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  • I'm Winning

    Hello All

    I have got to tell you all about what has been going on here. It is a major victory (I feel), but I'm not sure how long it will last

    Well people down the street have been talking and it has got back to me that some are feeling really sorry for treating me so badly and encouraging their children to do the same It seems that Norma Bates and her son have been told in no uncertain terms that their lies will not be listened to (don't know for how long though). The only allies they have are the Two-Faced Stirrer and her family, and that I know is down to jealously, as this has been mentioned in the past.

    People are now trying to talk to me, smiling and waving as we drive past in the car. I don't respond though, I still can't believe the way we have been treated by these people, and the way they have tried to ruin my children's lives. Far too much damage has been done physically and mentally to just forgive and forget just yet.

    A couple of days ago the 'mouthpiece's' son knocked on my door to tell me that another child had been picking my flowers. He was so sweet, but I know what he is really like and what he is capable of. I just said "thank you for telling me" and left it at that.

    The Bates' have left me and the boys alone for days now, and the boys have been playing in the back garden in their pool in peace (I wonder if it's down to the no nonsense fence I have had put up :lol: ). They did try to get to us at first, but maybe they have given up because it was too much like hard work :lol:

    Today the Nice's little girl came to play in the pool with my youngest son and when Mrs Nice came to collect her, she told me a few bits and pieces that made me feel like smiling forever Norma works with Mrs Nice and most of their workmates have heard about what has been going on (I don't know how, maybe through Mrs Nice) Norma isn't the most popular person at work apparently, although she likes to think so. Mrs Nice told me that the other people at work have told her to tell me "good on you for the fence and their all 'on my side'"

    These people don't even know me, which just goes to show just how nasty Norma must be.

    I know it's not about taking sides, but for complete strangers to wish me well there must be something very wrong with Norma's attitude or something :wow:

    I'm still waiting for something else to happen from the Bates'. I don't think that I will feel safe until they have gone...which by all accounts should be soon :jump:

    This is definitely a good day...let's hope it stays good for a very long time :lol:


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    maybe they have all got fed up of playing *the game* as you dont respond to them!

    oh I really do hope this is it for you! a bit of peace and quiet for you will not do you any harm at all, oh I really do hope they shut up for good now!

    maybe if the other nieghbours keep waving and smiling at you, you should give a little nod in return, only when you feel ready though, buiding bridgies and such like!!

    I am so pleased for you and hope the sucess grows for you!


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      Ah Tristar

      That's great!

      I'm so pleased that your responsible way of dealing with things is showing the end of the day, others are seeing the Bates' for what they really are, and are having respect for YOU.

      The Bates will be outcasts in the end....they will be reaping exactly what they have sown :lol:

      Glad for you...Sapph


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        You have dealt with your NFH fantastically, in fact you could be one of our role models.

        I am so pleased for and your children. I truly hope it carries on like this for you.

        I'm with Beth on this one, when you feel ready (if ever) just try a nod of recognition to people who are smiling/ waving at you.

        Oh lordy, I could nearly cry. It must be the start of such relief for you.

        Well Done


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          Tristar - wow!

          Maybe it's true then that 6 foot fences make great neighbours as someone else has mentioned sometime!!

          Hope it continues and you can live in peace before and after they clear off.




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            Thank you all for your comments

            I haven't really done anything except try to get on with living a normal life. I've had my knock downs and sometimes it was hard to brush myself down and carry on...but I did it the best I could. I had shut the boys and myself away, keeping a very low profile for nearly a year. I know it's not very long compared to some of the other members on this forum, but it felt like a lifetime.

            I still can't believe that the Bates have left us alone, but this is the longest gap between events so far, and I'm hoping it will continue (fingers crossed)

            Eventually I will be able to give a nod or a wave to the others, but forgiving and forgetting is a bit too much to ask. I've had a long think about it and their actions have affected my children, and as a parent... forgiving and forgetting... that will never happen. I will be civil and polite, but that is as far as I can go. Through all of this the only people that showed me and the boys any respect were the neighbours that have now moved and the Nice's, and they have my respect in return.

            Reading this through I still feel very emotional, but it's a different type of emotion to when I first posted. As Holly has said, it must be the start of relief

            Thanks again to everyone for your continuing support. This forum has become my favourite place, and even if it is all over, I will continue to come here in the hope that I may be able to help others get through their own NFH ordeals



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              Great, Great news.

              I know what you mean about trying to remain civil. I will never forgive or forget my neighbours actions, but I wave and try to remain civil just to keep the peace.

              I have seen your story unfold on this forum, from you being terrified of these people, to standing up to them to the point you are at now. You have turned the tables completly and have fought back.

              Your greatest victory is not the one over the Bates, but over your own fears. You have faced them and over come them. This victory is yours and is for keeps.

              Well done Tri.



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                I'm welling up.

                I will be civil and polite, but that is as far as I can go

                No one would expect any more of you.


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                  I don't know if you realise this, tri, but your success fills us all with hope Thank you

                  I know it will be hard for you to forgive and forget, but isn't it nice that those people have changed their attitudes? Let's hope it's a permanent change. They're probably feeling rather ashamed right now and so they should, but it's good to know that they are capable of change.

                  As for Norma, it's hardly likely that she's much different at work than she is at home so it's also not surprising that her workmates are feeling the way they do about her.

                  All in all you have proved that you are the better person, you've kept your cool despite the harrowing times and have emerged triumphant You are now experiencing the peace of mind that you deserved all along and long may it coninue Good luck to you and the boys, hope all our troubles are well and truly behind you

                  "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                    Of all the NFH stories on this board, yours is the closest I've seen to my own. An NFH who think they can do whatever they want by intimidation and threats.

                    They've probably gone their whole lives operating on this basis until they met you and suddenly, like my NFH, came up against someone who would just ignore them and not respond to the intimidation.

                    I also supsect that their families are so dysfunctional that they almost rely on their hatred of you as the only unifying factor between them.

                    They only know how to intimidate people so when the target of their actions ignores them or with the fence, they can't even see their target, then they are left floundering in a cesspit of their own making.

                    Top man Tri. My NFH hasn't yet left to go on holiday but hopefully it'll be soon and we'll have our own 6 foot fence up too.
                    Now, these creatures are bringers of death and misery. They will never eat, they will never sleep, and they will never stop.

                    We are part of an ancient secret society. For three thousand years we have guarded the Cities and Towns. We are sworn at manhood to do any and all in our power to stop the NFH from ever being reborn into this world.

                    So what's the plan?

                    Rescue the damsel in distress, stop the bad guys, save the world.


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                      Hi Tri

                      I can only echo the other members congratulations what is a triumph of right over wrong!! Your way of handling things throughout this long battle is an inspiration



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                        :lol: Oh Tri, I thought of you today. I was sat in a large waiting room and two people next to me were discussing how fantastic trampolines were. They said that their children love playing on them, adults too.

                        All I could picture was you purchasing a trampoline and doing this:

                        :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump: :jump:

                        With the Bates' at the other side wondering what on earth was going on.



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                          Hi All and thank you so much for the good wishes

                          Kevin: I will remember your words
                          This victory is yours and is for keeps
                          Thank you again

                          Holly: I've got to admit, I got emotional too :cry: As for the trampoline...I have been standing on the garden table to talk to the Nice's :hihi: :lol:

                          Rockbank: I'm hoping and praying that you may have the same results once your fence is finally erected :angel:

                          I truly hope that this is for good and that you may all feel the way me and the boys feel now, VERY VERY SOON

                          Tri :ban: :nfh1:


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                            well done tri i hope everything remains good for you and your family wishing you well

                            ps i will get the hang of this computer


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                              Hi All

                              Things are still going well and the Bates' are most definitely losing their battle

                              They have tried to wind me up, but as it is getting them nowhere, I now believe that they have given up...YIPPEE!!!

                              There are still those times when I feel uncomfortable, but this feeling has been with me for so long now that it will take time to go away.

                              I finally have two very happy boys, who play in their own back garden whenever they want to. They seem to have bounced back quite quickly :nfh1: