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    I have had noisy neighbours for the past 4 years. It started when they first moved in. Completely gutted the house. Ok I know everyone can do that if they want BUT it would start at about 7.45 in the morning, including Saturday,banging, drilling,etc.Some times we could not hear our own telly over the noise. We have a week or so of this then a respite of a few weeks and then another jobwill begin. They never mention to us that work will be starting and we have been woken up so many times we have lost count. We also had to pay for a driveway to be installed at our house because they would park outside our house and we would have nowwhere to park. As I am typing this, it is Saturday morning and the banging has started. New windows this time I think. I suffer with depression and anxiety anyway and this noise makes me feel so much worse. My heart starts racing, I shake and feel sick. I phoned the environmental health about the noise but was told that 8 am is considered a reasonable time for noise to start, even at the weekend. They want to come and live here during a noisy tim. They would soon change their view. well, I seem to have gone on a bit but feel a bit better having written it all down. Great site, thanks for listening

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    hi stressed

    sorry to hear you are going through the diy NFH noise

    unfortunatly noise between 7am and 11pm is seemed as reasonable ...........however........only if it is reasonable noise

    first thing you do is talk to your neighbour if you havent already and if you feel that you can...explain how the noise is effecting you

    then print off a log from the main web site, under resources, a diary sheet, everytime the make a noise write it down and how it made you feel

    after you have a few weeks worth of noise logs you ring up eho and ask them to visit and tell them you have noise logs.

    if your neighbour is making more noise than is deemed reasonable even between those hours he can have his diy toys removed by the council

    keep coming back as I know you will get loads of replies

    good luck let us know how it goes


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      :badmood: Thanks Beth for taking the time to reply.The trouble with me is htat I know exactly what I would like to say to my neighbour about the noise, I rehearse it in my head BUT I cannot then pluck up the necessary courage to raise the matter with him. I then get even more uptight and even after all the years of it going on, I have never been able to bring up the subject.I just suffer in silence yet rant and rave in my head.Thanks again


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        Hi stressed,

        Sorry I haven't got much experience when dealing with noise, my situation was different to yours. I would like to welcome you to the site and as Beth says you will get plenty of support and advice. When I came here I was advised not to feel as though " I was going on ". I would like to pass on the same advice to you.

        Everybody here as terrible stories to tell, unfortunately that is what bonds us together.

        Have you ever tried explaining how bad the situation is to your neighbours or are they totally unapproachable? I know from personnel experience that reasonable, civil conversation can clear the air and make the situation better.

        Other members will offer you plenty of avenues to go down. I offer you my support and sympathy.

        Take care Kevin


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          Go to environmental health. Ours are great.The 7am - 11pm rule does not necessarily apply. It all depends on where you live, type of acommodation, who lives around you etc.

          Our EH say that as we are in a residential area, with young kids and lots of elderly people about, noisy pople should act accordingly. In our case, the EH say that noise from parties, music, DIY etc. should be very muted by 8.30 pm especially as the parties are a very frequent event. At the moment we are enduring on average 2 per week. This is deemed to spoil our enjoyment of our home and our right to enjoy quiet!

          We tried to approach our nfh and this resulted in war. They were totally unreasonable an ended up throwing verbal abuse at us! However, EH required us to have appraoche neighbour 1st so it had to be done!

          We really fel for you. The noise really gets to us an w are all sufering from lack of sleep and general relaxation, especially our 3 kids.

          You hav to bite the bullet and face things head on. Very hard to do we know but be strong and it can be done
          "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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            Welcome Stressed

            I'm sorry to hear about the noise problems you're having and by the sounds of it they sound pretty diverse and all different. On top of that it's almost constant it seems.

            Within the law there isn't any preset level at which a noise becomes a 'statutory nuisance' and ultimately it is up to your Local Authority EH to become involved and determine this alongside you to monitor, diary-log and record the noise sources etc.

            Even though the noise you're experiencing in the daytime isn't governed by any particular specific noise legislation (but it is so by the Environmental Protection Act of 1990, etc), your LA can and should still act in your interests. Just because it isn't night time noise either doesn't make it any less damaging to your health and how you feel about it either, we understand how you feel - it does make you feel physically sick, makes you jumpy and takes over everything.

            Can I direct you to one of our really detailed help articles? It's hopefully a practical and good read in different parts and if you've not seen it yet, I would really urge you to read it

            You can find it here:

            It tells you what you need to know and the different things you can do, from talking to your neighbour and more formal action etc - if you've got any other questions around it after reading through please feel free to ask for more details, always happy to give them here.

            Please come back often as you will find a lot of understanding here.



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              Hi stressed and welcome

              Four years is a long time to suffer from noise I think we can all relate to the palpatations and knotted stomach feelings

              Other members have already given you some good advice. I also know that 'rehearsing in your head' thing and then finally deciding not to do anything. But eventually, if you want things to change, you really do have to do something. If you do write a letter to your NFH, please remember to keep a copy.

              Are there neighbours on the other side of NFH? We live in a terrace and if people are drilling a few doors down we can hear it as well.

              Good luck, hope things change for you soon And if you need to rant we have a ranters folder Don't ever think that you're 'going on a bit'. Get your feelings out, it can sometimes help

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                Hi stressed,

                I suppose their DIY work will come to an end at some point, it would be nice to know when that would be...

                Is it possible they could have raised the value of your house as a result of the improvements they have made?
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                  Hello stressed and welcome to the forum

                  Sorry I can't offer much in the way of advice, but I hope that others will be able to help you



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                    :sad: Poor You!!

                    We too have noisy nfh, I get on very well with the mother from next door (Hilda) who is a Jovah witness from Merseyside! However I have never spoken to her daughter who is 23, and LOVES TO SING, Fine however the music is always up loud. I did have a word with her mother and father who I get on with ok and they told me to bang on the wall with a big stick!!! As I right this I can hear her daughter again, however, I did earlier knock on the wall! She knocked back and turned the music down!!!! But I would have thought Jovah witnesses would have had more consideration for their neibours anyway!!!!??? We have only been in this house for 2 months but I think the diy problem will come to an end, however I think it may be longer before the daughter hurrys up and leaves home!!!


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                      Four years is an awfully long time to be renovating a house, my heart goes out to you.

                      I so hope this stops for you really soon.

                      I am new to the group and don’t you just know I have a story to share.



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                        Welcome to the Forum stressed

                        You've already had loads of good advice. I'd just echo April and Misty - put your concerns on to paper. Read it, make sure you're happy with it (post it here if you wouldlike our opinion) and then pop it through your neighbours letterbox.

                        You never know, they may not be aware how much anxiety they are causing you .

                        Let us know how you're getting on.


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                          Poor stressed, how awful, for goodness sake what are they doing for four whole years, surely the place must be like a little palace by now???

                          I was wondering if you can have a chat with them along the lines of 'your house must be so nice by now, all this work you have been is it going? it must be quite hard living in the house with all the do you manage? what else have you got planned...'etc etc

                          that is they actually live in the house eh??

                          basically i would try in a friendly yet sneaky way to find out what is going to happen longer term, i think that would help you cope better if you knew that the work was going to come to an end. there is also the possibility that they are doing up the house to sell it...but of course we are only guessing here/ wishful thinking.

                          i know i have also done a lot of work over the years on myhouse, i am however end of terrace, and the neighbour on the other side didnt care what we did, but of course we used to let him know when something major was happening. having said that, when we put the windows in that lasted only 2 days, the central heating was one week as was the kitchen...all done between the hours of 9 a.m. and about 4 p.m. ( you know what tradesmen are like!!!) so i do wonder what on earth they are doing in the house that has taken 4 years of banging and crashing from 7 a.m.. how rude!!!

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