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My Neighbours From Hell

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  • My Neighbours From Hell

    :nfh1: Hi my name is Helina, I live next to a young couple with a baby and a 6 yr old, who are the most arrogant sh*ts I have ever met.

    They play dance music on super woofer speakers late at night 2am was the latest.

    Dance music again sat and sun mornings at 9 am, the cd player on repeat.

    Smoke fags and flick the butts onto our lawn, cars, drive.

    Shout loudly in the garden at each other, kids, etc

    Have parties with loud music and lots of people.

    The girl, sings outside at the top of her voice usually BOn Jovi at 1 am OUTSIDE

    Their kids shriek and cry all the time and are left abandoned in the back garden

    They run up and down the road shouting obcenities about us

    Stick plants through our letter box

    Bang on the wall and shout for us to party.

    Park their car/s accross our drive way

    Shout rude remarks at visitors to our house, ie our decorator painting our house.

    They sit in their car at 1 am with the stereo on

    The list goes on.

    Anyway we belive they have sold their house. I really hope they go as they drive me mad and my family too.

    Anyone else who has pains like this family next door have my full support and


    If they stayed I know I would have to take it further ie police locl council

    Would like to hear from others in same boat


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    Hi Helina and welcome to the Forum

    I have had similar problems myself, which has been tackled by involving the Environmental Health department. The noise problem was unbearable. You have my full sympathies .

    How do you know they are moving? Or how confident are you in thinking they are?

    Have you made plans of what you'll do if that doesn't happen?

    Are these nfh affecting any of your other neighbours?

    They sound uncannily similar to the last lot of nfh we lived next to .

    Welcome again.


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      :sad: Hi Helina again

      As we speak it is 1am and their is still the bass from next door coming through the wall. I know they are moving as they have a SOLD sign out. Just hope it all goes through. They are moving 10 mins down the road. I'd love to forwarn their new neighbours about them.

      My sleeping routine is shot. Awakening to dance music and loud voices, they are inconsiderate and think they are wonderful.

      We have talked to them about their fag buts, music, parking, etc, makes no difference. the girl seems articulate and nice to talk to face to face but she still carries on with her noise. She sreams at her kids to the extent where you wonder wether you should call the NSPCC.

      I suffer with cronic headaches and need to have a decent sleep, which doesn't come because of them.

      The tips on other threads are helpful.

      Cheers Helina :nfh1:


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        Hi Helina

        Yes, noise nuisance and the dreaded bass beat is horrendous. It continues playing in your head for days.

        If there is anything specifically that you want any advice on for you, then please let us know and we'll try and help.

        Hopefully the move will go through smoothly and quickly for you .


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          Hi Helina, and welcome

          They sound like the very essence of the Battersby's!! Thank God they are moving!

          Let's hope the sale goes thru' without a have my undivided sympathies. Let us know how it goes. Tried ear plugs. Short-term temporary measure, I know, but hopefully you don't have too much longer to go!

          Take care



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            HI HELENA,phone the police.If the noise is going on now it is an offence.

            parking across your driveway is also an offence.

            when the police eventually arrive to calm the noise nuisance be ready

            to call them again,once they have left the noise might resume.

            Your neighbour has an i dont care about anyone attitude.

            They are possibly having a house sold party,GOD help the new neighbours when they move into the new property with a house

            warming party.

            Never mind eh,not your problem.

            Make their life hell while they are still living near you.

            I would wake them up early every morning till they leave.

            They disturb your peace,give it back.


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              hi Helina,

              Sorry to hear you have such awful neighbours and it is wonderful

              they are moving.

              I would not retaliate or take action against them because they

              are moving only 10 minutes down the road.

              If they work out you are the one calling the cops etc

              you may get more retaliation (like getting your property

              attacked or car attacked).

              This is what I have suffered (retribution for complaining when I

              did dare to complain).

              Just my two cents worth about considering your actions carefully.

              Thank goodness they are moving and the sooner the better for you.

              Is there anywhere you could get time out? eg staying at a friends place

              for a day or two?



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                Hi Helina and welcome

                Phew, sounds like you're about to lose NFH quite soon. Fingers crossed it's VERY soon. My problem has rarely been about noise until a few months ago and then we got the most awful neighbours, luckily they only stayed about two months but it was still two months too long for me

                "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi