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The nasty neighbour returns.

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  • The nasty neighbour returns.

    Hi my name is Katja,we have for the past several yrs put up with hell from our abussive neighbours ,so has our tiny community.Every member of the village has had some run in with these people at some time or another ,but me more so than others.

    I became the object of a mad womans obsession.She her husband and her four children terrorised us.Noise ,vandalism,abuse,air rifleing tormenting our dogs, car abuse, Ie trying to run us over, stalking,slander ,and harrasement.We that is my very young children and My husband suffered, so that the harrassement didn't get any worse.We had the police out on a couple of occasions and solicitors letters thrown backwards and forwards.But of course the bullies persisted it got rediculous and they made false allegations against me.

    What made matters worse is that they provided our water supply so they started to cut us off when the kids were getting bathed or showered not good,no water to make babies bottles with or to wash dirty clothes.

    It felt like they would never go away .We discovered that she had a previous fixation on two other woman and that she possibly had a mental problem as she kept telling people that she had cancer of various forms .She also kept telling people that she was a teacher or a nurse when infact she had no qualifications at all.They got into serious debt and had to leave the village and move into a caravan so everyone made a sigh of relief.But there harrassement of me didn't stop she stalked me .

    They got tired of being silly, eventually, and we only saw them in passing until this weekend ,when There teenage son broke into a barn where my horse is kept and stole £150 worth of horsey stuff and vandalised my hay and rugs and threw a large piece of fence rail with nails in it, at my horse.He then drove away and crashed his car which a was uninsured no tax or mot and he was caught red handed with my stuff.He should have broke his neck. We did not know that it was him until mid morning but our freinds who own the barn said that they had seen the mother in the barn earlier the night before he broke in ! So they have started again mum had done a recky then son had come back later!

    We should have put an end to this sooner and had them all had up for harrassment .We are now going to get a harrasment order on the son but don't want to aggravate an allready crappy situation.It wont stop mum and it wont stop his druggy freinds from paying a revenge visit .So we are in to minds what to do .I wish they would just leave us alone.

    Katja. What Would you do?

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    Hi Victoria,

    Welcome to the site!

    Firstly I can only offer my support for what must be an absolute nightmare situation.

    On reading your post it would appear that you are in a position of danger at the hands of these morons!!

    If I were you I would think that now is the time to "make a stand" so to speak.

    These people will not simply leave you alone unfortunately especially moreso if you try not to aggravate the situation. This is a position that every single one of us have been in at some point on this site.

    My first piece of advice is to get a solicitor right away!!. And also may I suggest you get a solicitor that will actually get something done!!, ie banning orders, harrasment orders etc.

    You mentioned that they cut off your water supply. This is absolutely and utterly ILLEGAL!. Does not matter what the circumstances are!

    I would take them to the cleaners for that alone!!( if I were you of course)-sorry but getting quite angry at your plight!!

    I would get the police involved each and every time there is an incident involving one of their offspring!!!

    In short what I think I am trying to say is that you need to make your position quite clear to these people- leave you alone!!!

    Unfortunately this wont be easy, I can assure you!, and you need to be strong as they wont like it but at the ebd of the day they are only bullies and we all know what happens to them!!

    Anyway, im sure the others will be along shortly to give you more advice but as I said, take action TODAY!!

    keep us posted

    The Horsefans

    "Take off and nuke the site from orbit- it's the only way to be sure!"

    apologies if you are an "Aliens" fan

    Posh Noodle - NOT for the likes of YOU!!


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      Hi Katja,

      welcome to the group,

      Horsefans is so right.....this needs to be stopped NOW!

      I assume the police are now involved after the break in? that is a start, you need to make it plain to the police officers that this is will be recorded at the police station every time you have made a complaint about NFH. If they try and fob you off ask them to look back at their log book where it should of been recorded.

      If you have not started recording all this you need to now

      make a note of every time they threaten,swear, tresspass or whatever they are doing that makes you uncomfortable.

      the more evidence the better for you,

      if other people have been effeted as well by this family that too will help, get together with others and record it....I suggest you organise a village meeting and insist that a police officer, a councilor and the MP attend!!

      As for the are in your rights I would of thought to report "him" to either the police or the cant just go around chucking nailey fence posts at horse!!

      It seems animal cruelty is taken more seriously than child abuse sometimes and a whole lot more seriously than the problems we have all been through.

      I wish you and your family lots of luck and I hope you stay safe.

      please come and visit often and let us know how it is going!


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        Hi Katja,

        I was horrified reading your post. What evil people your NFH are! There's not much I can add to the advice that the others have given you except, never stop complaining, keep on at the authorities until they take action against this obnoxious family. I can understand that you don't want to aggravate the situation but if they think you're too scared to do anything they'll just keep on at you.

        I realise it is a very difficult situation for you and I do hope that the action you've taken over the harassment order might help. I'm not sure how these things work but I'm assuming there will some sort of injuction that will say he can't go near your home. Which is all well and good, but as you say, he has friends and the injunction won't cover them. Sorry to sound negative. I think you really should get together with other people in the neighbourhood and present a united front to the police and local authority and DEMAND something is done.

        As Aquarius says, you will get the full support of the members here and if you want to rant please feel free. Let us know what happens.

        "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi