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  • Action at last.

    Hi everyone, Lee here to give you an update on my nfh.

    My problem with my NFH got out of hand last week. On Friday last week at 3am in the morning he woke me up with his tv on to loud so I did not get much sleep for the rest of the night.

    Saturday morning I thought I would have a lie in bed but He started working at 8.15am again that was it I totally lost it and I went up to his flat banged on his door, he answered I warned him if he continues with the banging I would put him in hospital and he replied " but I am not banging " :banghead: I told him I was phoning the police and I did.

    Twenty mins later they arrived I explained everything to them and they went an issued him with a warning. For the past few days it has been great, no noise.

    On wednesday 12 nov at 2pm the housing and a antisocial behaviour team payed me a visit and we spent an hour talking. I told them everything about this man, Late night Visitors, tv on too loud, banging, slaming doors, digging the floor up at 1am in the morning.

    :thumbs: They paid this man a surprise visit and there was shouting. The housing informed me he has no furniture in the flat, the floors are stripped bare, he has been digging up the floor tiles which the housing have told him to replace or he will be charged for damages.

    He has his four yr old grandson son is staying with him at night and all he had to sit and sleep on was a matress, the housing was apaulled and said they are reporting him to the welfare and they have been out and removed the child from his custody and will be contacting the mother to ask why she is leaving this child here.

    The housing have given him 7 days to complete all work in the flat after that any noise made by him what so ever they will bring an injunction out agaisnt him and he will be evicted. :thumbs:

    Chalk one up for the good guys, Action at last. Thanks for all your support and messages and I will keep you posted.

    Regards Lee.

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    Fantastic news Lee, well done, :jump: :thumbs: :notworthy:

    Its soooooooo good to hear that sometimes the effort actually pays off.

    Keep logging on, I may be looking for more advice soon.

    Take care



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      Hi Lee

      OMG - so he was actually digging up his floor in his flat (I thought that it was just an expression you were using!!)

      I feel so sorry for that little boy. It's no way to let a child live and I hope that they get somewhere positive with his Mum :cry: Are you saying that he has been there all this time, with all the noise etc!

      Well done for sticking with it. I hope that the noise stops and that the authorities stick to their word.

      Keep us posted.

      Good luck

      Blue Cow


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        Well done Lee!!

        Good one! :thumbs:

        Hopefully he won't do the work and get himself evicted, eh

        On a serious note, I just don't know what a child is doing in his custody, I dread to think :cry: .

        The bloke sounds like he is not capable of holding down a tenancy and needs a hostel or supported accommodation and I think the Housing Dept will realise this, so here's hoping Social Work get on the case.

        Keep us posted!




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          Lee, that is fantastic news I'm sorry to hear about his grandson, poor mite shouldn't have to put up with that Hope the Social Services look after him properly.

          I also hope he doesn't fix up the floors in time and that he gets evicted! It's about time you were listened to.

          Good luck, I hope all your NFH problems will soon be a bad memory

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            that is great news! for you, not for the little lad though, but there again it might help the little un

            please please never threaten your nfh though!!!! even if its going your way!!

            otherwise you will get smacky handy!!

            you must be good!!!!!!!

            I am pleased its getting sorted, do you think he will get it all fixed in the 7 days?

            and if he doesnt, what happens then?

            take it easy!!


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              Hi Lee

              It's great to read success stories every now and again, it gives us all hope that sometimes our complaints about NFH are heard.

              Either way you're going to be a winner:

              - if he doesn't do the work he's going to be out,

              - if he does the work but continues being a nuisance the landlord will take action.

              Great stuff, well done.

              But, a cautionary note, like Beth says, please don't threaten your neighbour by saying anything that could be used against you. By doing that you lose your credibility and if your NFH called the Police, you may find that they gave you a warning under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. NFH know how to use the law against you - don't give them any chance to do it.

              Please keep us posted with how it all goes.


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                Thanks for the update Lee

                Lets hope he does get evicted swiftly if he causes a nuisance again, at least the Housing Dept are now aware of his 'activites'!

                Wishing you peace! :nfh1:


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                  If he does complain say: "Officer, it is his word against mine. Who has been living in a flat without furniture? Of has been digging up the floor of the flat they live in? Who thought it suitable to have a four year old child living in such terrible conditions that the poor child had to be taken into care?"

                  Don't deny that you said it, don't lie, just leave them with the impression that, yes, doubting the word of a decent honest citizen over someone who has been digging up the floor of his flat might not be reasonable.

                  After all, if he had not driven you to desperation you'd never have said it, would you?


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                    Hi Lee!

                    That's great news; determination to get something done has really got some results here (and, hopefully saved a little boy from living in conditions that are clearly unsuitable) Nice one :thumbs:

                    I would support Beth and Holly's cautionary note, tho'; don't give this person any ammo against you

                    Hope all goes well