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  • Hi Guys

    Hi guys,

    I'm sorry I have had to join this forum as I'm sure each and everyone of you are.

    Here's my story and any advice or information you can give me I'd very much appreciate it.

    It started back when I was renting my property to two friends as I had gone travelling. Everything was fine until about two years ago when the woman next door decided to rent out her property. I wasn't living there at the time but my mates tolde me that they had had some dodgy neighbours move in. Young girl about early 20's. There was all sorts of low lifes hanging around the place. Noise during the night and early hours of the morning. One of the low lifes has since been put away for various crimes and was also specified as a heroin addict. Nice...

    Anyway I believe one of the other neighbours complained to the Rental agency and they obviously went back to the Woman who owned the property because once the 6 month lease was up it wasn't renewed and some new tenants moved in. This was about the time when I moved back into the property last August. The new tenants were fine didn't hear a peep out of them. Then the property went up for sale. We heard rumours of who was going to buy the property and I believe once again one of the other neighbours tried to establish it was not who we thought it was and they insisted it was not.

    A few weeks later I get a call from my house mate at work saying you'll never believe who's moved in next door! And low and behold it was the same girl.

    The noise is back not every night and don't get me wrong I don't care what sort of noise they make at the weekends albeit bl**dy annoying. But I have to get up for work at 5.50 in the morning during the week so when I can't get to sleep due to someone swearing her head off at the top of her voice at 11.00 at night. Then being woken up at 1.30 by blaring music and again at 3.30 by loud talking and laughing in the back garden it is starting to grind. This morning I also woke up to find empty beer can's and various other bits of rubbish tossed into my garden.

    I need some advice on the best approach to this I've read the various articles on the site but would like to hear from anyone who has a similar experience and how they overcame it.

    Cheers guys - a slightly stressed out newbie.

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    Hi Lettie!

    nice to have you with us, shame about the reasons you are here though!

    the woman who has moved back in...has she now bought the property? or is she still renting?

    has the landlord changed?

    sorry for all the questions!

    you need to be recording everything that goes on, there are some sheets on the main site under resources.

    dates, times what happened and how you were effected.

    we went through something very similar with 2 different sets of NFH, one set were known to the polioce as drug dealers and the others were very very anti-social people, and I dont mean they kept them selves to them selves!!

    we contacted the EHO about the noise and such like (also had the rubbish thing)

    they suggested we wrote to the NFH and put forward our concerns, boy did that go down like a lead balloon!!

    then we had to log everything down, after we had a fair few logs the EHO came to visit us and witnessed some of the noise

    on that they agreed to let us have recording equipment to tape the NFH and their antics.

    there are a lot of things that can be done really, other members will have personal experainces of the other avenues you can go down

    good luck and let us know how it goes! :ban:


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      Hi Lettie

      And welcome....glad you found the site, and sure you will get a lot of support and good advice. So sorry to hear that you have got this nfh, of all the other people it could have been...what bad luck! I am right in thinking she has bought it?

      First thoughts are to immediately start logging details of every noise nuisance event(date, time,inside/or outside property,duration etc), and contact your local authority noise pollution team to let them know you are experiencing problems and that you are logging.

      This is just first thoughts, but should set the ball rolling! If you feel unintimidated by nfh, might it be worth a polite note to her explaining your working pattern, and asking for some consideration?

      Good luck, and keep us posted!



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        Thanks for coming back to me so quickly guys.

        Answers to you questions. Not sure if she has bought the property or it was her sister or family I believe it was an inheritence from the father who committed suicide some years back. Can't gaurantee that though. She is on the social and the friend that stays/lives not sure on that front either is also on social.

        I have started logging the anti-social behaviour already and will pop round and speak with them first before I take it any further. I may speak with the other neighbours as well and see if they will back me up.

        Question to Beth. How was your porblem resolved. Realistically is there going to be anything that can be done if she or her sister own the property? Or am I opening up a can of worms that just will not get resolved.


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          hiya some light at the end of the tunnel.........

          have u spoken to other people on the street? it would make u feel better if u had some support............

          if she is in receipt of benefit the DSS would DEARLY like to know if she is a property owner, as i believe savings and assets are taken into account when she puts in a claim for jobseekers allowance...........

          u can check at the land registry who owns the property and take it from there?

          it's more likely that she is renting on the balance of things...........

          possibly she likes the area because the neighbours are so nice..

          also if she is selling drugs the police and criminal assets bureau would like be very interested???

          to be honest i would try and approach it from every available angle, but meanwhile nod and smile so she doesn't know what is going on, and then let fly with so much she won't know which way is up......

          if it gets v.v. hot she won't be long upping sticks.........


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            you could actually report them for noise pollution through your council because really they should only be making reasonable noise between the hours of 7am and 11pm 2.30am is ridiculose also take photos of the stuff they have chucked into your garden I would be livid if someone did that to me. It is worth though either talking to them or writing them a polite letter and keeping a record of it buy yourself a dictaphone to and record the noise its all extra amunition if you want to take it further.

            good luck



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              Hi Again Lettie!

              strangely enough the problem sorted itself out as they couldnt afford the rent and got moved to another of the landlords houses as they owed a lot of money.

              it just happened to be the 2nd day we had recording equipment in our lounge too!

              you have had loads of good answers already and I bet you get more this evening!!

              (everyone out enjoying the sunhine today!....well in Yorkshire we are!!)


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                Hi Lettie,

                I know what you're going through, I've had much the same in the past from renters nextdoor. I find it amazing how much can happen with NFH that go against all odds, such as happened with you having the same person buying who rented and was kicked out. I used to think that if we had had as much good luck as that then we would have got rich!!!

                My only advice is either report them and log everyting or move like we did. Hope you get it sorted


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                  Hi Lettie and welcome to the Forum

                  I know what it is like suffering from noise nuisance, especially when it is late at night. It makes it really difficult to function properly when you can't get enough sleep.

                  If you have already spoken to your nfh about the noise and they haven't been more considerate, I would suggest writing a letter to them. Explain what effect their noise and their other behaviour is having on you, say that you want to them to be more considerate but that if they can't play their music quieter, tone down the level of other noise and litter throwing then you will contact the Environmental Health Services.

                  As others have said, you need to start recording on a sheet:

                  Day; Time Music comes on and goes off; what it is doing to you (e.g. couldn't hear TV, couldn't sleep etc.) There are some blank forms you can use at the main NFH Home Page under Resources.

                  If they carry on after you have posted the letter, contact the Environmental Health Services. Tell them you are suffering from noise nuisance and the address where the noise is coming from. Send them copies of your letter and the record sheet(s).

                  The other option you could consider is to contact your local Mediation Service if you have one.

                  The only other useful bit of advice I can give at this stage is to consider buying some earplugs, they can help (a bit) with blocking out some noise. You shouldn't have to use them, but until you sort out the problems with your neighbour they may help a bit.

                  Your neighbour is being very inconsiderate as nfh (neighbours from hell) often are, they are not thinking about the effect their behaviour is having on you.

                  Start recording on a sheet and contact the Environmental Health Services.

                  Let us know how you get on. Come back here often as you will get lots of advice and support from us, we know exactly what you are going through.

                  Good luck!

                  PS. We contacted the EH department regarding our noisy neighbour. They sent a first warning letter, NFH continued and the EH have now sent a Final Warning letter. NFH (touch wood) has been quiet(er - i.e. no bass beat from 1 - 6 am) since, but if they start up again, and the noise is witnessed by the EH, the NFH will be served with an Abatement Notice/Order and if they breach that, they will have to go to Magistrates Court. They would also be saddled with having committed a criminal offence.


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                    excellant news Holly!!

                    hope they shut up! and stay shut!!


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                      Thanks for all the advice and comments guys, it's good to know I'm not the only one having or had problems. To top it all as well my Dad got taken into hospital about a month ago with a heart attack. Bizarre considering he's one of the fitess men of his age I know 58, doesn't drink or smoke and has low cholestrial diet. After having an angi-plasti they sent him home within 2 days. Saw him that evening only to get a call about 9 from mum to say he'd been rushed back in with a stroke, then he got stress ulcers and had to have a blood transfusion. He is on the mend now hopefully. I've been at mums keeping her company so at least had a slight break from the NFH. Went back Sunday night guess what 2 hours sleep due to noise!! I have spoken to him yet but I beleive one of my other neighbours the one next to me has already been to the council and started proceedings. I've been tied up with my dad so haven't had a chance to speak with him, but at least it's not just me. The other guy next door to her has also mentioned the noise to me. So who knows. With things as they are I'm seriously thinking of moving. I understand though if you make any reports or had any run ins with neighbours you now have to report it. I haven't yet and if this is the case is it worth pursuing if I plan to move out?


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                        Hi Lettie

                        I do hope your Dad is on the mend and that there are no further setbacks for him or your family

                        Well I'm not sure if you have to disclose the dispute with your neighbours as it wasn't you who has reported them...others on the forum would probably be able to advise you better on this

                        Good Luck



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                          Hi lettie

                          So sorry to hear about your dad, hope he's recovering?

                          Tri is right. If you haven't made an official complaint, then you don't need to worry about disclosure.

                          Hopefully your nice neighbours are pursuing a complaint - just let them know you're behind them.

                          Please let us know how you're all getting on.


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                            Hi Lettie,

                            Sorry to hear about your dad, hope he is on the mend.

                            What Tri and Holly say is correct. The disclosure law is being discussed in other areas of the form. I believe Winemonkey and Freakyfriday have this topic ongoing. There is plenty of input and if you are very concerned it maybe would worth having a read.

                            The general understanding of this law is that it is only applicable to the property i.e. boundary disputes, shared assess or any other issue that is being pursued through the civil courts. I don't believe that it applies to personal issues, i.e. your neighbours odious behaviour or the fact that you simply don't like him/her.

                            Take care of yourself Kevin


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                              Hi Lettie

                              Good to hear your update, although bad news about your dad but he sounds like he's on the mend.

                              Gawd, all you need, lack of sleep when you're busy and got a lot on your plate! How considerate of NFH! :huh: If you're planning to move, then we've often discussed this on the forum, it is probably best not to make any official or moves towards formal 'disputes', etc....otherwise it could may well hamper your move

                              It's all a very personal choice really

                              Let us know how you get on?