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    Sold my house to the 3rd person who came to view, even before it was put in the paper, it was lovely when the Estate agent phoned to say it was sold, first time buyers too and a mortgage all ready. Not complained about my NFH at the back but it seems like plenty have, could not believe it when i heard their football banging very very hard against my fence, i just said in a loud voice, oh bl**dy hell and it stopped instantly, and i have been told that if any more complaints are recieved they will find themselves living in a tent. Do hope the tenants living in the same road now get some peace and quiet.

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    Great new, Sombruiel How long before you move?

    Oh, imagine the bliss of sitting in your new back garden with no rabble on the other side of the fence I'f I'm looking a bit green blame the envy

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      nice one Somb!"!

      hope you move goes quickly and your searches are smooth!


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        Hope everything goes smoothly for you and that you have some peace in your next home.


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          Excellent! Well done Somb!

          I'm moving this to Success Stories, after all it is one for you


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            Thank you all, but remember i have been driven out of my beautiful little detached house with a huge huge garden which i have loved, so will be very unhappy when i do move. The NFH has won, and that is the truth, and the sooner that these sub humans were treated as such, sorry but that is what i really believe that now we just dont have the Working class, the Middle class, the Upper class, no we do have another lot who dont care a hoot what they do to other people so long as they can do what they want, they are inflicting pain on people who are just ordinary run of the mill people who would not hurt a fly.


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              good luck

              best wishes for your move and i hope you will be happy in the future