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  • I Guess It's True

    Hi All ,I don't often Post but I thought I should tell you about our Success !

    I am Piglet and had Neighbours from hell for about 2 years !

    I don't want to drone on but things were pretty bad .Here is a list in short it's easier . Our Neighbours

    1 .Tried to Break into our House

    2 Shouted ,Screamed ,Spat .

    3 Hit us ( and got arrested) abh x 2

    4 Made threats of Violence

    5 Generally Made our lives impossible

    6 Gossiped and Lied

    I think that covers it apart from the 6 kids and obligotary Large BARKING Dog ,never going to School or for walks respectively.Oh and crying Babies who sounded like they should be on an Nspcc list. Oh and huge piles of rubbish!

    Any how they are gone now and this is how we did it .

    We prayed constantly

    We ignored what we could and tried not to retaliate .

    We told our local councilor and county councilor

    We told the Quack ,Social Services ,Vicar,School.


    We reported everything more or less to the Police

    We had help from Victim support and Witness support

    We wrote and went to see the council.

    We cried alot too .

    And very important I had help from the lovely people here !!!!!!

    Thankyou for getting me through what was a very very bad time .

    In the End Our Neighbours were Moved , Bound over to keep the peace For nearly 2 years .Specifically told to not come near us . When these people are not working ,

    have everything on tic,

    do not care about their reputations (actually they are enhanced by bad behaoir)

    you have to think laterally about what you want the CPS and Your solicitor to do for you .

    Fines etc don't usually work cos no cash .

    Also when large groups of Kidds are involved Sentancing and Community Service are usually out the picture


    ( who wants to look after the Little scrotes .?)

    Also if you can think of the poor people they are going to live next door to next.

    Now the neighbours where they live know that if they cause trouble the Police just come and take them away lol.And all the previos charges get raised again and another fine is imposed.

    So it protects not just my Family but hopefully other people too .And the Council at the end of the Day.

    Any how it took along time and just remember that the Likes of the council never tell you whats going on really and even when you least expect it your Neighbours could go.

    I think if I had the time again I would do things differently.

    The people we lived next to had no respect of the rules and I know that now .If it happened again I would get someone to go and "Talk the same language "If you get my meaning !!!!!

    I know that this sounds wrong but We played by the rules and it nearly destroyed us.

    They didn't and got away with so much.

    Once you go down whatever path you choose though you have to stick to it till the end .And the thing is we always choose the path we know !!!!!!!

    It takes along time to get over and we all have a lot of hang ups which have been caused by all the trouble they gave us. I feel very nervous and do not trust anyone at all( No one new to my life ) I have learned some hard lessons .

    I hope some of this is usefull and I am sorry that I didn't post before but I have a hang up about tempting Fate ( They are gone aren't they???????????) lol .

    Love to you all .Thanks especially to Beth. Piglet xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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    Wow, piglet You did a great job, glad to hear your NFH got what was coming.

    Your story gives hope to many. I'm sure you're still a bit on edge, but with time I'm sure you'll settle down and have a good life. I admire you greatly for what you've achieved

    I'm still waiting to hear from my HA about what they are planning to do about the little, and not so little, thugs who are making our lives misery. They (young thugs) were outside our house last night, just making a noise but doing it deliberately, I think, hoping to provoke us into going out to them. If there is any justice they'll all end up with piles from sitting on the cold kerbstones, hee hee hee.

    "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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      What a truly stunning example of what you did to fight back My strongest congrats go to you for having the courage and perseverance to keep going, what a star!!

      Everything you could have had from NFH, you had Everything that could have gone wrong, seemed to happen to you.....and I understand where you're coming from in saying that you'd do things differently in future. Who can blame you when the so-called legislation in place is so poor, slow and ineffective?

      I hope you can move on and put this behind you and look to a future of good neighbours and not having to worry about NFH and their pathetic lives anymore - to 'heal' after NFH sometimes takes as long as you had them next can be a lengthy process and perhaps you never entirely lose everything you suffered whilst they were there...?

      What are you new neighbours like?


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        I am so pleased for you !!

        Big cyper hugs to you and your family!!!

        Be patient with your new neighbours and try not to jump at the slightest sound, I know it can be very hard to accept new neighbours, you need to re-adjust and claim your own home back for yourselves.

        the hardest thing is to be tolerant of the new people. Take your time with this and make friends with them.

        I wish you all the luck in the world!!

        Have a very happy Christmas and peaceful new year.



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          Dear, All thankyou for your kind words and as normal wonderful support.

          Some of you asked what our new neighbours are like and to be honest I don't know .

          They are very quiet and seem to get on with their lives.

          d**k takes the dog (small type never makes a muff) out at 6.30 in the morning and then goes to work !!! Liddy looks after the Baby (clean and smiley variety,Blue option)and the little Boy goes to school everyday.

          Granny visits from time to time .

          If I see them I say 'Morning ' or whatever and thats that and I think thats how I want it to stay.

          Pooh (My Ozzy Hubbie) told them when they arrived a very small amount about the previous neighbours as d**k and Liddy couldn't work out what had happened to various parts of the House

          ie " The Bathroom looks like someone has just kicked the place in!!!!!! Surely not what can have happened?'

          + Sign in the shed F --- O you Nosey B-- left for the Council and the new neighbours to read .It was probably left for us but of course we never looked !If only they knew !!!!

          Also I know that they were in Temp accomadation which was awful they had their own neighbours from hell !

          I hope that the new neighbours will stay and it looks like they will ,the house next door is now being looked after and I don't think that d**k and Liddy would put in the work if they didn't intend to stay a while .

          Many people have wished us well since the NFH left and obviosly knew what was going on ,my friend says they should have helped us but I think they were just frightened. While they were giving us a bad time they were off everyone elses back I guess.

          Thankyou for all your thoughts and Good wishes Piglet


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            Sounds great Piglet

            I hope this continues to be good for you - isn't the relief overwhelming eh?!

            It's so true: With good neighbours - you don't see/hear them too often, all it mostly is, is random small-chat's, "hi, how are you", "good morning", etc, etc - you only cross paths now and again, you don't live 'in each other's pockets' (or it doesn't feel like that).

            With bad neighbours (NFH), it's almost like you are living your life with them so to speak. All the logs, the monitoring, makes you part of their (often) miserable lives....whether you like it or not.

            I'm glad you're free to get on with your own lives now and it all sounds very positive!