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  • Some success

    Ok i havent posted on here for a while. If you do not remember my had to do with troublesome teenager's next door. Playing no blaring loud music every afternoon as soon as their parent;s went to work....having gang's of friend's hanging around outside, shouting and swearing, having friend;s in the their house shouting and slamming door's untill midnight...then in mid June my dog became ill, so it was round the clock, nursing him back to health. My brother moved in to help out, he found the going's on next door he threw his weight around put the fear of god into the likkle kiddie's. The Blaring music has stopped, the teenage kid's hanging round has stopped, mind you this only ended when we called the police, two of the older son's were fighting, one was high on drug's, screaming and shouting and fighting so we thought s*d this get the police, the mother had to come home early from work and since that night the teenage gang have gone completely. So far up to now we have had about 95% peace and quiet, ok the music at time's can be heard but it is more reasonable and tolerable than before. But i am aware come next year when it start's to stay light longer and the day's get warmer that it may all start again. But we are hoping to move in the new year. But all in all thing's have improved a great deal. It also help's that the mother's working hour's seem to have changed from working in the evening's to working early morning and being in, in the evening.

    I will never forgive the over grown brat's for runing most of this year and for making me hate my own home.....also i resent that our peace and quiet is dependant on them. If we do move i dearly hope theyhave a neighboour who is uterly vile, not to other's but to them, just a tatse of their own medicine.

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    Glad things have improved for you. Hope your dog is better now, and back to his normal behaviour.

    GG. :thumbs:


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      good to hear from you Joey!!

      glad things have settled down a bit for you! :thumbs:

      hope the pooch made a full recovery too, dont forget us!! :lol:


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        Thank you. The first five month's of this year have been utter hell, numerous request's about blaring music to screaming shouting and slamming door's untill midnight, through to letter's from the hosuing a**, had no effect. It took my brother throwing his weight around and me telling a lie.....mainly about how i heard a couple of neighbour'a complaining about blaring music in the local shop, when i said this to the parent's next door...the father went straight into the house and took away his son's high fi system...why he couldnt do this in the first place i never now...but my lie worked. Then getting the police out also helped a great deal. But i still want to move, i do not want another year like this one.

        As for my dog, he is 90% better...still need's some nursing and i swear he rattle's when he walk's with all the pill's he has to take. B)


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          Like i said in my first post, the peace and quiet is dependant upon them and i truely resent this......knowing that they can start up anytime they wish. Like the housing woman said "they maybe grown up but the logic isnt there!" how true it is.

          Anyway spoken to another housing a**, my mother and i


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            Hi Joeywax, and thanks for the up-date

            Glad to hear your dog is on the mend now, and that you and your mum should be getting a move in the very near future . In the meantime, glad things have been quietened down for you (you soon won't need to be dependent on them for this!) , and hope you enjoy a peaceful Christmas and New Year




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              Hi Joey

              I hope that you do get your new place next year, and until then that the peace continues.

              Take care

              Blue Cow


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                Thank you all for your kind word's, especially Re: My ole man Sandy.


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                  Hi Joeywax,

                  Nice to ''see you' again! :lol:

                  It's great that you are in line for a transfer - keep in touch with the H a**'n - and don't forget to mention how important it will be for you to be transferred to somewhere peaceful. If nec, get a GP letter to support the application :thumbs:.

                  I am sure that they will do the best they can for you, but sometimes they need a gentle nudge .

                  Fingers crossed that your move comes through soon in the new year :clover:.

                  Best wishes to your dog !

                  Best wishes to your mam!

                  And best wishes to you! :flowers:




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                    Good news about your dog and the peace and quiet Joeywax. Whilst admittedly and honestly, I don't agree with physical retaliation to deal with an NFH problem, fortunately it worked for you, but sometimes it does back fire a lot.

                    But, here's to ongoing peace and quiet at yours! :cheers:



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                      We tried to be peaceful civil and nice about it, but it didnt work and alas we came to the conclusion that the only way to make them realize once and for all is to get nasty with them. Take August it was a Tuesday afternoon, the music went on full brother went round and asked in a fair manner for it to be turned down, which it was. Two hour's later they put it on again full blast, so my brother went round and knocked on the door, someone in the house shouted "come in" so my brother went in and basicly shouted at them, this frightened them the music went off and since then they have played it majority of the time's at a more reasonable level. They had no respect for me or my mother they couldnt careless, 3 oclock as soon as the parent's went to work, on came the thumping music, we would give them a few minute's to turn it down or to see if they would turn it down.but they i would have to go round and ask in a civil manner. They would say sorry and turn it down. The next day 3clock on came the thumping music again would go round and ask, again it would be turned down and then the next day and next day over and over again. They were reported to the housing, everything quiet for a couple of day's and then it would happen again and again.......sometime's they would turn it up blaring then turned it down then turn it up and then turn it down, up and down it was like to taunt us. My brother came to the conclusion that at time's it was done deliberate just to annoy...hench the reason why he got very upset with them. Their parent's told them about the noise level, we told them about the noise level, the housing a** sent letter's out...nothing worked..what do you do with these's retard's? And at the end of the day it has worked, i'm not saying everything is perfect, because they can start up again anytime they want too but thing's are ahell of lot better.

                      Anyway thank you all for your kind word's and i have to say the people who run this MB have a right to be proud of themself's for helping people, being there and giving sound advice. Well done


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                        Hi Joey,

                        Yes, it's totally frustrating when kids are in control of a neighbor's peace and use the music to taunt you. I see more and more of that same behavior from adults. I just don't understand anymore about a society that allows and worships noise to the point that it does.

                        I'm glad though we have this place to vent and express our frustrations and hopefully sometimes the successes. Continue to express whenever you need to. You never know when something you express will add insight into ways to counter noise problems by NFH.



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                          Well last night at 10.20 it all kicked off, fighting screaming swearing, and by the sound's of it furniture being thrown around....the mother was in and it sounded like one or two of her kid's were fighting with each other or with her. My mother called the police because she thought the mother next door was being hit. Everything quietened down after half an hour. Personaly i wouldnt of bothered calling the poilce, i just do not care about any member of this family one jot! as far as i am concerned they can kill each other. Anyway this morning across the shop's both parent's were there and totaly ignored me...which is ripe when i think of the reason why the police were called and the fact that we are being forced out of our home by their kid's. Anyway they can please themself's if this is how they wish to play it.....we have been very tolerant of this family over the year's i know full well other neighbour's up the street wouldnt have been if they lived next door to them.

                          Anyway both parent's will be out working this afternoon, so it will be interesting to see if anything happen's..loud music or fighting! either way i told my mum to ignore them and let them get on with it, they have been told and told what is the point knocking when no one is clearly at home.


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                            Hi JW

                            What (if anything) are the Environmental Health and/or Housing Association (are they HA tenants?) doing about these noisy neighbours/tenants? :unsure:


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                              At the moment nothing, this is because we havent been on to them. We did a few month's back complain and they sent us sheet's to fill out to record the noise. But our main complaint died down and it seemed abit odd to send in the form's when the problem has been largely resolved. Like i said in my first post in this thread thing's have been up to now 95% quiet, we get the odd flare up like last night and the odd thudding music but not for long...our policy has been to ignore them. My mother called the police last night because she thought the mother was being beaten up, and i get the impression that they are abit miffed at be it, next time it happen's we will not bother and then who know's the next time we will not bother, she or her husband may be in need of police action.