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For My Mum & Dad

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  • For My Mum & Dad

    When my Mum & Dad first moved into their flat, they were so happy. Tucked away from the main flow of traffic, and everything going well for them for a while. They are in a block with two levels, the ground floor and the 1st. They were at the end of the block on the ground floor. There is a gate on the outside of their bedroom wall which leads to a communal garden. They have a small patio leading from their back door into this garden. It's just a lovely little place and mostly occupied by pensioners.

    I'm not sure how it started, but one day one of the younger tenants started to take a dislike to them for some unknown reason. It seems that this particular tenant had harrassed the previous occupants of the flat where my parents live. By all accounts he did some really dreadful things, including assault on the previous tenant of my parents flat. The worst part of learning this was that the previous tenant was in a wheelchair, as the flat is designed for a disabled person.

    Well 'loaded gun' as I will call him, would leave the gate to the communal gardens open so it would bang against my parents' bedroom wall. He used to do this late at night for maximum effect. Then he said that my Dad's dog had bitten him and called the police. What a crock!!! Over a period of 2 years it got steadily worse. He threatened my Mum and Dad with a piece of wood with a 6 inch nail in it, he would play his music very loudly at all hours, not only disturbing my parents but other neighbours too. They were all very frightened of him, as they had seen him in action with the previous tenant of the flat, and after all, they were mainly pensioners. If anyone did something he didn't like, out came the threats and dirty deeds.

    My parents were not going to take this and kept log sheets, reported all the incidents etc. to the LA housing officer. He had been to visit them on numerous occasions, and generally sided with loaded gun. Then one day loaded gun smashed the windscreen of my Dad's car. The police were called and he had to go to court and was fined. He was also ordered to pay compensation to my Dad, which was paid by installments as loaded gun was on benefits.

    Obviously there were a lot more incidents than listed, such as throwing my Mum's washing on the floor, coming passed the living room windows and peering in, making lots and lots of false allegations etc.

    Then came the JEWEL IN THE CROWN. One day loaded gun had gone to the council offices to report some more alleged harrassment from my parents. When things didn't go his way, he flipped his lid. Oh the housing officer really and truly saw his true colurs. They took him to court and he was bound over, he was also given an order to stop harrassing all the neighbours in the block.

    IT WORKED and now eveybody in the block lives in peace and harmony. They all thanked my parents for standing their ground, as it was due to this that loaded gun finally got his just deserts.

    Who would've thought then that I would move in next to my NFH?


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    Congratulations to your parents, tristar, for standing up to this obnoxious bully. It's a pity other residents didn't complain at the same time, but thankfully 'loaded gun', as you call him finally slipped up in the right place at the right time

    At least you can relax about your parents now, and not have to worry too much. Now you have to deal with your NFH Hopefully your NFH will slip up too

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      Yes, well done to your parents for standing their ground. Sometimes that isn't an easy thing to do, especially when you're the only ones complaining.

      Loaded gun was a typical NFH from the sounds of it. Thankfully he blew up in the Housing Office so they could see him at his best.

      Great news, I wish we had more of these success stories on the Forum. It gives us all hope that things can get better.

      Thanks for that tristar.


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        Thanks for you comments and congrats

        It's because of my parents' experience that I have coped so well. They have been there to support me and their story gives me hope.

        That's why I put it on here, maybe it will help others to keep going when they feel like giving up. It goes to show that NFH don't always succeed.