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    Thank you all

    I have a little something to tell you now that I am very proud of.

    I was talking to my neighbour on the other side of the Bates' the other night. His wife works with Norma and often gives her a lift home. They usually get in at around 10pm. It was 9.40pm and I said that I would have to go in, but he told me to stay put. I don't know why I did it, but we got some chairs out, made a cup of coffee and sat right outsdie his front door, which is closer to Norma's front door than mine is. He told me that I was going to show her that I was allowed to have a life, the same as she is.

    The time came and The headlights of a car started to come down the street. I was shaking in my boots, I swear, my heart was in my mouth and I just wanted to disappear. He whispered at me, telling me to hold my head high and talk to his wife as if Norma wasn't there.

    They got out of the car and he started to talk to them. I had my back to them and turned around, I can't even begin to tell you how sick I felt. I held my head high and said 'hello' to his wife. Norma went straight indoors, just saying 'goodbye' on the way. She didn't even look at me.

    I'D DONE IT!!! It was the closest to Norma I have been in months. What's more is that we stayed out talking for about another 20 minutes, before saying goodnight.

    Then tonight I was outside talking to my other next door neighbour. They were looking at my new car (on motability for my son) and her husband was giving it a good inspection

    Both Norma and Norman came out. Norman started to inspect his car and my neighbour's husband went over to talk to him. Norma scurried back inside, while I stayed outside and continued my conversation with my neighbour. The men were about 10 feet away, and instead of running indoors, I stayed there until Norman had gone back inside.

    How on earth did I do it!!! The very biggest step yet on my road to recovery

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    Tristar, Well done.

    Only someone in our position can realise the determination and courage it took for you to be seen getting on with your life despite the Bates. And well done to your other neighbours too for their support.

    Recently I have taken back my front garden and even had a lengthy conversation with a passerby. You can tell by the NFH attitude that they are most displeased - tough!

    Yesterday I gave the boot of my car a real spring clean - took over half an hour - was I uneasy - yes - but I did it. I guess it will be a long time before either of us can get on with our own lives without any qualms.

    Having taken that first almighty step - make sure you stick with it. Good Luck.


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      Thanks Thorny

      You're quite right, but it doesn't take long for the NFH to think of something else I'm just hoping that this good feeling doesn't go away too quickly



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        Would like to pass on my congratulations to you. You have overcome your fear of theses people and faced them down.

        Very well done, like Thoryside said, you have taken the first step.I really hope that you feel better and keep strong.



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          Well done tri - the more you keep doing this, the easier it will become.


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            Tristar, that is absolutely fantastic What a nice neighbour you have, giving you the support to stay outside You must be walking on air this morning

            Hope the good feeling stays for ever

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              You've done it once, so you can do it again!! Knees may knock a bit, but just remind yourself you have done this before, so can again. Well done!! Really is good news. Lisa


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                Thank you all again for your congratulations

                It has made me feel like a new person and I would recommend it to anyone.

                Today I learned that one of my good neighbours will be moving in about 10 days and I'm hoping that this doesn't make a difference, after all I still have the other one

                This whole achievement has made a real difference to the way we're living our lives, and it shows in how happy the boys have been over the last few days

                I can only say that if it wasn't for this site I would never have had the courage to have even been out in the street talking to the neighbour who encouraged me to stay out that night. Reading through and finding out how other people have dealt with their NFH's really does help.

                A BIG THANK YOU TO YOU ALL