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  • Nfh Old Bag.


    Got home tonite after visiting mum 10.20pm.

    NFH above decides to put her washing machine on at 10.35pm

    The thing spun once then stopped.

    Where is the logic in that.

    its all quiet now as NFH is in its coffin sleeping.

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    Mhmmm, weird. Perhaps it was deliberate or not?

    Still, it's late to have a washer on - they can rattle and vibrate through walls/ceilings so much, especially the older machines.

    Anyway, hope you had a quiet rest of night Mr U


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      Are you sure you didn't just catch it as it was near the end of its cycle?




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        hi mazza and also matthew.

        I believe my nfh is mentally unhinged in some way.

        I also think that the washing machine being put on was a deliberate

        way of saying im still awake and couldnt care less about you.

        She knows we can hear it down here,it is quite rare that we hear her

        washing clothes.

        Here is my way of describing my NFH.

        SHE is like a London underground station.The station is upton park

        This is 2 stops short of BARKING.

        It seems to be the in---thing on this site to have a little proverb at the

        end of your story,heres mine.

        the best way to resolve a problem

        is not to try and avoid it.


        Spanish Writer.



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          Originally posted by mrunhappy@Jul 18 2003, 12:11 AM

          It seems to be the in---thing on this site to have a little proverb at the

          end of your story
          Hi MR U

          You could add that or any wanted bit to your post signature so it automatically goes into all your future/past posts - if you go to 'My Controls' from the top of the screen and then click on 'Personal Profile, 'Edit Signature' you can enter the details there and then save them.