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Accused And Fined

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  • Accused And Fined

    A year ago my neighbours cut down an 8ft high laurel hedge that had seperated our properties. We did not want the hedge removed and tried to speak with our neighbours. But immediately, they became threatening and told us they would have us removed from our home. They claimed that we were council tenants (we own our property) and that they would swear that we had been racially abusive to them. THey indicated an England flag that my sons' had hanging from their bedroom window; this was during the World Cup trials and many homes were diplaying the flag. They then sent a friend of their's to threaten us, claiming he had already shot one person and spent 8 years in jail...he didn't want to go back again!

    The next day, we had the police around accusing me of throwing milk bottles and smashing their car window. It was not true. They also indicated the flag and accused me of racism, again not true. I was arrested and suffered an asthma attack, but the police refused to allow me to take any medication. I had to wait over an hour to see their police doctor, who still refused me an inhaler, until I demanded one to be given, which he gave.

    I knew right from the start that i would be found guilty, even though I had evidence to prove otherwise. For a start, the milk bottles they claimed I had thrown. We had jut arrived back from holday and our milk deliveries for that week had been stopped; there were no milk bottles. Also, the week before, we had had two bottles of milk stolen from our doorstep, plus a garden ornament. We had also had to endure our front windows being smashed and stones being thrown into our garden. It is very clear that our neighbours want us to move away and I know why. They want their relatives to move in! They have actually admitted that they will do anything to make our lives miserable here. I gave all the letters and receipts I'd been given by the milkman and glazier to my solicitor, but they were not even used. I was advised that I should plead guilty, which I did not accept, because I could not win against these people. I was humiliated in court and my husbnd, who gave evidence, was called a liar!

    The whole affair caused such upset that I ended up in hospital fighting for my life. I suffered renal failure caused by Lupus, which can be brought on by trauma. But still my neighbours are running their hate campaign against us. They bang on the wall for no reason at all, alow their kids to run amok into the early hours, kick a football against our fence, which they have broken and thrown rubbish into our garden. Worst of all, they call names at my mentally handicapped son, and at me when I first came out of hospital after 4 months and was in a wheelchair.

    I refuse to be chased out of our home of 20 years just because these people want their relatives living beside them. I have reported their carryings-on to the council and received a reply that they will "be looking into it". Meanwhile, life is hard. I have to contend with these nasty people, travel 14 miles to hospital for appointments and chemotherapy and have a District Nurse administer injections, all just to keep me alive. But there is no-one to support me against these people. I just keep getting told that because they are Asian their word will be taken over mine. It just seems so unfair!

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    Hi and welcome. I have read and reread your dreadful story. I can see the pain that you must be going through in your words.

    Your situation is made all the worse by the fact your neighbours are playing the racism card against you. It is despicable that people can behave in this manner.

    Unfortunately your options appear to be limited. Stay and fight or move away. I cannot speak for other members but I would advise that your should look at the later option.I have never advised anybody to do this and I do so with saddness, I really hope that other members can offer you an alternative.I know that you would see this as defeatist and that you are been driven out off your house, but this really wouldn't be the case. By your own choose you would have decided to improve the quality of your own life.

    Your health has suffered, you have been dragged through the courts and it is very unlikely that these people will back off and leave you alone. As heart wrenching as it I would advise you look at the terrible situation you are in and try to change it, you really don't deserve to live like this.

    Please take care of yourself Kevin


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      Hello there, yet another horrible story of NFH !!! I am so sorry for you.

      I think this has all got out of hand, the best thing you can do is start logging all the incidences down meticulously and also get one of those dictaphone thingies ( other people use them quite successfully) to record any nasty or threatening comments. also consoder putting up cctv to monitor your own property hopefully that will stop them trying to smash up your property, or capture them at it!!!!.

      being asian is of no consequence, in my opinion, if you are an NFH you are an NFH, no matter what your background. so dont let that put you off, although obviously DO NOT play into their hands. keep yourself to yourself, ignore their behaviour, comments, whatever, as much as possible. this will drive them nuts. they want a reaction and they will be gloating that they got you into court. dont let them succeed in doing this again.

      if they are living in council property, you should pursue the council vigorously to take action, as they are in breach of their tenancy agreement.

      in the mentime, look after your health, number one priority and your family!!!and keep posting here as there are a lot of peopple here who know what you are going through. :ban: :nfh1:

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        Hi Grynwytch and welcome

        I cannot express the anger I felt when I read and re-read your post :angry: These NFH are making a mockery of the law and they should not get away with it. However, I cannot of think of a sure way to stop them

        It is despicable that have have played the race card. It is people like that who give a whole community a bad name. Have you approached the Commission for Racial Equality? I don't think you have been targetted because of your race but I believe your NFH have used their racial background to persecute you. They are also abusing a mentally handicapped boy which is even more despicable:angry:

        You and your husband must keep a diary of every incident. You can find blank log pages that you can print in the resource section of this site. Have you thought of installing cctv cams? Or you could take photographs of any damage or vandalism. Also, if possible get a small dictaphone so you can record any shouted abuse. When you have collected some evidence take it to the police and the council. You may also want to get in touch with your MP and/or local councillors.

        How long ago were you taken to the police station and left without medication? I think you should make a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission, their website is at:

        It is a sad fact that in today's climate people from ethnic minorities making accusations against white people are more likely to be believed than the other way around. Too many government agencies are walking on eggshells and there will always be the small minority who will take full advantage of the situation. I'm sorry if that sounds racist, I do not think it is, it's just a sad fact of modern life in Britain.

        The URL for CRE is: They are there not just to help ethnic minorities but for all races. Perhaps they will be able to help or at least give you some advice.

        Good luck, I'm sure other members will have more advice for you. Please come back often, you will find a lot of sympathy and support here

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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          hi there

          makes my blood boil to read such stories on the board :angry:

          as someone said nfh is an equal opps sport, doesnt matter what colour or race nfh are, it comes down to the fact they are nfh

          have you asked your local police officer to visit you?

          it seems you are indeed suffering harrasment, there are some great self help articles on the main site about this.

          yes you need to record everything that happens sadly.

          you do need to ask yourself one question your and your family health and well being worth it?

          its one thing to stay and fight but what harm is it going to do you and yours???

          if you sell your home you do not have to sell it to their family!!

          I would think hard and long about your family needs and what its going to do to them.

          you sound like you have enough stress in your life without nfh adding to it.

          normally I say stay and fight


          I wish I could be more help


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            Hi Grynwytch and welcome

            So sorry to hear about everything that is going on for you and your family at the moment - it must be an absolute nightmare for you all.

            The first thing that struck me on reading your post was:

            Check to see if your Police Authority is part of the Hate Crimes initiative - if you type in "hate crime" in to a search engine you should find some useful sites - see if your area is one of them. If they are, I would report everything that this family has done to victimise, harass and hound you.

            I may also be tempted to contact Victim Support to see what, if any, help they may be able to provide you. There website is at:

            Apart from that, there's nothing I can add to what's already been mentioned by the other members. Keep yourselves safe and away from your neighbours as much as you can.

            Other members should be along shortly to give you advice and support.

            On the issue of trying to get you out so relatives can move in, tough - it doesn't work like that! :angry: Like Beth says - it's your house so you'll sell it to who you want. Or, get a valuation and tell your nfh that if their relatives pay you ten grand more than the valuation, you'll flog it.


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              Grynwytch, hi, and so sorry to hear of the misery you are enduring!!

              I haven't much to add to the useful advice already given here, at the moment, but keep in touch..and stay safe.




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                I was arrested and suffered an asthma attack, but the police refused to allow me to take any medication. I had to wait over an hour to see their police doctor, who still refused me an inhaler, until I demanded one to be given, which he gave.

                At no time should you have been refused medical treatment.

                This is barbaric and clearly not on. You had a clear right to that treament and as a fellow asthma sufferer I know that if the situation became as such you could have had a serious seizure and without blowing this out of proportion - died.

                Asthma is a very serious condition and I am at a total loss to understand why anyone - let alone a doctor - would refuse you treatment.

                I don't have the link here - although I am sure there is one - for the Police Complaints Authority. I believe you have a case. You were denied medical treatment and you were refused, this (which your doctor or consultant surgeon will confirm) helped accelerate your condition to such that you needed further hospital treatment.

                When you are in custody the police keep records (Custody Records). You are checked on every fifteen minutes - I think - and this is logged. Also, the fact that you requested and then eventually did see a doctor should/will be logged. The PCA will have and will require access to this log to ascertain your case.

                The others have given some excellent advice so do follow what they have suggested. In the meantime -providing you are well enough and able enough to cope with the stress of an investigation of tis type - I would advice you to seek redress.


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                  Hi Grynwytch

                  If you need it, the Independent Police Complaints Commission's website is at



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                    I have given some more thought to your situation and the issue that you raised about your neighbours families wanting to purchase your home – which is why you believe they are trying to drive you out.

                    IF you wanted to move you can find a reputable estate agency in your area and speak with them to marketing your home sympathetically. You have no for sales sign nor is your property advertised in the local press or on the internet.

                    If you ask them to do this, they WILL do it for you as they want to sell your home. Most importantly, you decide who you sell your home to – only you, not your neighbours and their families - just you. Nothing can force you to sell to their friends or family, absolutely nothing at all. There are no laws for this anywhere.

                    I think that reading your posting it is clear that you have no quality of life. Your health is suffering badly and the chemotherapy is nothing short of hellish. With all this going on and also the stress levels in your mind and body will undoubtedly have an effect upon you causing you to feel even worse than you already are.

                    I have always believed – although I have never said it here – that we should stick NFH out. But, quite simply it is a matter of choice. I don’t think you have too many options open to you right now and if you feel strong enough, I will make the rare exception and advise you to think about moving.

                    After the chemotherapy you will need peace and quiet. Your home is your haven in which you should – in theory – be able to achieve that.

                    The flag that your son was flying is the Cross Of Saint George. Many years back this flag – unfortunately – was adopted by the BNP (British National Front) and well, it goes without saying that since then it has had a different connotation added to it. However, our town hall has decided to fly the Cross Of Saint George on special days and anniversaries, so clearly the racist element has now gone from it. If public buildings can fly this flag why can’t your son ?


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                      Hi Grynwytch,

                      Sorry to hear of your problems. Why can’t life be simple?

                      When you’ve made the decision on which course of action you wish to take and you’ve taken all the practical steps you can towards reaching that goal, it might be a good idea to distract yourself from this horrible situation. You’ve shown great courage in coping with the trauma you have experienced, pamper yourself a little, you deserve it.
                      'The only kind of courage that matters is the kind that gets you from one minute to the next.' - Mignon McLaughlin


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                        This sounds awful, and clearly unfair and unacceptable to you and your family.

                        We moved away from a nasty nfh situation, and wouldn't hesitate to recommend this as a solution, though not without some regrets.

                        If you're still hoping that the criminal justice system may be able to work for you, the cctv and dictaphone are one method of collecting evidence. You have to log everything in a diary.

                        It's ridiculous how the aggressors can go and further pummel their victims using the law as their own tool. Our nfh had mates in the local police, so we know all about that.

                        My thoughts are that you have to act, with the main focus being on what is best for you, your family, health and peace of mind.

                        Look after yourselves