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    My story starts just under 4 years ago when my family and i moved to our new home. Initially everything was fine. My wife and i both had friends in the immediate area, as did our daughter.

    Our adjoining neighbours seemed fine, a couple of similar age to myself with four children. The house to the other side was unoccupied and was apparently going to be put up for sale by the owner. However this turned out not to be the case and the house remained unoccupied for some time.

    Occasionally the owner would visit the house to get mail and during one of these visits my wife enquired as to when the house would be put on the market. The owner informed her that he was no longer selling but was going to rent the house instead. Eventually our new neighbours moved in, a young couple with 3 children, and that's when things started to go wrong.

    We were advised by neighbours from across the road to keep an eye on our belongings as they knew our new next door neighbours liked to "acquire" other peoples property. They had moved from a really rough area and had a terrible reputation.

    The couple would often go out and leave the children, the youngest being just a baby, in the "care" of a 13 year old babysitter. My wife felt obliged to inform social services of this as she feared for the well being of the children.

    It soon became clear that the guy next door liked to buy and sell cars. He would carry out repairs on his drive and occasionally on ours. At one point there were three unsightly wrecks up his drive that i can only describe as an eyesore. On one occasion he even asked me not to park my car on my own drive as he needed more room to do his work. Cars came and cars went. Eventually he decided to settle on owning one vehicle, a 4x4 jeep. One day he almost lost control of it while pulling up his drive. His drive is on a higher level than ours, upright 3x2 paving slabs separating them, stopping his drive from collapsing onto ours. Two of these slabs were demolished, allowing the hardcore base of his drive to continually spill onto mine. To this day the damage has not been repaired and i still have to clear stones from my drive on a regular basis.

    I returned home one day to find a large boat occupying his drive. It did not look entirely secure and i always feared that it would end up on my drive or causing damage to my property. The boat was followed by a jet-ski which he would start up at all hours and proceed to rev the living daylights out of it. This was infuriating as our new baby was being woken up and our eldest daughter could not get to sleep because of the noise.

    Other noise disturbances came from the revving of motorbikes in his back garden. He even took to cleaning his patio with a pressure cleaner in the middle of the night. Friends of his would turn up late at night, car stereos blaring out.

    His next interest was breeding dogs. He built kennels and a run and eventually started breeding. Yes, you've guessed it - more noise. This time from barking dogs. Add to this the horrible smell of dog urine and faeces. Things were going from bad to worse. Or so it seemed.

    We soon learned that these NFH were going to move out and eventually they did so, much to our relief. But not before they had demolished much of the garden fence. The house remained unoccupied for a short while and we started to get used to having some peace and quiet again. Some work was carried out on the house by the owner and we hoped he was ready to sell to a lovely quiet family.

    No such luck! Within a matter of days of completing his preparation he had moved another family in - NFH 2.

    Day one - deja vu. Clapped out car up drive. (Still up drive and hasn't moved an inch).

    Day two - large potatos thrown at our windows by their children.

    Day three - same children climbing on what's left of garden fence, gawping at us and invading our privacy.

    We contacted the owner and suggested he should replace the damaged fence panels as they were his responsibility and had been damaged by his previous tenants. He indicated that he was willing to pay half the cost and suggested that we should pay the other half. In order to regain some privacy we agreed to this. He advised us that he knew a few people in the fencing business and would be able to get some favourable quotes. Favourable my backside. If ever somebody was trying to rip us off then this was the person. We decided to get the job done ourselves and did so at less than half the cost that his friends had quoted. We contacted him concerning his half of the cost and requested that he consider carrying out repairs to his drive. Again the damage had been caused by his previous tenants. And again he suggested that we should pay half and that he knew somebody who owed him a favour and would do the job cheap. When we declined his "kind" offer and reminded him that it was his property and his responsibility he accused us of "getting funny with him".

    I once again have neighbours that i wish i didn't have. He is reportedly into drugs and likes to "acquire" other peoples property. She doesn't appear much but makes a hell of a noise when they get into one of their frequent arguments. The children are downright cheeky and their language is disgusting. I'm concerned that my three year old daughter will start to pick some of this up.

    What concerns me most is the owner of the house doesn't care about our feelings or the feelings of the neighbours adjoining his house. Other neighbours in the area have expressed their concerns to us so i know we are not alone in this. Some have considered moving house, and i am even considering this myself. But why should i be forced to move? Or anyone else for that matter.

    Surely there must be some action that can be taken.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




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    another horrible story, i do feel for you. dont what ever you do, give in to this and pay out for damage that has been caused by your NFH.

    I think, if I were in your shoes, I would round up a few like minded neighbours and get onto this landlord about his responsibilities. i might even be inclined to take him to court over his tenants damage which is affecting your property.

    hopefully there will be someone else around soon to give you a lot more help than I can. in meantime, you do need to record all the things that happen , to build up a case.

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      Hi Napper and welcome

      You poor things . To have one lot move in next to you and leave, only to be replaced by another set of neighbours form hell (nfh).

      We all can empathise with what it's like trying to live with nfh, it is such an absolute hassle and can really drain you. You have days where you just don't want to go home as you never know what is going to being happening/ have happened.

      The contact that you've had with the owner of the property: has this been verbal or in writing? If you haven't written yet, I would suggest that you do so (remember to keep a copy). Write down all your concerns and what you want them to do, e.g. fixing the driveway.

      The owner should have made their tenants sign a tenancy agreement, which they could very well be in breach of. Although, this owner sounds like a bit of a "bodge-it-and-scarper" soul and therefore I wouldn't assume that they'd be bothered about their tenants behaviour (unless, of course, the rent wasn't being paid ).

      I think that you need to start the ball rolling with gathering evidence (if you haven't already). If you visit the main NFH Home Page and go to the Resources section, you will find some blank recording sheets - start filling them in to make a note of any nuisance/damage caused by the nfh.

      Ultimately, I think that you may need some legal advice in terms of getting the owner to take responsibility for the necessary repairs caused by their current and ex tenants. You may want to have a chat to your Insurance Company about this, as they may be able to advise you.

      I'm sure that other members will be able to offer you more advice and support. Check back to see what they say.

      Welcome again to the Forum , nice to have you with us (although I'm sorry for you and your family that you're having to live with nfh).


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        Thanks Annabel & Holly, your support gives me great comfort. I'll be taking up your advice on recording incidents etc.

        To get things moving i'm going to arrange a meeting with all the neighbours who are concerned about this matter. I believe a lot of them have already stopped their children from contact with the cheeky lot next door.

        As for the landlord, he's a little hard to pin down. I'll be writing a very strong letter to him though, and will hopefully be able to back this up with a petition showing the strength of feeling of the local residents.

        I'll keep you posted with any new developments.




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          Hi Napper,

          Sounds like the landlord doesn't give a hoot as long as he's getting rent.

          There's not much more I can add to what the others have said. Maybe you should have a word with your local neighbourhood police officer about the antisocial behaviour of the NFH youngsters and maybe mention the suspicion of drugs as well.

          I think it is an excellent idea to get the other neighbours together. There's strength in numbers

          Good luck, let us know what happens

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            I read somewhere you can go to small claims court for just £40 quid if your compensation doesnt come to more than £3000. Can anyone confirm this? If so, you can take the landlord to court for the costs, it will only cost you the registration fee for the claim, you get to have your say in court, no expensive legal costs.....?

            Like i say, check it out, others here might be able to confirm or dispute this.....


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              Hi gordy

              Yes, you're right.

              Napper, if you want more information (there's tons of it) on making a Small Claim, check this out.



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                Hi Napper

                What a state of affairs!

                A couple of thoughts...tenancy agreement is likely to contain a clause about not running a business from the (residential)property.....breach of tenancy agreement. Perhaps the Inland Revenue would be interested (dog breeding/car trading?), or maybe the Benefits Agency if they are claiming benefits?

                Good luck1



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                  I am sorry that you are suffering from the serial tenants from hell and the landlord from hell too - a double whammy.

                  The Citizen's Advice Bureau is usually very good at dealing with obnoxious Landlords - might be worth asking if they can assist you. Otherwise, it does look like you will need the might of a legal eagle...