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  • Rubbish


    This is rather a parculiar question which nobody must have thought of before but..

    When does your rubbish becomes not yours? Are they going to be still attached to you until it reaches rubbish dump site? It's not that I'm going to go through every rubbish in a big bin but if there is a need or reason to find out who the offender is, I will. (with rubber gloves on ) Would I get prosecuted for this? (I'm not going to use it to do fraud or anything but only to report the offender.)

    The reason why I ask thess question is that I am surrounded by amazing neighbours who think their moral standard is high. Let me tell you...

    One of my neighbour used to leave a stinky rubbish bag in the communal corridor. NFH leaves it there because:

    - can't be bothered to go downstairs just that moment when she decided to throw a rubbish.

    - leaves the bag outside the flat so that NFH's flat don't smell. That's all it counts and others don't matter.

    You can imagine, it was pretty awful during the hot summer this year.

    This has been reported to the council and her reaction was 'they've got no manners!' errrrh you are telling me I haven't got manners? What kind of manner have you got NFH!???? She makes me laugh.

    Another neighbour who is a retired accountant, looks quite respectable lady.

    Spotted her throwing her recycling bag out on the street and not the designated recycling bin area. I brought the bag back and left it on her door step. She leaves a note saying, "Leave my rubbish bag where it is". "NO I WON'T you old B*g!" I mean, we are supposed to dispose our rubbish in the big bin.

    These people's attitude just makes me really angry.


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    I hate rubbish too Sky!

    you are right, people are just so lazy! if you have to walk out your front door to go out, it wont hurt to take your rubbish with you, you have every right to be mad at your neighbours!!


    we have 2 green bins and try to fill them rather than dumping everything in the black bin (which always has doggy poo bags in it!)

    then you actually watch people dumping stuff on the street!

    last week some one dumped a twin tub washer! it must of taken 2 of them to carry it from where ever, then its down to muggins here to report it to the council.

    but if you do that you are then in a ctach 22 situation.

    them knowing that if they dump stuff it will get removed, so will dump again in the future

    but if we dont report it then other idiots see its a good place to dump more rubbish. :rant:

    being actually in your corridors must be driving you potty!

    can you not ask the owner of the building about it?

    there might be something in the tenecy agreements about blocking fire escapes and things.

    from that point of view it should not happen, let alone all the other H&S factors like flies and rats and stuff

    yuckkkkkkkk!!! :angry:


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      Hi Beth,

      if you have to walk out your front door to go out, it wont hurt to take your rubbish with you, you have every right to be mad at your neighbours!!
      Exactly. They are perfectly healthy able people. :badmood:

      being actually in your corridors must be driving you potty!
      To be honest, this is the least of my problem Beth.

      I have other bigger issues. :cry:

      can you not ask the owner of the building about it?
      I belive one of the NFH received a letter from the council.

      The other old lady, I just ignore her because my past experience tells me she is another one who can't be reasonable.

      from that point of view it should not happen
      I know, I know. Disgusting!!



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        Hi Sky,

        How disgusting (and inconsiderate) :rant:

        I'm not entirely sure when it is that your rubbish stops being your so to speak (although I have it in my head that it is when it hits the pavement for collection??)

        But I really did want to urge you not to go through anyone's rubbish to find out who's it is. I don't think that the contents of a rubbish bag would automatically give the identity of the previous owner away, as most household waste is pretty generic. Also, from a health point of view, even with gloves on, you never know what some people have chucked out (eeuw... 8-X) and I'd hate for you to come into contact with anything unsanitary. Lastly, if you're caught by your NFH's going through their rubbish, it could give off a distinctly wrong impression.

        Beth is right, it is best left to the owner of the building to sort. For health and safety reasons, rubbish can't be left lying around the building in public areas like this.

        Good luck

        Blue Cow


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          Hi Sky

          The lazy beeps!!!

          Is the building a private rented or Council/Housing association?

          If Council or Housing a**'n, the Housing Officer can investigate.

          Otherwise, I would contact your Environmental Health department - these residents are basically dumping stuff and this can encourage rats etc. I am not saying that they will definitely investigate, but they can at least give you advice on what to do .

          I would also echo what Blue Cow has said - please be very careful - even with rubber gloves on you are exposing yourself to all sorts of risks. Best to leave it to someone else, if possible.



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            Just want to add my 2p's worth... I live in a flat where each floor has 2 units. I know my neighbour although not too well, and sometimes I'd to leave the rubbish bag outside our flat. In my defence, I usually bring them down if I'm well, but sometimes when I'm not well (I have ME), the walk to the rubbish bin area only makes things worse for me. I usually open the windows to air the corridor if I'd no choice but to leave the bag outside in the communal hallway. Neighbour does that too sometimes... leaves it outside esp at night.

            But if I see that, I just bring her rubbish down to the rubbish bin if I'm going there myself. What's a little exercise for me

            Are we lazy? Sometimes we (both neighbour and I) are, but most times I don't take out the rubbish to the bin area because I'm not well. I certainly don't leave it in the corridor for more than a few days!

            What's really bizarre for me is this - there's like 40 units sharing 2 bin sheds, and over the weekends the rubbish do pile up. On monday the garbage collectors come by, but they'll only collect whatever is IN THE BIN. Not bags that were placed on the side of the metallic bins, even though the bins were overflowing.

            And the contractors the property management company hired won't touch the rubbish bags and move them into the bins; they have to be paid *everytime* they do that!!! What kind of contractors are these??? Sigh!


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              Waste becomes the property of the Waste Collection Authority once it is placed for collection in accordance with advertised times on a collection day. So if your collection authority makes a bye-law against putting rubbish out for collection before 7am, anyone putting rubbish out before then, or not on a collection day, is littering, and can be prosecuted.

              In this instance, it is the waste management department you want to talk to, not Environmental Health, although it is common for both services to be part of a wider department in the local authority. Waste Management officers have the powers to open rubbish sacks to identify who did the littering. I would not interfere with the rubbish yourself, you don't know what sharps or other hazards may be in there, and you're probably not insured or indemnified for that purpose.

              Hope this helps