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Re :the nasty neighbour returns.

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  • Re :the nasty neighbour returns.

    Hi I had a shock today my neigbours where the horse is kept came to see me.She said" I had a visitor last night who was very apologetic."She found it unnerving.Can you believe it !

    She said "he is coming to see you tommorrow"( he being the burglar).Apparently he was on his own and it wasn't in daylight.She was a little alarmed but he seemed honest enough.The trouble is these people are always smooth when in trouble and allways wiggle out of any mess they make.To onlookers they allways seemed innocent of everything even to the police.

    This has made me so anxious that I had pains in my chest.I contacted the policeman incharge of the case and he said just politely send him on his way (easier said than done.)if he does turn up.Frankly I do not want to be confronted with the person who has committed so many offences against me, and bite my tongue and keep how I really feel inside , I really don't want to have him standing two foot away from me ,he only just burgled us and our past history is not freindly .I cannot see him apologising in any way that could compensate me for all the stuff that has happened over the past few years.He must be very stupid and insensitive, thinking that he can just walk up to the victim of his crime and have his victim stand before him and except an apology unannouced, especially when his victim is just alittle scared of him.Frankly I never want to see him or communicate with him and his wretched family, I just want to get on with my life.My anxiety seems to get higher by the moment waiting for that knock on the door .Could he be telling the truth and want to repent or is he just doing what his solicitor says and wants to escape the burglary charge somehow?I hope it is the end.But why should I have to face him ,I am on my own with my very young children 90 % of the time and we are very vunerable.This had made me very wary there are only 6 houses in our village and no one ever seems to be home.If he hadn't of crashed his car we would never have proved for certain who the culprit was and would have been tormented with the suspicion, hanging and waiting to see what was to come next.There would have been no apology .He even removed the plates and anything that might implicate him it was sheer luck that he arrived to get his stereo out of the wreck that the police nabbed him.I cannot convince myself of him being instantly reformed after all the abuse. The rest of the family have manged to keep there noses out of it even though they were spotted at the scene of the crime earlier that day, they deny any knowledge and nothing can be proved against them on this occasion.

    The police said To phone 999 if anything bizarre happens but lets hope that My imagination is not proved correct and that we have triumphed in our patience and we do not need to enter into the legal mire.I am Now going to ease my thoughts with a bottle of red wine and some chocolate digestives.It' feels good to talk to anyone other than husband regarding this stress as it becomes all consuming and then they have won.We are armed legally with evidence etc if it gets any worse thanks for your kind words .Katja.

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    Katja, I can understand completely your anxiety that this person may knock on your door. It must be very unnerving for you and I agree with you that it is unlikely that he has suddenly 'seen the light' and reformed.

    There must be some ulterior motive behind it and if it is his solicitor who has told him to do this then he is obviously a completely insensitive person. Also, why did he come at night, in the darkness? To be frank, if it was me and he turned up at my door I would immediately call the police.

    I hope he does not turn up, it all sounds very suspicious. Be on your guard and make sure everywhere is locked. I don't mean to scare you but this man has a track record of criminal behaviour. If you feel you must speak to him do it through a window and not a door.

    Finger's crossed everything stays peaceful for you.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi