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    Hi Folks

    My name is Glyn and I'm hoping you can help me and my wife with a real problem.

    Twelve months ago we bought part of a farm that was split into two sections i.e. Framhouse and Barn.

    We purchased the finished farmhouse and a family we had never met bought the barn for renovation.

    They moved into a static caravan onto the adjacent land with a view to renovating the barn. We went round and gave them a 'welcome card' & bottle of bubbly.

    We even invited them round to a welcoming dinner party.

    In no time at all we were receiving calls from the Inland Revenue, Local Planning Authority, VAT etc all based on tip offs (yes you've guessed it from our caravan neighbour)

    We pointed out that it made sense for us to rub along together.

    Our neighbour's wife agreed but her husband remained morose and moody.

    Our neighbour now does anything and everything he legally can to disrupt our lives and make us uncomfortable.

    He never has any visitors, has no friends, is kind of self employed and is quite obsessive .

    He's a poor communicator and seems to prefer conflict to harmony.

    We had a death in the family recently and he had no qualms in banging around and making as much noise as possible.

    He appears to have made up his mind to hate us and does not respond to any kind of neighbourly act. He will do anything to annoy us.

    If anyone has any ideas how we can stop this odd ball disrupting our lives we would be truly grateful

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    Hi Glyn and welcome to the forum

    Sorry to hear about your problem. I don't know what makes people the way they are, especially NFH but some people are just plain nasty

    After your friendly welcome and allowing them to hook up to your water and electricity you'd think he'd be grateful. Perhaps there's some sort of jealousy working here. You are in a finished property and he has a way to go to renovate his. Could he be trying to drive you out so he can buy your home?

    Has he ever threatened you? If so you may be able to get a Protection from Harrassment order slapped on him. You can find out about that from the resource page. You should keep a diary of events, even those that seem trivial to show the police. Do you know for sure that it was him who 'tipped off' the authorities?

    I'm sure you will get lots more advice and support from other members so for now I'll just wish you good luck and say come back often

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Hi Glyn and welcome to the Forum

      I agree, your neighbour from hell (Nfh) does sound strange, but then, that's what they are. I think you could wonder for a thousand years why they behave the way they do and you still wouldn't have an answer.

      How on earth could someone realistically think that you were going to supply their electric and water for them forever :blink: ? It's bizarre? What did they think contacting all those places would achieve :blink: ? Do they think they know something about you that you don't yet :blink: ?

      I think in nfh situations like this, you need to break it down into what your avenues are.

      You mentioned that your nfh are noisy. If so, you must start recording everything on paper (plus, if you have it video, dictaphone, CCTV etc.). If you have a look at the Resources section on the NFH Home Page, you'' find a blank sheet to record noise - there's also another one to record other nuisance issues. I would suggest you print of both and start writing down as soon as possible.

      With noise issues, your first port of call is the Environmental health department in your local authority. They have the power to serve Abatement Notices/ Orders on your nfh to get them to stop the noise, if it is deemed a "statutory nuisance". You can read more about noise issues at the Home Page under the self-help articles.

      Has your nfh made any threats towards you/ your family? If so, then you may need to consider involving the Police (if you haven't already) and consider issues under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. (Again, see self-help article)

      Have they done with the caravan yet? Have they got their own utility supplies now?

      Could you give us some more specific examples of how they are behaving?

      Sadly, you may just have to face that there will never be a relationship between you and your nfh. I know that doesn't make for comfortable or easy living, but at least you would know where you stood. It would then just be a case of simply ignoring them.

      It would be great if you could answer the questions I've raised, but you don't have to give out any information you feel uncomfortable about.

      Welcome again to the Forum


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        Sorry to hijack your posting, but, my NFH - Madhatter - doesn't have any visitors either.

        You have just hit the nail on the head here. There's always someone around at our place and the kettle is either just switched off or its just about to be put on. We frequently get through a new kettle every two years. The only time it gets a break is at night when we go bed. And don't mention the phone - just so glad we are ex-directory thats all.

        Madhatter and Virago. I cannot honestly remember the last time they had visitors. Even the guy who installed their new central heating boiler a couple of years ago sat in his van eating his lunch on a freezing cold January day.

        We have had workmen here today replacing our windows and at lunchtime they sat in the consevatory chatting to my mum while they were all eating lunch and they polished off the cheesecake from yesterday too apparently.

        Its so hautingly obvious that the reason why they don't have visitors is because nobody can bear to be friends with them either, although we have to live by them much to our consternation.