginning to get the message. Anyway, thats when I found your site. And glad I am. It gives a little bit of sense to things when I can read of similar problems that others are suffering and also get some practical help. I have talked to some of my neighbours and we have a consensus that something must be done. I was in touch with our Local Council office today and they are sending out a 'pack' with diaries, contact numbers and other advice. They sound sympathetic and prepared to help. Well we'll just have to see.

    Last night was the strangest ever.... my wife works on night-shift at the local hospital so I was at home myself. The NFH next-door started his usual discussion of the days events with his partner at around 10:00pm This takes the form of "You F*ing B*tch.... etc etc at the top of his voice. The partner will not be beaten in either volume or conversational ability of the sort. Anyway, it wasn't the thump-thump music and my bedroom is at the other side of the house from them (fortunately) so I went to bed early for an early start at work. About 2:30am I obeyed a call-of-nature.... they were still in full "conversation"...... still no thumpety-thump....back to bed... I got up at 7:00am and ...

    WOW.... they were still at it. I don't know what kind of stuff they are on. Maybe I've got the NIGHTSHIFT NFH's. Strange or what? Anyway, no doubt I'll catch you all later. I'll go now and read up on some more of your posts.

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    Welcome to the forum Roythepict

    I'm sorry to hear that you have had to endure these NFH's :sad:

    I don't know if I can give any good advice, but you must make a log of every incident. This is always the first thing that is needed.

    I know that you have come to the right place, as you will get a lot of good advice here.

    Tri :ban: :nfh1:


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      I'll be honest here with you I am not up on noise and the issues that revolve around it partly because I don't want to become swamped with it all and I have neither the inclination to look into it either at this moment in time, although Matthew, Beth, Misty and the others who have had experience of this sort of thing will be able to offer you constructive help.

      Because we dared to call the police, they ran accross the roofs of all the cars in the street at 4 in the morning.

      You say the police are taking this seriously, what are they doing about it ? With the knowledge that I have about cars, there will be damage done to the roofs - therefore this constitutes criminal damage due to their behaviour.

      You need to push this with the police and tell them you want something done about it. You need to get together with your neighbours and collectively push your local police to take action. Your property has been damaged and you have a clear right of redress. Log every single incident in a diary and be religious about it. Times, dates what their activities were etc.

      Photograph your damage too and if possible get their antics on camcorder if you have one.

      The more evidence you collate the better your chances are for getting a result.


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        Hi Roy and welcome to the forum

        sorry to know you are have nfh problems, it really can seep into your life.

        I am glad you have contacted EHO, if you want to start logging stuff before the diary sheets arrive you can print off some from our main site under resources.

        it is good to know that your council is responding quite quickly, if they offer you a service than please take it, you need to show willing, even if they offer you mediation and you know there is no chance of nfh going through with it you say ok to it.

        if you show them you are willing to fight for your rights and make the first move they may be more willinging to help you, its sad that some folks just expect a magic wand to make it all stop, in reality, its going to be a lot of hard work for you and yours.

        it sounds like you have my old NFH living next door, we were often treated to all night entertainment as you have descibed!!!

        better than eastenders but more tiring and draining :badmood:

        we went through a simialar process, eho came round and witnessed noise then we had to fill in months of noise logs, that was quite stressful in its self but also a bit theraputic as you can put your feelings on paper.

        then the council installed recording equipment, a little briefcase with a tape in side it,

        let us know if you get offered this as there are a few tips to getting what you need.

        we were lucky(?) as two days after the eqipment was installed they moved out, they couldnt keep up with the rent!!

        are your other neighbours suffering through these people?

        there is strength in numbers you know!

        you could always start your own little home watch........thats another way of getting the police involved in your issues.

        have a little look on the main site, there are some self help articles which may give you a little more insight into what you can do!

        good luck and please come back often


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          Hi Roythepict,

          Your NFH neighbours have succeeded in uniting everyone against them – and they probably don’t care, which is an indication of how anti-social they could be. If there isn’t already a Neighbourhood Watch scheme in operation you could create one, as Beth suggested. This might formalise and further unify the residents’ relationship, while also lubricating communication with the Police.
          'The only kind of courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one minute to the next.' - Mignon McLaughlin


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            Sorry I have just put something here by mistake which was meant for someone else.

            A thousand apologies.


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              Hi Roy and welcome

              We have three families in our green (all related) who sound very much like your NFH It's bad enough when you get one, but when NFH start out!!

              I can only echo the advice already given about logging every incident. You sound as though your other neighbours are ok so I'd suggest you all get together when approaching the council or police. There definitely does seem to be strength in numbers.

              Hope things are sorted soon Good luck

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Welcome Roythepict - I'm glad you found us on the forum, don't worry you'll soon get the hang of things!

                Noise is a truly horrendous and assaulting thing to live with and many of us here really understand where you're coming from. It makes you dread going home, feel sick and generally obliterates your rights to enjoy your home.

                Beth and I had two sets of noisy NFH (alongside other NFH issues) over several years next door and they too argued, played music, made loud noise, had barking/howling dogs and it went on for hours and hours and name it, they did it. Their stamina (like your NFH) seemed unbounding and they never seemed to sleep either!

                We have a comprehensive Noise Help article on the main Neighbours From Hell in Britain website and the link is here:


                But it also sounds like you're having Harassment and Anti-Social Behaviour issues, so at the risk of sounding like I'm throwing loads of articles online at you, please take a look at these too

                Anti-Social Behaviour:


                Harassment & Bullying:


                They are all hopefully helpful in your situation and some of it may be familiar to you, but info in your situation is definitely empowering

                Hope you can visit us often and you'll find an awful lot of understanding, help, support and empathy on the forum



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                  Hello Roy,

                  All sounds pretty horrid, but it does sound like you have much going for you.

                  The nfh have pretty clearly identified themselves as such.

                  The authorities, and thus the legal system, should be rightly on your side.

                  With yourselves and other neighbours giving evidence against these louts,

                  you should be rid of them within the year, and have a more unified neighbourhood as a result.

                  Good luck. Hope it works out that way.


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                    Hello there...

                    everything has been said but I just wanted to add a big wave and to tell you, you write so beautifully.

                    The squeaky gate gets the oil so keep on at the authorities and draw in the other neighbours together you are much stronger.

                    As a nation we are so lax with these bullies! :nfh1:



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                      Hi Roy and welcome

                      You've already been given great advice by everyone so there's no need for me to repeat anything .

                      You have my sympathies - noise nuisance is an awful thing to have to suffer and I can't imagine what it's like to have an nfh pack roaming the streets in the middle of the night.

                      It helps to know whether the nfh own their homes or rent, and if they rent whether it's from the local authority a Housing Association (HA) or a private landlord. Do you know anything about the properties they're living in? What about your family?

                      Please keep us updated with how you're getting on.