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136 Animal Treats For Only 19p!

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  • 136 Animal Treats For Only 19p!



    buy a cheap tin of hotdogs in brine, and drain them. thats where the 19p comes in!!

    slice each sausage into about 17 pieces, about 1/2 cm thick. like slicing a carrot, into circles

    place on a microwavable plate, flat....they must be flat and not overlapping.

    you can get 4 hotdogs on each place

    cook on full power for 8 mins, then check them, if they have gone a darker colour and look hard they are done. pop them back in for another min if you are not sure.

    remove from micro with a oven glove, the hot dogs oil makes the plate very hot!

    let them cool and then seperate them, they stick together, place in a air prove container once cold.....if you get time to do that!! that point you will have animals watching you and licking their lips!!

    My dog and cat have just been watching me do it!

    I will warn you though, it does smell when cooking but our pets are worth it!!

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    Do the dogs get hot cats?


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      MMmm...why are they called hotdog?

      answers on a postcard!!


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        There seems to be distinctly less than 136 now! Blossom, what have you been doing?!!


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          Isn't this spooky .

          I bought a jar of hot dogs a couple of weeks ago - we shared four of them (hot dogs, not jars ) and cooked the other four for the cat.

          She had two chunks and then turned her nose up at the rest. She is rather partial to the old Felix pouches! Thankfully we had a delivery of whiskas pouches courtesy of gb3b the other day .


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            I think I'll cook some. And share them with the cat! :lol:


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              Originally posted by Neighboured@Sep 14 2003, 2:54 AM

              I think I'll cook some. And share them with the cat!
              Oh yes, our old cat likes them too and that's with most of her teeth missing