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  • New..and Desperate

    Hi, I'm new here..or I should say we, as my wife is just as ..desperate. I found this site this morning with nerves still jangling from last night's noise.

    For the fourth time in ten days we've been woken after 3am by our neighbours. And we're only counting the serious, protracted disurbance, not the ones where they slam a few doors, wrench windows open and shut and shout a bit. Those are routine. No, we're talking about home at 4.45 am with bunch of friends. Succession of people stamping up the stairs, slamming bathroom door, using toilet, flushing, and back down. Shouts, shrieks, jolly whooping.Music on the stereo until 5.30. Still stomping about at 9am.

    Presumably they are now asleep and we await their waking. It being a fine day the first thing they do will be to fling open the kitchen door, pop on the radio or stereo, and have a nice alfresco breakfast just underneath the bedroom window.

    We have tried and tried with these people. They are fully aware that they make our lives a misery and they just keep doing it. The tenant (it is a council house) fills his house with permanently staying 'friends' who are all as bad as or worse than him. It is a two bedroom house and last week there were six adults living there. None of them work other than casually, so there is no reason for them ever to go to bed early.

    I have been to see them on countless occasions, rung them up, written, twice been to mediation. To be fair they are not usually hostile but they never do anything to make things easier. My wife is very seriously ill and often is stuck in bed all day, unable to get away from it all. This further damages her already fragile health. We don't ask for special treatment, just the consideration that we extend without a second thought. Do you know, this is almost the only thing my wife and I ever argue about?

    We now think it may be time to go directly to the council and make a formal complaint. We have been reluctant to do this because of the fear of retaliation. I'd welcome any input for seasoned nfh sufferers.

    I am very cheered to find this site and wish we'd looked before.

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    Hi Desperate and welcome to the forum

    My problems, living on a social housing estate are more to do with the yobs who hang around. However we did have a new next-door neighbour a few months ago and we experienced a problem identical to yours. Luckily for us it only lasted a couple of months and the house in now unoccupied. This was more to do with the fact that the tenant left than anything the HA did.

    I think you are going to have to bite the bullet and put in an official complaint to the council. You should also keep a diary (you can find blank pages to download from the resource section of this site). Note down each and every incident and also how it is affecting you. Do you have other neighbours who are also affected? If so, you should, if possible get together with them and complain as a group.

    I won't tell you it will be easy or that your problems will disappear overnight but if you have a decent council they will do something to help. You could also approach your local Enviromental Health Office. They can monitor the noise levels.

    Good luck, I'm sure other members will be along soon with lots more advice Don't forget to come back often and if you need to rant we have a ranters folder

    Take care

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      What a state of affairs to be put under.

      Have you been living at your property

      for long?.

      Like misty said,you might have to bite the

      bullet and report these people to your local


      I would also suggest that you contact the police

      about the noise they are making,especially at


      You mentioned your NFH had 6 permanent staying

      friends,perhaps the council might be interested in

      this. (overcrowding).

      Do not put up with the noise,it will not go away. :banghead:

      Keep diary sheets of the events,contact your council

      about the noise,phone the police when they have noisy


      Oh and good luck :ban:


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        Hi Desperate and welcome to the site.

        It's awful to live with noise and it's just as bad to be deprived of sleep because of it, your health and well being suffers and I hope you're able to keep your spirits up in other ways though.

        You both sound like you've been reasonable and good neighbours to this person and their noise sources - you've obviously tried to tackle the problems using different means available. Unfortunately it seems they are just not going to listen unless you get more formal as Misty has said. You need to protect yourselves and attempt to raise back up your standard of living at home again. You shouldn't fear going home or have to dread what the night will bring with that all too familiar nauseating feeling. The time has come to make them realise you will and can act officially. You have to now, to ultimately preserve yourselves.

        Can I direct you to our Noise Help Article - it's very comprehensive and although I realise some of it may be very familiar to you, there may be one or two things that can still help and could be new to you in it - it outlines the different options from informal to more formal action.

        The article is here:

        Please have a look through it at your leisure and feel free to ask for any info here again, you'll find a lot of support and understanding on the forum and I'm glad you both found us, please come back often.



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          Hi Desperate and Welcome to the forum

          As Misty and Mr U have said you will have to make a log of EVERY incident.

          I agree that you sound like reasonable people who have taken reasonable steps to resolve these problem neighbours. I also understand how you feel about any retalliation that these people may make.

          Does your local authority have a noise abatement out of hours service? We have one that is only operational from Thursdays to Sundays, but a little is better than nothing at all. If this service is available to you maybe you could call them out, as I think that they are under obligation to investigate any sort of disturbance of this kind. This would also help you with the local council, as I think that these call outs have to be reported to them as well.

          There is definitely a breach in Tenancy Agreement, if the property is being sublet or purposely overcrowded. So you must mention this when you report the NFH to the LA. Don't forget to mention that this situation is affecting your wife's health.



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            Hi desperate

            And welcome! It is definitely time to contact the two ways.

            1. The Estate Mnagement Officer/ Team leader for the council estate... this person is in breach of their tenancy agreement, on grounds of noise nuisence. Log all instances from now on(date, time, duration, the lot)

            2. The noise nuisance officer at you environmental health dept. They have different powers(can't evict, like landlord)...but can issue noise abatement orders/confiscate equipment(e.g. hi-fi s ). Again, log everything. Any action by them will help in pt. one.

            Also, any witnesses, e. g. neighbours or visitors may be able to make statements about specific incidents.

            Wish you lots of luck in this...and log, log, log!



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              Hi Desperate,

              Welcome to the forum. I hope you get the support and advise that you deserve.I am sorry to hear of your problems.I'm sorry I can't offer you too much advise on the legal side of the noise situation but I can offer you some moral support.

              I fully understand your reluctance to to involve the authorities, like you pointed out, it could make matters worse. It could also make matters a lot better.

              You sound as though you are in a terrible dilemma .You want to try to make the situation better but fear making it worse by doing so.I'm sorry I don't have the magic wand , all I can pass onto you is my own experience. My neighbour made my life a misery for years, it was resolved through a letter and a civil conversation.

              Whatever you decide to do, you will get plenty of support here.

              Take care kevin


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                Hi Desperate and welcome

                You need to do what everyone else has already advised you. There are three choices for you in the situation you're in at the moment:

                - stay and do nothing

                - stay and confront their behaviour and follow legal avenues to get something done

                - move

                I would say that the first one isn't really an option, so it comes down to the last two.

                If you are going to make an official complaint to the Housing Office about your neighbours from hell (NFH) and the Environmental Health department, then you may want to give your nfh one last chance. Put something in writing to them to say that if they don't stop carrying on as they are, you will make an official complaint. If they don't start behaving reasonably and considerately then make the complaint/s.

                Are you renting from the same landlord? Or do you own? Be aware that if you own and make an official complaint that you will have to disclose this when you come to sell your home.

                The last option is to move. Obviously you need to decide what is best for you in the long run.

                Let us know how you get on.

                PS - sounds just like my NFH :angry: so I know exactly what you're going through and I know it's not nice.