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Update on horses

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  • Update on horses

    I have been in touch with the council about the land my neighbour has taken and they say my neighbour has shown an interset in renting the land.She will have to get aplanning permission for change of use.

    I will then object.It is like a tip with all the horse muck and straw.Plus the stagnent water it stinks.

    I also phoned EH.They said they will send someone round.I dont hold much hope they will do anything.

    Last year my neighbour put in a planning aplication for a concervatory.I objected as she intended running a buisness breeding reptiles.

    She got permission.

    They have started to build it .The building is nothing like the plans they submitted.It is more like an extention.It has about 4 feet of wall at the front.and one solid wall at the side.The other side has a wall about 4 foot with a door in it.Not much glass is going in.I dont think she knows I went to see the plans.

    The brickwork is done and Ive heard they have run out of money so no galss.

    I will be phoning planning next. Every dog has its day.


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    Thanks for the update Shirley

    Are you going to contact the planning dept ref. the conservatory issue and the inconsistencies with their original plans? Definitely worth a go eh!

    Good luck with the ongoing horse issues - I'll let you know if I get any further info too.


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      I would be very tempted to inform the planning office she is not following the okayed plans and is there fore breaking planning permisson,(in fact I would inform them)

      In turn this should make her name known to the LA and it may make it harder for her to rent/purchase the ground for the horses.

      some councils do keep lists of problem people. i.e.aggresive, law breakers, council tax evaders etc.

      and by reporting it you are simply being a good law abiding citizen!!

      if you are being a thorn in her side at the same time I guess its just a bonus!


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        Hi Shirley,

        I have spoken to a "horsey" person at work and I am afraid there is not much you can do;

        Horses tramp up the grass in winter in happens due to the nature of them being horses.

        The only thing that might help is a thing called mud fever(?)

        It effects their hooves in muddying conditions and can be quite nasty.

        really sorry I couldnt get any thing else to help you but it seems the horse is ok