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Nfh From The Day I Moved In

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  • Nfh From The Day I Moved In

    I have been putting up with an alcoholic psychotic neighbour since the day I moved into my flat 15 months ago, when he came out and threw verbal drunken abuse at me, my friends, and my removal men. He is currently on bail charged with harassment against me - he finally physically attacked me and I dialled 999 - though I had already made numerous reports against him for verbal abuse and ASB.

    I have also been taking legal action against the freeholder of the property to have him evicted, which my lease clearly allows for, but unfortunately the freeholder is NFH's ex-gay boyfriend ( also driven out of their shared home by the drunkenness and violence) but is now wriggling like mad, and I'm making no progress.

    I've now been on sick leave ( helped at least by a supportive employer) for a month, after the anxiety finally overcame me. During this time the case should have come to court, but at literally the eleventh hour, NFH managed to get doc's note to say he was unfit to appear ( funny, as I saw him walking and talking in his usul stentorious tones the morning we were due to go to court). New date is now in October.

    My vendor suffered in the same way, but did not disclose. I have decided to sell up and get out, but need to find a form of words which covers me legally, but does not brand me a liar. Any ideas?? Such a shame as the flat is beautiful.

    I'm having to spend as much time as possible away from my own home, as I can't sleep well here, for fear of what he'll do next, and because I hate coming in and out, past his front door. I've had him re-arrested twice for breaking his bail conditions, and found he had 'previous' for ABH.

    Police have been reasonably supportive, but of course they go very quiet on you. I've picked up a good hint today from this site about getting a community officer assigned to me - maybe I'll try that.

    This has all worn me down, and even though friends and family have been supportive, I don't think most people really understand, so any cheer/ advice/ sympathy from other members would be welcome!


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    Hi brightsue, nice to see you back again - although so sorry to hear it's all still going on.

    Sorry to hear that you're poorly at the moment, I can completely empathise with you on that one. Trying to cope living with a nfh can completely drain you and make you very anxious, I'm pleased to hear your employer's supportive.

    In terms of your disclosure query, I think other members have suggested/used something like "a clash of personalities" but in your case, if it had happened to the previous owners of your home, I don't know whether this would work. Hopefully other members will be able to advise you better ?

    You cerainly have my full support brightsue - if ever you need to vent your spleen regarding your nfh, please pop along to "Ranters Corner"


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      omigod...i absolutely know how u feel, as i have an alcoholic/drug abuser living downstairs , with his girlfriend and son all living there in rotation!!!!! his old hag of a bird tried to hang herself in our front garden on monday night, after two hours of screaming shouting banging on window / kicking the doors.....

      its totally scary and really depressing..........and there really is no way to reason with these guys...they are beyond rationality and believe they can do what they like - "WE WERE HERE FIRST", type of thing.....

      i think tackling the freeholder is definately the best approach, at least if u sell and the nutter has been moved on , any declaration will be truthful .i.e u have no dispute the CURRENT tenant.........

      this guy is in clear breach of any tenancy agreement he may have signed, although even if they had an informal arrangement - you have right to 'quiet enjoyment' of your home, which is clearly being invaded.

      i would try and find out the home address of the freeholder, check your house insurance and see if you are entitled to help with your legal costs - if u are not, seek some free legal advice (CAB & Shelter) and then start proceedings against the freeholder.

      give him notice that u intend to sue for any drop in value the ASB of his ex will cause u to incurr on the sale, also legal and moving fees,stamp duty plus an amount for compensation... round it up to the nearest 10k and include some press clippings from successful cases. Also a copy of the human rights act with highlighted passages which refer to u.

      hopefully he will think it better to sell up now and cut his losses, rather than risk having to pay u lots of wedge in of luck :nfh1:


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        This has all worn me down, and even though friends and family have been supportive, I don't think most people really understand, so any cheer/ advice/ sympathy from other members would be welcome!

        Unless you have been through it, no-one knows what its really like. It consumes your life and takes complete control over it in a way that you never thought possible.

        I know I have said this many times, but, the total reality is the police really don't want to know. They really do loathe with an unbridled passion dealing with neighbour disputes. I don't think I would like it much but, the fact is if it was all in a days work I would get on and get it sorted not brush it under the carpet and hope it goes away. You are 100% spot on when you say that they go quiet too ! Must be the training that they get !

        The good news for you is that there is a light at the end of your dark tunnel and you appear to be making good progress. It helps too when you have a supportive employer who understands issues such as these.