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  • We Won

    We won against really bad nfh. The house was under a Property Management Company, and the Tennants were from hell, literally, drugs, noise, bad behaviour,

    etc. Another neighbour was suffering from Cancer at the time and things had got so bad that he even went out in the early hours of the morning to try and put a stop to all the noise. He died the next day. We called the Police in again and said we had had enough. The house was raided, we harrased the MD of the Propery Company by sending him messages on his Answer phone every half hour for 24 hrs, asking him what it is like to be asleep at 2.30am forexample. We rang his office every 30mins through the day, asking if he had had a good nights sleep as we had not. We told him about the man with Cancer. We held him personally responsible for what had happened. We reported all the old wrecks that had been left blocking the road, dripping oil and petrol everywhere. They were removed. Best of all the tennants were also removed very quickly. The Police did help , talking with the Property Company. It was hell for months and a lot of sleep was lost and plenty of tears shed by all the near neighbours. In the end peace reigned. for a little while, now back to square one. and starting all over again. :sad:

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    hi PL

    sorry to have missed this post when you posted it....but nice one!!

    its so sad when groups have to resort to that kinda of .....well....harrassment is the only word I can find.

    the fact is you got it sorted, and respect to you for that!

    keep safe! :ban:


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      Hi Peacelily1

      Also just found post! Again, a distinct feeling of satisfaction, I think....success is sweet.



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        Shamefully admitting I missed it too :blush: .......gawd, must be getting slow!

        But anyway, thanks for sharing that with us peacelily100, really good stuff!



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          Originally posted by peacelily100@Jul 19 2003, 11:07 PM

          They were removed.* Best of all the tennants were also removed very quickly.* The Police did help

          I can see why you'd be pleased at getting peace, but unless the tenants had been given valid notice, it's likely that this may have been an illegal eviction (particularly if you say it happened "quickly"). Tenants would be entitled to compensation from the landlord and/or could have forced re-entry to the property and behaved even worse.