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  • Making A Complaint? Any Advice

    I last posted on this site in April. I was experiencing problems with a neighbour who insisted on playing very loud music at any time during the day. Over the summer months this neighbour seemed to be away quite a lot, when she returned the music problem also returned but seeing as it seemed to be for a couple of hours evry fortnight i chose to ignore it. Over this weekend the problem got much worse so this morning I asked her to keep her music down. She seemed unhappy with this but did turn her radio down. I feel now that if the problem returns I must back it up with action by reporting it to the Environemental Section of my District Council. I have kept a log of times, dates and level of disturbacne (which now runs to 4 pages). This is an action which I have been reluctant to take for many reasons. What I am most concerned about is that the Council may start to investigate the problem and decide its not a problem? Does anybody know what kind of criteria they look for? Has anyone had experience of making these kinds of complaints? Are council's supportive in this situation? My council is South Bedfordshire if anybody has any experience of dealing with them.

    Basically my concern is that if I exhaust this route and it fails, i have no back up plan!



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    hi Rayo,

    good to see you again

    I have sent you a link via PM which might help


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      Hi Rayo and welcome back

      I can completely understand where you're coming from. I often questioned myself about what the EH department would do if they investigated. I wondered whether it was me who was unreasonable etc. etc.

      You may find the self-help article on noise nuisance at the main NFH Home Page useful to read.

      The issue about noise nuisance is that it needs to be a statutory nuisance for the EH department to take the whole steps against the perpetrator. Basically, a statutory nuisance is unreasonably high noise that occurs on a regular basis.

      The EH department where I live will take your word for the nuisance for a period of time: they will send out a first warning letter to the perpetrator and if the noise continues, a final warning letter. It is after that stage that they will install recording equipment or come out to witness the noise.

      What I will say to you is this: the noise you are experiencing from your NFH is obviously nuisance enough if you have found the time to visit us here and for you to have already raised it with your nfh.

      The EH department should be supportive. You need to stress how long you have suffered, the fact that you have tried to resolve it and supply them with all the record sheets you have been filling in.

      Good luck - keep us informed.


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        Hi Rayo

        Have been on a number of visits with E.H.O.s, and have little to add to what Holly has said.

        However they have shown interest in whether the noise can be clearly heard from outside the property,and whether yourselves(and any other adjoining neighbours) can be disturbed inside your properties.

        They can progress through warnings to placing noise measuring equipment in your property to gather evidence, to giving you an out-of-hours number, where they can come out and witness an act of statutory nuisance. These steps will not be immediate tho', as I think Holly has pointed out. Oh, and they could end up confiscating her stereo equipment and imposing a large fine! Sound good? Pursue it!

        Good luck, and if she goes quiet for a little while, still keep your log books handy, as it could reappear1