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slanderous NFH's Story

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  • slanderous NFH's Story

    Hello people, As a new member firstly let me breath a sigh of relief that i am not the only one suffering from NFH syndrome. My story relates to both posts by janzokris & Poor Tom. I have recently moved into a house with my wife and five year old stepson, My wife is from overseas and has had to settle into a new country and culture only to be faced with our beloved NFH, At first they were ok but then we started noticing some strange things happening. The man of the house works early hours so he leaves the house around 5 am. We know this because when he shuts the door our house shakes !! We thought this was a one off until we realised that they both slam door internal and external, How they stay on the their hinges is beyond me ! They also have a son of about 4 yrs who also rises about 5 am and precides to start screaming and running around throwing things down there stairs and banging on the walls etc !! The mother? Well we don't hear her until she is woken by her son and she proceeds to shout and start slamming doors etc. We then noticed that their fag ends were flying into our garden as they smoke & vomit out of their bathroom window and flick them into our garden, And some of these fag ends are no ordinary fags (if you get my drift).........Then the music starts, it's not loud it's effing loud as if it were in the same room ! We have also had our garden furniture spat on, our car and front door spat on amongst other childish games. Then the straw that broke the camels back, being nice people (my wife is Buddhist) we had their son constantly knocking on our door so we decided that they should play together which they did on numerous occasions, Then one day we recieved a call from a social worker claiming that our son (5 yrs) had tried to sexually abuse their son (4 yrs) in a paddling pool, And of course the subsequent slanderous allegations came to nothing after an investigation and the claims were rubbished due to no evidence & the age of the two kids involved..I mean how could they even think that children of this age would knowingly perform these kind of acts? I guess it's the world we live in.. So now we have to live with the stares,slamming,loud music and general bad mouthing. This as you can imagine, has put great pressure on my family especially my wife who is keen on returning to her home country where she claims that people are friendlier and your neighbours house is always open and share food etc etc which is true from my experiences in her home country...But we are due to go on holiday in a few weeks so she can visit her family and friends and then upon returning I feel the only option is to sell up and move on Defeatist I know but it makes for very uncomfortable living, Anyway I bought the house a year ago worked a lot on it and to my surprise when I had it valued we would have plenty of money to move to a nicer area with a large chunk left for some of the nicer things in life !! So i guess something good has come out of this....But what a way to get it !

    Maybe my NFH is suffering from "Munchausen by Proxy"

    Sorry if a have wittered on for so long and if my punctuation is poor etc etc but I feel a whole lot better for this Forum...

    Any views/Options other than moving from the area as it is unbearable, And no, they are un-approachable as when we were speaking I recall the man of the house boasting to me on how he beat his brother up when they first moved in so I don't really fancy a punch up, Unless i could get away with it :P

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    hiya slanderous,

    move move move move move

    these 'people' aren't worthy of your mental energy - there is a good deal of 'green eyed' envy going on - they obviously can't stand your harmonious family life, lovely home and are doing their best to disrupt it. As for the 'allegation' to accuse your child is to label u by default a 'paedo' which is a very common NFH tactic

    sad acts, the pair of them?? treat them with the disdain they deserve, and put as much space between u & them as possible.......i don't blame your missus for wanting to go home (i am off to ireland in 6 weeks - to get away from a succession of NFH's - 4 of em but that's often the case with social housing these days i'm afraid.........):-(

    i'ts worth the money and aggro to live near people who are busy living their own lives and not busy trying to get their nose into yours???

    and this lot would love nothing better than to provoke you into doing something so they can claim a good deal of compensation........

    nip it in the bud and stick the 'for sale' sign outside the should give u some respite & they can spend the next few months worrying who will be living there instead.....hopefully they will get some NFH's of their own!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh the irony.............


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      Hi SlanderousNFH. Sorry to hear about your problems.

      However what you will find here are plenty of people with similar experiences who will be able to offer advice and support. Believe me we know how hard it can be dealing with an NFH.

      they smoke & vomit out of their bathroom window and flick them into our garden, And some of these fag ends are no ordinary fags (if you get my drift).........

      I assume you mean illegal drugs. If this is the case you should call the police.

      Maybe my NFH is suffering from "Munchausen by Proxy"

      MBP isn't something someone suffers from. Its a way of describing certain behaviour. The most famous case here in the UK was a nurse called Beverley Allitt who drew attention to herself by harming others. This doesn't sound like your NFH. The Narcissistic thread in the General Forum may be your NFH so have a look. We've often found that understanding your NFH's behaviour helps in dealing with it.

      Just so we have the full story, has there been any retaliation on your part or have you ignored your NFH despite the provocation?
      Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

      We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

      So what's the plan?

      Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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        Thanks to onthemove for your words..and i hope your enjoy your holiday as much as we will ours.

        to Rockband, Seems i have made some typo's on my original, When i mention about my NFH beating up his brother i put WE and i meant HE, He told me this when i first moved in that he didn't get on with his brother so about three months prior to my arrival he had "put him through a fence" i think were his words. I have never had a fight in my life don't intend to. and in response to your question regarding retaliation on my part then no i don't rise the their childish pranks, When there is fag butts in my garden i pick them up and put them in MY bin !! And yes the last sentence was said in jest hence the smilie :P Apologise if some of my comments were inflamatory. And i will try and educate myself by looking at the other threads.... And also things aren't as bad as they were so maybe they are getting bored of trying to provoke me ! maybe they can see that i am just trying to get on with my life along with my family ! :blush:


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          My mistake SNFH. I should have noticed the smiley. I removed the reprimand.

          Anyway, I'm sure you'll find all the support and advice you require here. I hope the NFH business hasn't put you and your wife off our country totally. We're not all NFH's.

          Remember, and this is important, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!
          Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

          We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

          So what's the plan?

          Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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            Thanks Rockband, My wife loves this country ! (not the weather) But sometimes she doesn't understand why there are so many to quote "horrible people" i told her don't worry they're not all like this, We have just moved next door to a bad egg !

            Thanks again,


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              Hi slanderous, how come these NFH's vomit out of the window??? how weird??? mind you why am i surprised, the things these people do... :blink:

              anyway if you have the stamina and money why dont you move, I am doing so as I just cannot see a long term future for myself and family living where we are. we too have benefitted from our property rising in value so now we (HOPEFULLY) will be moving to a much nicer area with better schools and amenities generally. we would have moved anyway, but what with the NFH being so vile we decided to just go sooner rather than later.

              Alot of people tend to take a different view, namely, why should you be forced to move, but i would only stay if i thought i could resolve the problem, which i dont think i can. life is too short and the depression that comes over you because of NFH is too much of a blight on family life, isnt it?? :cry:

              well i just wanted to say i hope you do move, your wife sounds lovely, and she obviously wants the peaceful life, how dreadful for her (and you) to have such accusations thrown at your little boy, an absolute disgrace. again, not really surprised at how low NFH can stoop through their jealousy and spite.

              If you do decide to move , be very careful how you tread as any 'formal' disputes with your neighbours have to be declared as part of the legal processes.

              good luck, and come back here often if things get tough and you need help.

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                Hi slanderous and welcome to the Forum

                It never ceases to amaze me how nfh behave. Being sick out of the window :huh: - it's bad enough doing it down the loo, but out of the window? :blink:

                I think now, you just have to try and concentrate on the positives, getting out and finding somewhere nice to move to . Check out some of the previous topics on what to look out for when looking for your next home .

                Thanks for sharing your story


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                  Hi Slanderous and welcome

                  You really do have some horrible neighbours If you think it would be better to move then my advice is move! I wish I had the option but I don't. Why live next to such vile people if you don't have to.

                  Good luck, let us know what you decide

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                    Hello again to all,

                    Firstly thanks to all for your kind words and support. Yes i guess i am lucky

                    enough to be in the position to obtain the funds to help us move away to a

                    nice area, But it's kind of upsetting as this is our first house together as a family and we have it exactly how we want and spent a whole lot of time,effort and money getting it there...But if it means us getting a better quality of life etc !

                    We will go on holiday in under two weeks ! My wife has packed already...!!!

                    Upon are return we are gonna slam up the FOR SALE sign and hopefully get the heck out of dodge !!

                    For those who have answered my story i wish them all the luck they need to overcome the various problems that their NFH's have subjected them to and thank them again for the kind words, As my Wife's home country is 90% Bhuddist and she is a strong follower of her religion she said she will pray not only for people like us within this forum who are the subject of NFH but also for the NFH's themselves as she believes that these people are not at peace with themselves and need to look in the mirror and tell themselves "sort yourself out" (she said jokingly that she wouldn't spend much time on the NFH's themselves but just enough time to make her feel better).

                    Anyway thanks again, I will keep you posted of developments good luck to all

                    who read this !!!!

                    PS : Re a couple of Vomit questions, A: I have no clue why, Maybe it's a national sport on the their home planet !!! but thankfully it isn't a regular occurance 8-X


                    Good luck !! :clover:


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                      Hi again slanderous

                      I hope that you enjoy your holiday away from your vomiting nfh.

                      Please do keep us posted on how things are for you.