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    If you have read any of my posts over the past several years, you will be aware that my nfh have tried to extort money from me in one way or another, by way of stage managed incidents and false allegations causing me and my family a great deal of suffering.

    They have been successful on an occasion or two, which drove them harder to make more false allegations to the police, claiming that I am a terrible person, in the hope of winning another court case against me for more money with, what they call, 'compensation' and expenses.

    I have known for a long time that they had very deep seated money problems and had a negative equity in their property with a charge on it in favour of the City Council for non payment of council tax going back over many years and are on the verge of bankruptcy so they have to get some money or sell to clear all of their debts, as I understand it.

    My mrs nfh has also been stopped from being a registered child minder putting an end to their income with no prospects of a job for either of them.

    I recently became aware that they had put their house on the market and subsequently discovered that it had been up for sale for several years.

    But the sales they had fell through because when the searches were done it was discovered that my nfh was said to have an nfh of their own, which came about by their false allegations and their own doing, which was supposed to be me! .......laugh my socks off.

    So they got some of what was coming to them in the end he! he! he! he! and I didn't have to do a thing.

    You will reap what you sow comes to mind he! he! he!.......I hope I don't sound as though I am gloating!!

    17 years ago the police said, trust us we'll fix it, but I am still waiting filled with empty promises

    Years of CCTV footage of my nfh causing criminal damage to my property, abuse, 3 assaults, death threats, stage managed incidents, throwing their dog shit in my garden, false allegations and not one conviction against them, why?

    If the Law is the same for everyone, why does the outcome depend on who you are?

    Read my Biography

    There is no point in giving false hope or misleading information

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    What goes around comes around!!!!!