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My New Neighbour

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  • My New Neighbour

    Hi All

    Well I hope that I'm not being too optimistic...but it seems that my new next door neighbour isn't bad at all

    We've had the odd bit of banging about, but that's too be expected. Other than this, she is so quiet and quite friendly too, (Not too friendly though).

    I thought that it would be just my luck to get another NFH, but if things have started as they are going to continue...what really good luck. Somebody up there must like me after all :hihi:


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    Nice one Tristar, hope it all goes Ok for you

    Howard:"You wanna be careful, before you know it you'll wake up in a bush singing songs about brooms"

    Vince:"You don't know anything about me. Do you know anything about me?"

    Howard:"I know...of you"

    Vince:"Yeah, well, if you knew me you'd know that I don't sing songs about brooms...I sing songs about love...

    Lovely lady with the eye

    Lovely lady with the eye

    You've only got one but it's a good one

    Lovely lady with the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye, the eye

    coming forward on a string, thats not normal, urgh

    Yeah! I'm in a band..."


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      Excellent Tri! Fingers crossed for you, for an ongoing peaceful relationship


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        That's excellent news.

        Good luck



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          Breathing a sigh of relief for you, tri I hope things go swimmingly from now on

          Good luck

          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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            Good news - I like good news :lol:

            You deserve a nice neighbour - hope it stays that way




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              Thanks for all your replies

              Mazza...It's nice to be able to write good news

              I thought it was never going to end...and then came the fence. There was still the worry of the new neighbour, but all is going so unbelievably well (I hope it lasts) :yobs:



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                Great news. Keep smiling, keep a healthy distance and hopefully you'll be ok!

                I want one of those things called nice neighbours - are they on general sale or from specialist breeders only??!!
                "You have to be the change you wish to see in the world"


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                  Well it has taken a lot of praying and hoping to actually get a good neighbour...but it's still early days yet. Although I don't see a problem, then again do we see them coming?

                  Still a little synical aren't I? :lol:



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                    good'o Tri!!

                    take your new neighbour as they are, when we got a new neighbour we were looking for NFH signs, if you look hard enough you will find them

                    our neighbour is fine, and we have, well....still getting used to the different style of life, you know the style, actually being able to sleep at night time and stuff!! :lol:

                    keep an open mind about them and I am sure you will see they are sound.

                    pleased to hear that, that side are reasonably problem free!!!


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                      Thought I'd update this one so here goes

                      Nearly 5 months on and things are looking better all the time. My new neighbour is now my ally in the stand against our NFH.

                      We don't live in each others pockets, but have become quite good friends. We don't hesitate to give each other a knock if we haven't seen each other for a day or so, just to make sure all is okay. We still live our own lives and do our own thing.

                      She has seen for herself what is going on, not only in our street, but also regarding the Bates. She also says that she rarely hears any noise from my house, just like my old neighbour did, so Norma's noise complaint can now be disproved

                      Although things aren't very good with NFH at the moment, at least I have a friend in the street


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                        Great to hear she's come good Tri - and hope you get some results witht he NFH's soon .


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                          Hi Tri,

                          It's nice that you have an ally in your neighbour, especially with all of the trouble that you have suffered recently, even just for moral support when things get bad.

                          I hope that your friendship continues and that you have a peaceful weekend

                          Blue Cow


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                            Having an ally can make such a huge difference, I'm so pleased for you


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                              That's great news Tri.

                              NFH's love to bad mouth you to everyone else. It'll be driving him mad that your other neighbour is getting along with you.

                              We don't live in each others pockets, but have become quite good friends

                              Most normal neighbours don't. NFHs however, love to crawl their way into other peoples lives.

                              We'll be having new neighbours soon on the other side to us. The house sale looks like its been off and on. At one point we were going to have social workers but that fell through.

                              We've seen the couple who, thank god, look like young professionals, certainly not our NFH type.

                              I think I'm just tempted to let them see the situation for what it is though. I can guarantee that our NFh will use the first chance he can to sl*g us off. But his antics are going to be a bit more difficult to cover up now especially as we have the 6 foot fence this year.
                              Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                              We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                              So what's the plan?

                              Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.