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I Was Fed Up With Being The Victim

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  • I Was Fed Up With Being The Victim

    hello again,

    well it has been a while and as you can tell my nfh hasn't given up.

    we have had people at my door and driving past my house daily re;my nfh but what takes the biscuit is that she actually sent some girl to my work to stick my teeth down my throat.

    what a blooming cheek, my boss in his wisdom sent us outside(like thanks boss) where i was given lots of verbal , threats ect. i stayed calm and didn't raise my voice and siad that if they were going to give me a beating they could go ahead and get on with it i wouldn,t stop them.

    any way this went on for about 10 mins then realised that my nfh and 2 of her buddies were parked along the three roads surrounding my work so i said i was not having this c**p at work and to leave it out ,and i went back inside (very shaken at this point) :sad: and my boss then decided to have a go at me for bringing the problem to work and that it had better not happen again.(like i wanted it)

    anyhow next day comes and low and behold the girl(well woman) comes into my shop again for round 2, my boss wouldn't let me in the shop so they huffed off and i went livid then upset and all manner of other feelings.

    I then decided that enough is enough and when i left work i went to see the girl who had been i threatening me(i was terrified) and said that i wanted to talk to her and sort this out.

    i don't know why but i actually went into this girls house that i don't know and had it out with her, she was shouting at me and i said i didn';t want to argue or fight but talk to her and she calmed down. after about 45mins she realised that she had been wound up with a load of lies and malisious gossip and apologised and we have left on amicable terms. i know this seems quite boring but for me to of even think of making a stand i quite a accomplice and has made me feel quite proud(at least for the time being). :unsure:

    Next step is confronting nfh. at least i can do things with no back up so she can't say she felt threatened.

    thanks for taking the time to read this.

    and good luck and best wishes to all in the same boat.


    :nfh1: :jump: :yobs:

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    Hey Batrfree

    Well done! What guts, and a result's to the next one!!



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      Well done for sorting this woman should have a medal for bravery. I don't think I could have done it.

      Glad you got it sorted with her I hope it stays that way



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        Go for it Batfree, good to see you get a result

        I couldn't have done what you did, but I have a man threatning me so my case is a bit different.

        Good luck with facing your NFH, but if I were you I would take someone along so you have a witness.


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          Yes, batfree, that took a great deal of courage and I can understand why you did it.

          But, be careful! please don't put yourself in a situation which could possibly be dangerous.

          What an unsupportive boss you have that wasn't good of them to put you in such a vulnerable position.

          One down, one to go. Is that the current score?

          Good luck with it all. You take care!


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            Batfree, well done That took an awful lot of courage to do and you've at least enlightedned one person to the lies that have been told.

            My advice would be to get another job, you boss sounds like an idiot

            Take care, hope things start to turn around for you

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              thanks all

              looking back i do think i was a bit silly by going round on my own but it had to done,and now at least i know i have at least made 1 person aware of how nasty NFH's can be.

              My next big step will be my NFH (not looking forward to that one) but i think that if i can keep as calm as i did before it wil be a added bonus.

              Another thing i done after my talk was to actually visit the one lot of friends who i had left on my old estate. it was very scary as i hadn't been back since we left in april but i just looked them all in the face as i walked to the door and not one of them said a word(although i got some nasty looks) and i had an enjoyable afternoon .:cheers: .

              I think at last i have given up being the victim and i may become the next :zorro: only joking.

              Thanks again and please take care,

              Bats.x. :ban: :nfh1: :ban: