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My good news.

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  • My good news.

    Well i can now tell you all my NFH are on the move

    Last Monday i had a meeting with yet another new Housing officer and told her politely that i am fed up with explaining my saga every 6 months to a new Housing officer who then pacifies me and promises me the earth and then goes away and does nothing.

    Well she has kept to her promises and NFH are on the Move

    Only problem is that is still on this Estate but as long as they are not next to me i don't care!

    Spoke to her yesterday as i was worried as i had heard that the New neighbours had already handed in a petition

    I was told that yes they had but as she explained to them had they complained before instead of leaving it to me the family would not be moved they would have been evicted.

    And she also said to them that it is no good complaining now because it is now going to affect them they should have done it when the incidents happened.

    So as far as the Housing officer is concerned my NFH are moving with in the next 2 weeks.

    I am going out to buy a washing line as i haven't hung washing out for 5 years and the kids are going to have new toys for the garden and the list is Endless

    And now i need to say Thanks to you all for being there for me in my low times and let you all know i will still be here if i can be of help.

    As you can imagine i can't stop smiling as 5 years has been along time.


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    really really chuffed for you!

    please let us know the moment that house is empty so we can have a drink for you!!

    5 years is a long time and I now expect you to make the most of your new quieter life!!


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      Tracy, that is fantastic news

      I can only imagine how you are feeling. Whoo hoo, almost party time

      Just a shame the other neighbours didn't complain sooner.

      Don't forget to hang the flags out the day they leave

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Misty will take a photo later and try and get it on here Flag is already out.

        Mind you i am telling everyone it is to Support the Troops in Iraq.

        Well i am as well.


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          Tracy what a fantastic feeling!!!!! I'm so pleased for you, and with summer on the way you can be whooping it up with the new outdoor toys!!!!!

          ...and hanging out your washing on 'the Seigreid line'!!!!!!!! 'Have you any dirty washing neighbour dear?'

          ......for anyone that doesn't know- that's from a song from WW2!! I'm not going mad!!!!

          as Tracy mentioned washing line... geddit?? Er moving swiftly on....

          Tracy, make sure you have a bottle of chilled when the kids are out in the garden with the their new toys and you're admiring your smalls blowing merrily in the breeze

          I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!



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            Originally posted by Tracy@Mar 28 2003, 9:59 AM

            Well i can now tell you all my NFH are on the move
            Hi Tracy,


            I bet you are over the moon, well done for hanging on in there, it's been a very long trawl for you

            So great to hear good news stories! May peace and tranquility reign over your house now for a very long time!


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              This is the best kind of news for not only you but for everyone else also. It gives us all hope that there is a God up there and NFH do get their just desserts.

              I'm just so chuffed for you.

              Now you have one added impetus left. Make contact with your ex and put the past behind you and make a completely new start you are on a roll now so there is now worries there.

              How does that song go "Happy days are here again do do dodo dododo" Whey hey.


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                Just to Thank you all and let you know tonight i am having loads of Vodka to celebrate my news.

                And at least i know it is happening,and justice will be done.

                As for the new neighbours she will be thrust upon they really should have listened to me and backed me up along time ago!

                Sorry if that sounds selfish but they didn't want to know before and now all hell has broken out here.

                Scooby get the hint will try and do my best.



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                  Well done tracy. I can only imagine how you must feel. I am in the same positon with a housing association and yes you are right the staff do change, almost every day. You will see from my message (antique) we have aslo suffered for five years but we are like you, never give up. You probably had the same experience as us, "no one wants to get involved "

                  good luck for the future


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                    Well done Tracy. Congratulations.!!!

                    You win…

                    Your Life Back!!!

                    Very happy for you.



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                      I am well p****d had a load of vodka can't really believe my problems are nearly over!

                      Keep looking out the window to see if they are packing yet!

                      Would also offer my assistance if needed, have been home tonight and had 2 calls about them moving from residents not happy as i am on the Residents comittee, i hope you all understand what that bit means as i don't!

                      I have been sat pondering NFH'S side tonight and unless she changes i think she will be evicted so i feel this move is her last chance as a council tenant.Lets hope she wakes up and realises what she has let her kids do to me and changes that.


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                        Well since last posting on here my NFH are still here!

                        They apparently have turned the house offered them down, something to do with the Garden being too small.

                        Well they need a big garden to keep all their scrap metal in!

                        However after a week off hell and loads of police visits i can still smile as the Council erected a 6ft fence between us and i now have total privacy.

                        I even hung some washing out today, the first time in 5 years and i was like a little school girl.

                        Its amazing how excited i got, kids are also able to play in the garden and we have also planted flowers.

                        Its like christmas all over again.

                        And although they are still there i don't have to look at them or their property again.

                        It won't stop the stealing or vandalism but at least we are able to do a few normal things at the moment and fingers crossed they will eventually find a property with a big enough garden.

                        The LA and police are also looking into ASBO orders on the eldest child.



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                          Sorry to hear about them still being in situ. I hope for your sake they do go you really need the break.

                          Good news about the fence though.

                          Keep smiling


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                            Hi Tracy,

                            Good and bad news then really eh?

                            Good about your privacy, that's excellent Bad news about the NFH still being there, ahhh well, they'll be gone soon, it's just frustrating isn't it to be waiting still?!

                            I'm just imagining you dancing around like a little school girl........! Good for you!


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                              Tracy, sorry to hear the NFH are still there But congratulations on the small victory with the fence.

                              It also sounds promising about the ASBO. If they're considering it they obviously know just how bad the NFH are. Of course considering and actually doing it are two different things, as I found out during my recent problems. But nil desperandum.

                              I love your positive attitude and it's great to hear you sound happier. Hope the kids are happier too. How do they like their new school?

                              Oh, well, onwards and upwards, fingers crossed the NFH soon find something to their dubious taste

                              "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi