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a success regarding laminate flooring

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  • a success regarding laminate flooring

    One of our technicians recently lost his flat in a fire. They are just sorting out the insurance, and the money has come through to replace his carpets. He was going to do up the flat to rent out, and had the idea of getting laminate flooring, but I have managed to persuade him that this is not a good idea in a flat, so he's going to get carpeting instead. A minor victory - perhaps stopped him having tenants from hell (well, from the neighbours point of view anyway).

    Say NO to laminate flooring! I think we should start a campaign to stop people using this flooring in flats - our neighbours have it in their terraced house, and it has certainly made things a lot worse, even in a house!

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    nice one flossie!


    sorry to hear about the fire though, but you are fight with flooring!, big thick carpets is what we like! :lol:


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      Well done flossie

      The less noisy flooring there is the better.

      I'll vote for the fluffy thick carpets over laminate any day.


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        Congratulations flossie :lol:

        I am one of those people who suffer from the laminated flooring.


        Please let me know if there is one.



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          Hi Flossie

          I think that was really thoughtful thing for you to have done and it has made your friend stop and think about the considerations of his neighbours.

          Well Done



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            Well done Flossie You've not only saved your friend from complaints from his prospective tenants neighbours, but you've save those neighbours from nuisance

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              Interesting to read this. Our neighbours put laminate throughout their house about a year ago and made a bad noise situation worse overnight. We just acceptd it and thought it was a curse of modern life!

              Read in one of those Sunday magazines only last wek that laminate is now "out" (probably why B&Q and others are always selling it off cheap) and that carpets are back in!

              Well done on your success.

              "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                Yes, I agree with John - laminate is a fashion trend, will be very naff soon (sorry everyone with laminate, but even I've got a bit in my kitchen and I don't like it at all anymore !!!).

                It is a curse and I do feel sorry for anyone in a flat with upsairs 'laminate' neighbours...or next door for that matter. :sad:

                Flossie, I think your friend will thank you in the long run for the advice



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                  I hate laminate flooring as well, I have it downstairs in my new house and it is starting to irritate me, the clunking of shoes on the floor and the dust that settles on it constantly. i like to walk around barefoot and you cant do that with laminate, IMO, unless you like getting dusty feet! whatever people say about laminate being more hygienic dont believe them. put a decent carpet down and have it cleaned regularly,if necessary, thats what i say.

                  good on you for giving good advice.!!!!

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                    I am a carpet-o-phile!! :thumbs:

                    I don't buy all that nonsense about being able to see the dust and cleaning it easier - it makes even more hard work!! You are forever sweeping AND mopping and buffing - nightmare! :blink:

                    And BIG dust monsters still accumulate in the nooks and crannies, however house proud you are!

                    A real good modern vacuum sorts that prob out and these days you can be too obsessed with dust etc. At least the vacuum does the job in a one-er.

                    A bit of dirt is healthy!!!!



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                      Thanks - didn't think I'd get such a response!

                      I think we pander too much to 'cleanliness' etc. House mites can't be the whole story. My child has never had asthma, is hardly ill etc, and we've always had fitted carpets - so it's not always the case.

                      I can appreciate your point of view, Janee, it must be difficult when you have a disability.

                      I recently bought a dyson after struggling with a stupid upright machine for years. I was absolutely horrified when I saw all the stuff that came out of our carpets. But we seem to have removed the worst of it in one go.

                      So what you need is carpet + good hoover!

                      A relative of mine recently bought/rented (not sure) a council flat, and the council guy with her said they get more noise complaints about laminate flooring than anything else, and advised her not to fit it.


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                        Carpets, carpets, carpets!!! :thumbs:

                        I can't wait to rip up the (little bit) laminate flooring I have in the kitchen once our utility rm is built .

                        Mind, I'll be putting ceramic tiles in instead :unsure: . (no noise issues here though - solid concrete floor)

                        Is that a different kettle of fish altogether?! :lol:


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                          Originally posted by flossie@Nov 28 2003, 1:09 PM

                          I recently bought a dyson after struggling with a stupid upright machine for years.* I was absolutely horrified when I saw all the stuff that came out of our carpets.* But we seem to have removed the worst of it in one go.
                          Gawd, yes, tell me about that! :lol: You think you're clean :nuke: until you get one of those, it can be quite embarassing eh!

                          No more hoooooooooooover bags though!


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                            hope your new places works out janee - it's lovely to plan new things.