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    Hi, we have this really weird neighbour. He lives 2 doors away in a semi detached house, the direct neighbours also have big problems. This man photographs our neighbours, peeps into one of the girls bedrooms, went into their garden and slashed their vegetables, has been reported to Environmental Health twice by me, 1st for playing loud offensive music (i thinks its called garage), it has lots of swearing etc in the words, over and over again at full blast. He was also reported for recording our and our neighbours dogs and then playing the recording over and over again at full blast. He puts the stero on his patio, switches on and closes all his doors and windows and leaves the noise going. We have found out that he has the "Contact Magazine" delivered from the states. He threatened us and our neighbours this evening saying that he had already taken steps against us and that we would have to wait and find out what. He also said to our neighbour that he would keep on doing what he is doing because "No one else knows what he is doing", he said this before he knew that me and my husband were listening to his heated discussion with our next door neighbour. I heard his raised voice whilst prunning my bushes and went behind our hedge to listen. When he became threatening my husband came as well. He kept making references to the one of the girls who lives next door when there was no need to. He kept dragging her into every conversation. Its weird and frightening. This is the one who complains that he is watching her! Does anyone else have such a problem?

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    Hi peacelily and welcome

    Very strange behaviour indeed. Not something I have had to deal with from my neighbours from hell (nfh).

    I'm sure that other members will be along shortly to offer support and advice on your problem.

    My initial thoughts are:

    Arrange to discuss your nfh's behaviour with the Police (go along with your other "normal" neighbour).

    Make sure you are keeping detailed notes of everything that this man is doing.

    Welcome again to the Forum, hopefully you'll get all the advice and support you need


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      Hi peacelily, welcome to the NFH in Britain Forum

      Sheesh, lots of problems there and I'm sorry to read the hassles you're all having with this chap.

      Ideas that spring to mind:

      - Harassment & possible stalking (taking photo's, peeping into bedrooms).

      - Privacy (serious ones) issues - the photo's again

      - Damaging vegetables = criminal damage

      - Loud music and other noise issues

      - Slanderous Behaviour from the NFH?

      - Threatening behaviour like you've had tonight (whether or not physical or verbal or both) is reportable to the Police, report this ASAP. It adds up and you could take action under the Protection From Harassment Act '97 (see Harassment Article link below).

      This chap sounds quite disturbed and almost obsessed with what he's doing - do you know anything more about him?

      You sound like you're knowledgeable with the EH dept and the steps to be taken there as unfortunately you've dealt with an NFH before I've just seen from another post, so won't repeat that

      Keep logs on everything.

      Have you read the NFH Articles and in particular:

      Harassment & Bullying from your Neighbour


      Noisy Neighbours & Noise Issues

      Article Index is Here

      Just trying to get a good understanding of your situation at the moment - how long has this been going on for? Does this neighbour rent/own (and does he live on his own?)? Have the EH Dept said they will take further steps, what are they doing now?

      I agree with Holly - get the Police involved ASAP and ask for their advice, it's possible he could also be known to them?

      Hope you can come back often and let us know how you're doing



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        Welcome to NFH site.

        Your neighbour sounds weird,how old is he (young i expect).

        You said he gets contact magazine from America every month,

        Whats that all about.

        If he is leering through windows at young girls then you need

        to phone the police.

        You also mentioned something about him bringing a girls name

        into every conversation,this is very weird.

        As for the destruction of vegetables in the garden,you need proof,

        this is where CCTV comes in handy.

        It is very annoying that you have to resort to these methods to

        protect your wellbeing but that seems to be the norm these days.

        Do you have or can you borrow a video camera.

        This could be used to film some of his weird traits such as

        leaving the stereo outside when it is on full volume and

        nobody is around. (i would launch a bucket of water at it so

        long as i was not seen doing it) :hihi: .

        I shall be told off for suggesting this.

        Anyway, dont worry about have reported the incident of

        loud music to the EHO.So they will have him on record.

        If you can get togeather with his neighbour and record all the

        noise nuisance episodes, it will go in your favour.If this

        problem goes to court (strength in numbers).

        As for strength in numbers,i expect you will get some very good

        advice on this site,we are getting bigger.

        Anyway i shall shutup now and hope i have helped a little.

        Mr unhappy.


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          Hi Peacelilly, I'm a new member myself. Sorry to hear about the problem neighbour. Sounds very scary. Have you talked to any of the other neighbours about this? Is anyone else affected by his behaviour? If so you could try to get a sort of "neighbourhood watch" thing going whereby evidence could be gathered by more people which should help your case.

          Hope this is of some help. GOOD LUCK.



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            Hi all, thanks for your replies. Further info - this man is aged about 30 - 40 years old. The owner of the house, brought the house from the previous owners saying that she was a single parent with 2 grown up children. No mention of this man at any stage. We do not know what relationship he is to this woman. He does not work, hardly ever goes out of the house, creeps aropund, if we cut the grass, he cuts the grass, etc. Very few visitors go to the house. The owner of the house is also strange. If i am outside talking to my immediate neighbour, she will come out and a stand on the street, have a fag and just hover. She speaks to no in the street. Contact magazine is a contact for some sort of porongraphic listing as we understand. What was so strange about yesterday, its almost if he was gloating about what he was doing. He actually confirmed his behaviour such as listening through the walls, he said "I need to listen through the walls to find out what is going on" Why?. All the local families have been asked to keep their young children away from the house in question. No children play at our end of the street. We have been unable to find out anything else about this man. Its almost as if he doesn`t exist! The owner of the house is much older than the man in question. We have checked with the Mental Health whether the house is listed as a residence for mental health patients and this is not the case.


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              Hi peacelily and welcome

              You really do seem to be unlucky enough to be living by a really weird couple

              I think the other members have given you some good advice.

              All the local families have been asked to keep their young children away from the house in question. No children play at our end of the street.

              I was wondering, who asked the families to keep their children away? Was it official or was it just ordinary people warning others of a perceived threat?

              This man sounds dangerous and I think the police ought to know about his strange behaviour, e.g. peeping in at windows and taking photographs. Other members have been falsely accused of paedophilia by their NFH because they've used cctv cameras to protect their property but this man seems very sinister and suspicious.

              Good luck and hopefully the law will deal properly with him.

              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                This guy sounds not only dangerous but also very seriously mentally ill. I would definitely not speak to him ever nor even give him eye contact and avoid him generally whenever possible.

                Meanwhile, it is definitely worth speaking to your local constabulary about this behaviour as he may well be known to them (I am thinking along the lines of Sexual Offender's Register) and they need to be kept up to date on his behaviour. They may also be aware if he has ever been sectioned under the Mental Health Act and again, they need to know how he is reacting in the community. Don't let them fob you off as it is your Health and Safety at risk here.

                You definitely need to keep a log and keep reporting these strange behaviours - that goes for the pair of them. This will then need to be presented to Social Workers and the Police if/when things become toooo scary and weird. They may or may not eventually lead to being sectioned under the Mental Health Act or even just plain arrested full stop.

                As others have said, the more neighbours/people who can do this the better, but make sure the 'weird' couple aren't aware of this as it will antagonise them even further.

                I would feel very concerned about living next to this couple so I am not surprised you have felt the need to post your story here, hope the members can at least support you in some way.





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                  Hi Peacelily

                  Serious concerns... I think. Lot's of good advice already. Keep logging, but again a meeting with your local police community safety officer is worth a go. May not get anywhere at the moment, but will be logged, and this can be important.

                  Is he a home owner, or a council or housing association tenant? If either of the latter, ask for a meeting with the estate management officer..again with a view to getting it logged as a serious complaint. Then update them regularly, asking what action they can take under the tenancy agreement. All witnesses welcome!!

                  Good luck, and keep us posted!



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                    Yuk, horrible. Go to the Police and badger them for info'

                    Keep the kids away - a if you need telling! Get a dictaphone and record anything you hear him say. This has been an invaluable help for us.

                    Wishing you luck.

                    Take care.

                    "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                      Hi all, thanks for your valuable help and info. At the mo we are checking details about our nfh. We found out where they came from, from the previous owners and are checking Electorial Registers etc. hoping to trace some info on this man. Will keep you up to date as soon as we have news. Peace :angel: :nfh1: