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It's nearly all over!

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  • It's nearly all over!

    I don't know how many of you know, but my boundary dispute with 3 NFH has been ongoing since March 2001.'s over!!

    We can go ahead with both the sheep fence, and the new 6' wooden fence, without any worries about the legal side!!

    The land has now been proved, beyond doubt, to be ours so they can go suck eggs!!! LOL

    The NFH are still threatening all sorts, but they have no choice now as anything they do will cost them, and cost them dearly! When the work starts the local councillor will be present to ward off any more vile behaviour!!

    So...there is a God after all!!

    I thought you may like to know this, and I hope that if you are still dealing with NFH, never give up hope!!

    Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.

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    I am very pleased that your fence thing is nearly over!...are you in smug mode now?!!

    it is such a shame that one fence could cause so much hassle, ohh I would love to see your NFH face!!

    good luck


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      Indie, congratulations I love hearing news like that. It gives us all hope for the future.

      Hope you're celebrating, I feel like cracking open a bottle myself.

      woo hoo

      "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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        Thanx for your lovely replies!!

        We have been advised that we could recoup some costs we had over the last 2 yrs by taking then to court....well we've decided enough is enough!! We do still have to live alongside them, and losing has already sent them into a frenzy!!

        Something else has happened to make me feel absolutely wonderful!! I have a problem with a cyst on my spine, and 2 weeks ago the neuro-surgeon said "Sorry, too risky for surgery" Which meant ongoing pain.

        Well I had no intention of 'suffering' forever so flicked thru the Yellow Pages, found a Chinese Doc, specialising in acupuncture and made an appointment!!

        I have now had 3 treatments, and don't ask me how but I have improved about 60% !!! It's amazing, and I can now sit down for loner than 15 mins and sleep longer than 3 hrs!!

        So, all in all, 2003 is really looking up!!


        Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.


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          Hi Indie

          Absolutely fantastic to hear your news, you've waited ages for it, so even more worth having!

          Good things come in three's? (as well as bad?!), so your back, your land/fence, what will be the third, jackpot on the lottery maybe?!

          Very happy for you!


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            good for you Indie, nothing wrong with trying different cures and therapies,

            anything to do with out pumping my self with pills and chemicals sounds good to me.

            You certainly are not sleeping well....posting at that time in the morning!!!!

            blimey, I thought Matthew was bad!!

            I hope things keep on improving for you!



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              Oh Matthew, if only!!

              E.Beth- Once I get to bed I manage to sleep 8 hrs straight thru, as opposed to waking up every 2-3 hrs because of pain!! I must admit tho' that I have gotten into the habit of waking late, therefore going to bed late (or early) !!

              Aquarius- I knew a faith healer once, and the things she 'cured' for people was amazing!! I'm beginning to think that natural healing has to be the way forward. As a race, we have been pumping chemicals into our bodies for far too long!

              I saw a programme tonite about how successful the Germans are with using leeches as a cure for heart problems and osteo-arthritis. Leeches are revolting BUT if it works.....!!

              Even if there is a rip in your teddy bear, his love will never fall out.