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  • Rubbish

    just thought i'd let you know that after months of complaining to the council with my nieghbours support, the rubbish that had been dumped near and around our houses has finally been taken away!!

    A champagne moment almost!

    perhaps now this will end the cycle of more stuff being dumped or maybe I am being to optimistic!

    more likely that more garbage will be dumped again inthe next few your bets on how long it will take!!

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    Well done Beth_urban_avenger

    Now all you have to do is keep watch and report the next person who dumps. The temptation of seeing a newly emptied rubbish tip will be too much for them.

    I'm fed up with picking up crisp packets, sweet wrappers and soft drink cans off my garden and my daughter's garden. Why don't they teach kids to take their rubbish home with them? Grrrr. Also I'm sure the rubbish that has appreared on my daughter's side garden has been tipped over the wall from one of two houses that back on to it. I wish I had a cctv cam I might catch the idiots who are doing it.

    Anyway, fingers crossed that your ex-tip remains an ex-tip, Beth

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      those who placed bets on less than 24 hours you win!

      yes we now have a load of metal bars out the back, the nice lady from the council is aware and she has already visited the site again and said she was diapointed about how much litter didnt get moved...yeah so were we!

      Will let you know!


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        Actually Badger - it's funny you should mention Life Of Grime - did you see that chap Mr Trebor ? He was a nice enough old guy but his garden home and every space was filled with junk there were rats running all over the place.

        I don't think I would be too happy with that myself if I had to live next door to this, although it was interesting that the LA (London) removed the rubbish it took them nearly a week to clear it and a few months later it was back to square one again. Total cost £50,000.00 (Fifty thousand pounds)

        Sadly Mr Trebor died - in an old peoples home it was in every way quite sad really he was a bit of a magpie and would even take the spoons from the table back to his room the staff had to watch out for this.

        Alot of this had to do with his earlier background from when he was living through the war.

        It was a well made documentary. I hope the Beeb are going to recommission another batch.


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          Ahhhhh, Mr Trebor........what a character! What an amazing mess...! But, as you say Scooby, his behaviour was 'conditioned' from his life during the war - hoarding everything and anything.

          We watched the new episode of the latest series the other day, great stuff! That new EHO (big, Greek guy?) would scare me!


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            the woman from the council has been very helpful!!

            she popped around a few days ok and said that a proper job had not been done and today the litter pickers were back!!

            I cant get over what a helpful person she was and how much better the area looks now!!


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              His name was Mr Trebus - I should know - as my partner calls me Mrs Trebus!!

              Mr Trebus was a polish war veteran, lovely bloke, a true character and eccentric to boot, but I believe he had all his marbles very firmly in place. Just didn't quite go with the flow did Mr Trebus. Good for him. Although living next door to him would be a different matter entirely...

              ... I'm now called Mrs Trebus as in one of my more madder moments I suggested I move my office downstairs to where I am now, to have all my books in one place. .......

              90% of my books were down here with all my hobby stuff.

              Trouble is, I didn't quite gauge it correctly. Only a few things came out of here - but two big desks, computer, printers, filing cabinet, binding machine, two more bookcases and masses of files and folders came down here. It really does look like I'm trying to ticket a jumble sale.

              The night we brought it all down here my partner was crying with laughing just looking at me behind all this stuff!! It really is funny to look at.

              On the rubbish front, I always go by the 'broken window' rule. Once something is left, it must be cleared immediately or it attracts others to leave rubbish there.

              There's a lay by about three miles down the road and it really is in a beautiful location, people stop there just to look at the view. Some ******* leave all sorts of building waste there from time to time, big piles of old doors and windows, rubble etc. It looks horrendous. A real blot on the landscape. It happens about four times a year, they must do it at night when no one is around.

              April - don't hold your breath with your daughters room - I'm still a teenager in my bedroom at heart!!!! I keep the main living areas tidy - just about - but my own rooms are... well, they are a sight to see!!!!

              I too have a massive tidy up from time to time, but within a week or so, it's back to where it was.


              Mrs Trebus


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                Originally posted by spinkysay@Mar 19 2003, 10:43 PM

                His name was Mr Trebus - I should know - as my partner calls me Mrs Trebus!!
                You're right Spinks, Mr Trebus!

                Scooby - that was your fault, you made me get it wrong! Trebor make mints don't they?!

                We were only watching it the other day too! Actually, I remember saying to Beth that one of the big wig EHO's on the last episode seemed to be pronouncing his name incorrectly.......saying it more like "Trebbus"; he must have been a semi-permanent feature with the local council for years, bless him

                On another note, the area in question has been cleared again - nice/helpful lady from Housing, who own the land - and (mwaaaa haaaa haaaa!) I have her E-mail address every time it happens and gets rubbish again.........out will come the e-mail........!!


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                  Yes okay I got the name wrong I conceed it was Mr Trebus.

                  But he was a lovely old guy although to be fair I would not want to be his next door neighbour especially, in the hight of the summer months.

                  By the way Matthew I had been eating mints so maybe that was what made me think it was Trebor. Doh.


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                    Perhaps we could set a yardstick by ol' Mr Trebus in the nfh ratings; with this question:

                    Would you rather have Mr Trebus or your nfh living next door?

                    I'd have preferred Mr Trebus to our former nfh meself.


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                      Mr Trebus definitely........but, minus his rubbish and definite rats

                      His neighbour actually tried to look after him though didn't she in earlier series? It was the smell of the decaying rubbish which I believe they first complained about, and of course the obvious environmental problems/issues.