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  • Injunctions

    My nieghbour moved into this area in 2000 and since he owns the drive he has been looking for ways to force me and my falily to move, we have one injunction over parking, this because the others nieghbour and previous owners did not want to get involved, the latest is over walking dogs without leads this involves a twenty feet gap between my door and the car, as my dogs are show dogs and are 100% sound, unlike his dogs which are uncontrollable. Since moving in he has had every authority he could muster on our backs (all with the age old term 'we have had a complaint'). Every visitor to the property is photographed and recorded. What I would like to know is 'is there a way that I can have him for hurassment? as this is a constant ongoing thing (the police dont seem to be interested even though I personally have been threatend by this man with phisical violance, they say it is civil matter). your help would be appriciated.

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    Hi smurgol and welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about your NFH Firstly I think you should log every incident, you can find blank log pages in the resource section of this site. Also go to: and read up on the Protection from Harassment Act. If your NFH has threatened you with physical violence you can ask the police to investigate with a view to serving him/her with a PFH order. Download the act and show it to the police, sometimes it seems they are totally unaware of it!

    Good luck, hope this helps I'm sure other members will have a lot more advice for you

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      welcome smurgol

      sorry to hear of your problems

      it sounds like stalking!!

      we know from the members here for example that if you have a cctv camera you can only point it at your own property......

      your neighbour seems to have taken this one step further.

      have you contacted the police about being "spyed" on?

      you need to go back to the police and explain again about the threats, try and get your community police officer over to your house for a meeting.

      like misty as sadi record everything, then when you meet with the police you have something to show them.

      you can always put it in writing to a senior do need their help

      I think its down right nasty to have your privacy invaded in such away, NFH seep into our lifes enough without having them taking pics of you!

      what was the complaint that started all of this?

      do you know?

      sometimes we have no idea why NFH start with their games.

      keep posting and I hope you get the help here you need


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        Hi Smurgol and welcome to the Forum

        The Protection from Harassment Act should cover this issue if there have been threats of violnce and harassment. Like Misty says, print it off from the link they gave and get to the Police Station. Make sure you take as much evidence as you can (written record of what has happened, photo's, tape - dictaphone - recordings etc.)

        Your neighbour from hell (nfh) sounds like they've got far too much time on their hands.

        Were there any problems regarding the driveway before this current nfh bought the property?

        What does it say on your deeds about the driveway? If there are access rights, then have you considered discussing this problem with your Insurers?

        Please come back often as I'm sure you'll get plenty more advice and support from the other members.


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          I thank you for your replies, it makes me feel good to know there is support out there. I have downloaded the file and will take time and trouble to go through it, I must say what you have said seems to make a bit of a mockery of what the police and my solicitor have said so far, (my solicitor seems to think that there is way to stop him taking photos) I will have to think long and hard over this. As for the rightof way, I have the right to pass and repass with my stock as and when I want

          Again I thank you for your help and will keep youposted.


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            I do not agree that being threatened with physical violence consitutes it being classified under civil law. If I was to threaten you in the town centre on a Saturday night with violence - pound to a penny I would find myself arrested.

            Whether the threats happen on public or private property an offence has been committed. Ditto for his dogs. If they attack you, your family, visitors to your home or your own dogs - he will find himself grappling with the dangerous dogs act. The police have the power (when they can be bothered to use it that is) to impound these dogs under this act.

            I am fast coming to the conclusion that I wish I was able to opt out of my council tax section which goes into the police coffers, on the basis that they are of no use to me. I remember well back in March of this year visiting my local station only to be told by the officer in charge that I probably will be more aware of the legal standing than they are - yes I know its bizarre but it happens to be true.

            My situation is not that dissimilar to yours, although we had to kick up hell to get the 1997 PFHA placed on Madhatter (my NFH). The fact that I had to write lengthy letters and make numerous phone calls - all of which totally placed me no doubt in the police's eyes as a pain in the proverbial - to get this in place.

            When David Blunkett unvield these new reforms to the law, it was done with much fanfare, although the police - it would appear - just cannot be bothered to administer it, unless you are prepared to stick your neck and reputation out to get it.

            The very fact that your NFH has the audacity to both photograph and film your comings and goings is an invasion of your privacy and that will come under the Human Rights legislation. I am fairly up on criminal law - but this section I just cannot be bothered with; although this snippet of info might come in handy for a beating stick with your solicitor to use against your NFH


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              Welcome smurgol Glad you found the NFH board.

              Scooby is correct in the HRA Legislation - sorry coming in late on this thread

              Article 8: The Right to Respect for Private and Family Life, Home and Correspondence

              Some great advice already, so won't duplicate it, but have you had a chance to read the NFH Article, Harassment from your Neighbour

              Other articles can be found from the Index there or from my signature link below.

              Keep visiting, nice to have you with us :nfh1: