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My Nfh Any Advice I'm Going Mad

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  • My Nfh Any Advice I'm Going Mad

    Hi All,

    I am in desperate need of some assistance - I have had terrible harassment from my neighbours regarding my driveway.

    I live with my fiancé at and my neighbour "BOB"and his brother and mother insist on parking one of their vehicles (between the three of them they currently have 5) directly across our pathway - admittedly the pathway/kerb is not lowered yet (this is something that we have paid the council to do but alas no amount of chasing appears to make a difference). As our cars are on our driveway anybody with a ounce of neighbourly sense would not make life intensely difficult for us by parking a vehicle there. To say that moving off our path onto the highway is made extremely difficult with a vehicle there would be an understatement.

    I have had no option but to report them regularly to the Police who have attended and politely asked them to move whichever car they have parked there but it appears to fall on deaf ears. The Police tell me that because the kerb is not dropped they can only charge him with being a nuisance and nothing else - which they are loath to do.I need some help as we have only lived in this house for four months and these neighbours from hell are destroying any enjoyment we are getting from our beautiful home.

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    Hi Abbiemich, and welcome to NFH.

    If the Police are sympathetic, could you ask them to chivvy the council?

    And what about YOU parking across your entrance for a while, to get NFH into the habit of not doing so? If you've a new car you might be understandably reluctant to do this...

    I'm sure other members will have other ideas/advice. Keep stopping by & let us know how you're getting on.

    If at all pssible, try to avoid escalating things into a controntation/feud (no matter how tempted or justified) because it's very difficult to back down, easier to prevent the molehill becoming the mountain. Easier said than done, and in my case it was my being polite but firm which seems to have outraged Radar O'reilly next door!

    All the best,
    "Poor Tom shall lead thee" (King Lear)


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      Hello there, I would get onto the council and get them to get their fingers out and start work on the dropped kerb. if you have paid for it what is taking them so long???tchah! tell them it is causing arguments with your neighbours and is causing a lot of stress all round!!! this should sort out your problem and really, in the meantime, id try not to get into rows with the neighbour about it. if you have spoken to them about it and they wont cooperate, then I would park across my drive myself which should prevent them doing it...mind you, you have to get there first!!!!

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        Hi Abbiemich and welcome

        (this is something that we have paid the council to do but alas no amount of chasing appears to make a difference).

        I think you should keep on at the council. If you have paid for the work to be done then it should be done! Phone them every day, write to them, email them. Don't let up. Threaten them with legal action if the work is not done within fourteen days. They are obviously in breach of contract if they are not doing work they have been paid to do.

        As other members have said, I'd advise you to park across your own drive, if you can get there first.

        Good luck,

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          Hi abbiemich and welcome to the Forum

          :angry: Inconsiderate neighbours, don't they make you cross? They obviously know how much of an inconvenience they are as the Police have been out and yet they carry on :angry: , it's infuriating .

          I will just echo what everyone else has said, in that you need to chase up the Council.

          Have these inconsiderate people given any indication of why they might be behaving in this way?

          And, anyway, what are three people doing with five cars? :angry:

          Feel free to rant with us about this in Ranter's Corner if you need to vent .

          Welcome again


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            I can only echo the others in saying you must chase the Council if you have paid up for this. Don't just speak to the bod who answers the phone, but demand to speak to their senior officer.

            Also, it is def worth getting in touch with your Local Councillor who are regular thorns in the Council employee's side - there are performance indicators (well, presumably in all Councils) regarding 'Councillors' Enquiries' and they must deal with them!

            Typical reaction from the Police, though it could still be worth speaking to the Community Liaison Officer, but the Local Councillor (or even MP) ought to do the trick for you.

            I am sure that you can get this sorted pretty quickly, even perhaps be allowed to erect a no-parking sign and a white road edge line if the Council allows - then the Police would def have to act if your NFH persists after the drop kerb is put in.

            Good Luck!!! :clover:




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              I spathise completely with your parking problems. We were forced to have a dropped kerb put in, at considerable cost, due to never being able to park outside our house. After we had paid for this, we then had to wait approx 2 months for the work to be carried out. Problem now solved? no chanc. we still get cars regularly parking over our drive despite the dropped kerb! Good luck anyway!


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                I remember something similar to this being mentioned on TV or in a magazine some time ago. The advice given at the time was to buy an old banger and put it across the drive so that nobody else could park there.
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