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It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

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  • It Ain't Over Till The Fat Lady Sings

    Well, I exchanged last Friday, the new couple want to move in this Friday (1st), so I guess there's nothing holding me back (apart from packing)

    End of an era - funny tho, don't feel as sad as I thought, maybe I will come Friday when I hand over the keys.....

    Will be on and offline for a while whilst sorting out new accommodation and internet access...normal service will be resumed...back soon....

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    all I can do is just wish you all the very best in your new home. Just hope that - and I am confident that it will be - a good move for you and that the sun will shine you on your way.

    Packing boxes - you know when you move in thats all you seem to be climbing over for a while - I swear they breed in the night you know and you get this illusion when you come down in the morning that theres more than yesterday.

    Still, good luck and heres a bunch of flowers for your new home. :flowers:


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      Hey Gordy

      Onwards and upwards.

      We're putting the champers on ice for you :glug:

      Hope you do this to your nfh when you drive away for the last time :P .

      Wishing you all the very best in your new home.


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        good luck Gordy!!

        dont forget to pack the kettle last!!

        please let us know how it all goes when you are plugged back in!!


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          Good luck Gordy I hope everything goes smoothly from now on It's sad you felt you had to leave, but on the postive side, who know's what's over the new horizon. Could be the best move you've ever made

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Gordy, your time has come at last. I wish you well and hope you will find the peace and happiness you desire


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              Originally posted by Beth@Jul 28 2003, 10:21 PM

              dont forget to pack the kettle last!!*
              Absolutely :lol:

              You never know when you'll need it - everyone's always wanting a brew :lol:


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                All the very best(and best foot forward) Gordy!!

                Enjoy the new-found p and q



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                  Hi Gordy

                  My very best wishes are coming your way...GOOD LUCK :clover: in your new home, and may your new neighbours come from heaven



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                    Thanks all for your good wishes, feel like a child again, seeing the world anew, setting out for the first time. I feel renewed, its mad and bizarre and exciting.

                    Cannot say it will all turn out ok, but hey, here goes

                    buckle up on the rollercoaster of life waheeeyyy!


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                      Exxxxxxxxcellent Gordy

                      You are sounding chuffed, nice one Hope the move is going smoothly.......light fittings 'an all


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                        Good luck Gordy.

                        May your new neighbourhood be as things should be.

                        Polite, cordial, friendly, supportive, considerate, tolerant, looking out for eachother, and not intrusive or unpleasant.

                        Most places do manage to achieve this. It can be a shock that not everyone desires this, but there y'go.

                        In my experience moving house is a small (in context!) price to pay for getting your life back.


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                          Hi All,

                          update, for those who are interested....

                          finally handed in the keys friday (yesterday) - felt like a dream, like it wasnt really me speaking and handing over the keys to the estate agent.

                          moved into lodgings (temporarily, approx 3 months or so, till i've decided what to do with my life - hahah) - the area is nice, on a main road (no kids) and one of those old Victorian houses, so plenty of room, and cannot hear if one of us is playing loud music from the other end of the house (not that I do that tho, cos am considerate of neighbours )

                          life is ok so far, (ok, only one day in, but one day at a time etc) - landlord is cool, we had pizza and a bottle of chardonnay outside to celebrate today, so, off to good start, think this house will be a bit like "The Young Ones" - anyone remember them?

                          Anyways, got a text message from my nicer ex-neighbours - seems like Sadaam, NFH, could not park his car in his own driveway last night due to removal van being there to move in the new buyers/neighbours of his. Apparently he was well cheesed off, hope it doesnt kick off too soon...

                          Meanwhile on planet Trace, wow, girlies here, have managed to bag a date with a hunky tall dark IT teacher - will keep you posted...

                          It appears too good to be true, and after all I've had to put up with, am a little bit reluctant to start the celebrations yet - guess its just natural caution - am waiting for the neighbours to start noise, but astonishingly, none yet - my landlord says they're the quietest he's ever encountered!!!

                          Hope everyone's ok, am still to link up in my room so am using my landlord's PC - keep sane and keep the faith everyone

                          :nfh1: always, will never be erased from my memory




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                            Hey Trace!

                            Sounds all good.....especially date !! Have fun, as well as P and Q!

                            Hope things continue to improve at the same rate for you...all good wishes.

                            Oh, and I'm assuming that the lady is singing at the top of her voice?????




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                              Aaaaahhhh! That was a sigh of relief for you Gordy Sounds like you've found some nice lodgings

                              Good luck in whatever you decide for the future. May you be NFH free for the rest of your life

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi