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My Violent Nfh!

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  • My Violent Nfh!

    I had the psycho neighbour from hell. I bought my house in a pleasant part of *XXXXXX* in 1995. Little did I know what I had let myself in for.

    My NFH had no repect for my property and was for ever walking up and down my path as his garden was increasingly overgrown and he persisted in putting all of his rubbish in my wheelie bin, despite polite requests to ask him not to do this his response was always 'I can do whatever I like' along with a torrent of four letter abuse. He was always fighting with his wife as well as being a suspected drug dealer. Relations were initially polite but not friendly. The family also monopolised car parking spaces in the road and were always parking on the pavement. Sooner or later his car was vandalised and it was me who got the blame because he said 'I didn't like him'.

    One morning in October 2001 when I opened the curtains at the back of the house I saw him in his back garden. He saw the curtains open and screamed abuse at me saying that he was going to kill me. This worsened in November when he tried to kick my front door down and succeeded in jamming the lock which I had to replace. I phoned the Police but met with little help despite further threats to kill me.

    It all came to a head on 19th November 2001, when I met him walking down my path on the way back from work as I left my house to go out. Again he threatened me and issued threats to kill me. I told him to keep off my property and he said 'I can do whatever I like I'm on your property now'. He followed me into my house where he pushed me in the chest, slapped me in the face and then punched me in the mouth. I defended myself in the fight and he came off worse. I went down to *XXXXXX* Police Station to report the incident and they treated me fine, the next morning the Police came round and again they were supportive.

    However, four days later I was woken at 0800 by two Police Officers who arrested ME on suspicion of assault! I was kept in a cell all day and later charged with assault causing actual bodily harm (ABH) despite the fact that I was attacked in my own home and only acted in self defence. I pleaded not guilty at Magistrates Court and it took a whole year for the case to come to Crown Court. In the meantime I went sick for six months with depression and also lost my job as a result of the stress I faced. I gained a copy of the statement my neighbour made to the Police and it was full of lies in that he never told the Police that he attacked me and on my property.

    Finally the case went to *XXXXXXXX* Crown Court where the case lasted just one day. My NFH lied through his teeth under oath and was torn to pieces by my Barrister. The Judge when he did his summing up told the Jury that they 'should ask themselves whether he was a reliable witness' i.e. he was lying and when the Jury went out to consider the verdict they were only out for fifteen minutes and came back with a unamious 'not guilty' verdict.

    So justice was done in the end. My NFH has since moved and I have a great new neighbour. Unfortunately my NFH was friendly with my other neighbour who is a Policeman and he has poisoned their minds against me - so I've lost one NFH and gained if not a NFH but something a bit unpleasant.

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    Hi Leytonorient and welcome to the forum

    That is a horrific story Once again the victim is victimised twice, once by an attacker and once by the police. It makes you wonder what they teach in Police college!!!

    Why on earth didn't the police charge him? These stories are becoming sickeningly more common

    I'm glad to hear NFH is now gone. I think Homer had NFH who were also friendly with the local police. Maybe that is the reason you were charged and not him. But at least he was replaced with nice neighbours. It's just so unfair that you had to go through all that agony and he gets away scot free.

    Thanks for telling your story, it shows that at least the jury had some common sense.

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      Well, I know the feeling about lack of police action all too well.

      The fact that you were acquitted at Crown Court comes as no surpirse to me and the very fact that the policeman neighbour has a poisoned mind is all part of the job.

      It appears to be a fact that coppers are somehow brainwashed at Henley or Ryton or wherever they are trained in the art of believing all what their fellow coppers say.

      We have had here, on the night that our neighbour was arested for a torrent of abuse and criminal damage, several officers actually told the arresting officers that they had opened a whole can of worms by arresting Madhatter. Yes I know its unbelievable. I suppose if Madhatter went out and committed murder there be some goon of an officer giving it 'Oh you've really done it now by arresting him matey you should let him go and murder again'. Fact a police officer does not need a huge amount of qualifications to do the job; they just need basic grades and the ability to pass the entrance test (which a mouse could do listening to Bob Marley and the Wailers on it's portable CD player) and the Basic Fitness Test (BFT).

      It's no wonder cases are getting chucked out due to lack of merit and others are not coming before the courts due to such a welter of evidence that the case is 90% home and dry.

      My personal view - there is no law and order in this country. Unless you are dealing drugs or speeding they just don't want to know.

      I wouldn't waste my time with this officer if he chooses to have dealings with someone of a dubious character then thats his lookout - but maybe your NFH was his snout (or informant). Ever thought of of that one ?

      Good luck and hope your life returns to something a bit more peaceful and less stressful.


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        good on you leyton orient that in the end you prevailed, even though it cost you dearly. have you got another job, and are you less depressed????

        i do not know why the nfh always gets more 'sympathy' from the powers that be, it seems when we make a complaint, they tell us to get lost, yet when the nfh starts yelling all hell breaks loose. must be something to do with the way they put themselves across.

        hopefully you can live in peace now. i wouldnt care if a neighbour didnt like me as long as they didnt interfere in my life!!!!

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          Hi leytonorient and welcome to the Forum

          You really did go through it with that nfh didn't you ? It's so awful to read stories like yours.

          Elements of your story are so typical, like Misty says, the victim being victimised twice. Thank goodness the jury gave the right verdict and that that horrible person has moved away from next door (do you know if they have gone far enough away?).

          NFH can leave scars on us, physically and emotionally, and it can take a very long time for them to heal. I hope for you that you are managing to recover from this awful situation.

          Thank you for sharing your story.