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  • Wildlife and birds

    Being passionate about birds and wildlife can also be a base for NFH to victimise, bully and threaten! We are avid birdwatchers, birdfeeders and bird lovers. Our NFH are NOT. We are construed as attracting vermin. Any early morning birdsong is disturbing and annoying because we attract them by our birdseed feeders. Any bird 'markings' on the road, pavement, driveways or parked cars is down to us because of our birdfeeders. That is one side of the story. Now, since our NFH have been away we have been in contact with other neighbours that NFH has bullied into submitting to her control. As NFH is away, they have come out of the NFH shell. What is interesting is that they, the NFH cronies, also have birdseed feeders in their back gardens and one even throws pieces of bread out on her front lawn for birds. It is a puzzling question to ask why are we 'evil' neighbours attracting vermine with birdseed but NFH's cronies can and do feed birds. NFH reported us to the Environmental Health Dept., accusing us of attracting rats that she had seen in her garden. The EHO called to see us and said yes, birdseed can attract rats and suggested we took the birdseed feeders in at night as rats are nocturnal. We said we would do that, and have done ever since - taking our birdfeeders in at dusk every day AND sweeping up any seed that has fallen to the ground. The NFH cronies (or members of NFH gang) do not take in feeders every night, or at all. That situation is another classic example of selective victimization. If NFH likes you, you can do anything and everything you want. If NFH does NOT like you you cannot do anything without challenging them for nasty comments and actions. One set of rules for some and another set of rules for others.

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    I agree - keep your birdfeeders out if the other neighbours are - what could they possibly say when that is pointed out to them? - Oh I know, they'll say something like; "Oh but the birdfood you use is a different sort". Utter phooey.

    At least the birds get fed where you are, around here here they'd probably get shot.

    We're animal lovers too and can't stand to see all the needless killing. Vermin my ****. These birds are bred for the guns. It's so strange, our neighbour famer, (who we get on with) loves to feed/watch the birds in his garden and has feeders - but he breeds pheasants for the guns. Never have been able to fathom that one out.

    As for rats - they are so cute!


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      Agree again!

      I kicked up a stink on a food hygiene course once about rats!

      stated it was no more their fault being born a rat as mine being born a woman!

      life is life, (from a veggies point of view)

      I get upset if I stand on a worm or spider and had a tizzy fit last year when one of my collegues starting jumping on hungry snails....then he took them round the corner but I could still hear the shells breaking, made me feel really sick.

      I wont start on about blood sports ...GRrrrrrrrrrrr!!

      As once I have started I wont be able to shut up!!!!!!!

      you feed the birds...b*m to your NFH!


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        We're vegetarian too!!! Totally against blood 'sports'. Only it isn't sport is it?

        Partner puts spiders outside and we're careful not to step on any snails when they're out on the paths... Don't get me on these hunting and shooting ********

        Have to admit though - two years ago I was putting some newspapers in the oubuilding for recycling late at night, in pitch black except for moonlight and something big and furry ran out of the outbuilding past me - a rat - I SCREAMED LIKE SOMEONE DEMENTED!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Partner still likes to remind me of that!!!!!


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          I'm just left frequently lost for words why these perpertrators can carry on dishing out their selective punishment.

          For goodness sake people have a basic human right to go about their business (law aiding) in a way that they choose without fear of reprisals or retribution.

          Quite honestly I fail to see the point that Roland Rat and Co are solely there just because of the birdfeeder.

          The reality is this. You are never more than six feet away from a rat (outside your house that is). There has been in recent years a huge population explosion in vermin and the fact that a birdfeeder is outside just does not cut any ice at all with me.

          This is quite clearly bullying and by doing so you are submitting to this by taking in your feeders at night. For goodness sake I don't see that David Blunkett is going to pass a law in the next month banning birdfeeders being left out a night.

          I agree with the comments from all above. Do what you want when you want and if NFH doesn't like tell them where to get off !



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            Angelica - your NFH are petty bullies, nothing more, nothing less!

            Always baffling though isn't it when NFH pick up on these otherwise, insignificant things....but to try and understand the NFH psyche, could well send you literally round the twist!

            I would simply think blow to them......if it makes you happy, and you are being very responsible bringing them in, cleaning up spilled seed, etc, keep doing it, it's nice to see wildlife in action too


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              Could you imagine the EO coming to see everybody who feeds the birds, saying what an health hazard, no they are just bullies, who like to rule, no the rats are very happy as us Brits are the scuffiest people out, most of us just throw our rubbish out, so lng as our house/garden/car is tidy we can throw the rest anywhere and after the pubs/clubs have closed our town looks like a town that has been bombed, its true and look near the fast food joints over discarded food, and who pays the council tax payer.I feed a lot of birds and that is how i saw the NFH riff raff were drug taking, i was watching the birds and my eyes saw them could not believe it, now when its my days off i cant ust watch the birds anymore.