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  • Problem Cats

    i am a confirmed responsible ( I hope ) cat owner.

    It 's just finished, but will happen again soon.....what is it? mating season.

    All my (5) cats are neutered. Many(about 8 right now) others-males- in the neighbourhood are not. So 3 or 4 x ayear, I have 2-3 weeks of hell, with all the un-neutered toms in the area. They arrive early evening and stay til 5 or 6 in the morning. And they howl, spray all round my door, bin, car, etc. What's worse, in nice weather I cannot have any doors open, as they would love to get in my house and eat/spray/fight/wander round/sleep on my fact they want to MOVE IN!! And I don't need any more cats!!!( This is how I have 5 already!! Agggghhh!

    Can I get the CPL to neuter them, or would it be crimonal damage or something??


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    Hiya sapph

    Do you know where these toms are coming from? i.e. any idea who the owners are, or are they strays?

    I would have thought that if they were strays, you could contact the CPL about having them neutered.


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      how about this for a plan...

      you give them a good dusty of flour all down their backs and then ask the neighbours if all the cats are ok.

      you might get yes hes fine but he came home with white stuff the other day!!

      sorry just a thought!!


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        Ummmm, That's certainly original Beth!


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          please excuse my madness with that posting!

          I am suffering with a lurgy at the moment and when I wrote it it made perfect sense!

          now some medication has kicked in it does look a bit wierd to say the least!

          I meant that if you could mark the cats and then sorta folow the flour trail you could find out who owned them!

          ok...maybe I need to keep taking the tablets!!


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            it absolutely stinks of cats pee out the front in most of the gardens down my street. i hate it when they mate, they scream like babies and scare the hell out of me at night.

            amazes me how many of them come into my garden when you consider the fact that i have a dog.


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              top tip of the day!

              orange peel in your garden will deter the puddy cats, they dont like the smell.(orange peel also good for slugs!)

              lion poo also does the trick (available on mail order from zoos and such like)

              really....lion poo!!!

              I know someone who swears by a product called *catapult* it is a a spray that you can put on your garden, she uses it on her plant pots

              the best thing is actually to get your own cat.

              other cats will not use your garden then, if you have one make a little place in your garden by mixing sand in the soil, the cats will use that place and no where else (hopefully!)


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                Already have five cats!!! Do you think that more will deter stray toms? Good excuse to get another couple (neutered of course!), don't encourage me!! Will try some orange peel tho'

                Flour idea is interesting, although I know they don't belong to close neighbours, therefore may have to follow a long way!



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                  Had gravel at my last garden...never again! Also giant cat tray...however, slugs and snails didn't like it....every cloud has a silver lining!



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                    Originally posted by sapphirelily10@Jun 24 2003, 12:39 AM


                    Already have five cats!!! Do you think that more will deter stray toms?* Good excuse to get another couple (neutered of course!), don't encourage me!!* Will try some orange peel tho'
                    Nobody encourage this person to get any more cats - please She has only just got down to five.

                    Can't you shoo them away when they come a'callin'?


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                      Calm down Holly!! Only joking! Although...I have never been owned by a ginger tom-cat, nice idea! Vets bills off-putting tho'

                      Looking forward to trouncing the opposition tomorrow!



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                        i read this somewhere and please dont ask why or how it works as no one knows BUT if you get an empty plastic bottle (like a litre coke bottle) take the label off and half fill it with water, leave it on your lawn somewhere and cats will not come into your garden.


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                          I must try that Right now I'm being serenaded by a local tom who has taken a fancy to our female cat. I must make an appointment at the vets very soon

                          "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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                            Originally posted by Mistyeyeddreamer@Jun 29 2003, 8:04 PM

                            I must make an appointment at the vets very soon
                            ahhh dont put yourself down Misty!!

                            you really should go to the doctors not the vets!!!


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                              I have to report that orange peel and curry powder didn't work....however the curry powder seemed to positively attract slugs!!!! Gone quiet now tho', mating season is thankfully fairly short-lived Til next time...!