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  • ghetto

    does anyone live next to a ghetto? I do, the neighbour next to me makes scrapheap challenge look like a video for Rolls Royce. His garden is so strewn with old junk. People get use to living in squalor I dont. Im not the intimidating type but how do you get the council to act.

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    hi Spatton

    welcome to the forum.

    my old NFH used to just dump any thing and everything out side, a real eye sore that atractted vermin.....and more rubbish!

    have you spoken to your neighbour about the rubbish?

    you could contact the EHO department, the number will be in the phone book under your local council.

    explain the situation to them, tell them you see it as a health hazard as well.

    how do you get the council to act? ring them and write to them, if nothing is done you do it again, make a note of when you contacted them and who you spoke to, you may use this later when you need to speak to the manager of the EHO or refuse dept.....that is if nothing has been done.

    contact your local councillor, show them the problem, as them to act on your behalf, not long before elections again so now is a good time, doesnt matter if you voted for them or not.

    your council will be able to tell you who your councillors are, you might be able to find it on the council web site.

    dont forget your MP as well, they like dealing with local issues every now and then, doing work for the voters etc!!

    let us know how you get on and good luck


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      Hi and welcome to the forum spatton

      Beth has already given you some good advice, I can only echo it is worth contacting the EHO, especially if the rubbish/debris in the garden poses health or potential health risks, etc. It surely must be extremely horrible to live next door to though

      Please visit us often if you can.


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        Hi spatton

        Beth and Matthew have already pointed you in the right direction - hope you've found the info useful .

        I was wondering if your NFH is a home owner or a tenant. If he's a tenant, is he a Council Tenant, Housing a**'n tenant or private? (I assume it's a 'he' )

        Are you a Council/HA tenant or do you own or rent privately?

        Have you complained to anyone at all about this problem yet? If so, what happened?

        Sorry 'bout all these questions...We can give you a bit more useful info if you can let us know




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          These people do my head in. I live next to 4 that don't work and smoke all day long. They don't tidy their house and their garden is a junk site. Their cigarette smoke seeps in to my house and I have to breathe it in.


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            Hi spatton and welcome to the Forum

            Please let us know how you get on if you follow the advice already given. Hopefully, it should do the trick, but it's always nice to hear back from members...


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              Hi Spatton

              We used to have this problem but on a smaller (but persistent) scale.

              I can only echo the advice given to you already. I took photos of the mess and sent that via email to my local envriomental health office at the civic centre.

              I believe a letter and a warning were issued to the offenders and the mess soon stopped.

              The couple have since split up and moved out, so sometimes there is a silver lining. :thumbs:

              I wish you luck