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  • Get Rid of Your Dog

    Get Rid of Your Dog or Lose Your Insurance

    Virginia homeowner Steve Wells received a nasty shock in the mail recently. His insurance company, Augusta Mutual Insurance Company, has informed him that they are going to cancel his homeowners insurance because they don't like his dog.

    Like many insurance companies, Augusta Mutual refuses to cover homes in which certain breeds of dog are present. This practice, based on the misperception that certain large dogs are inherently dangerous, is illegal in two states and is being examined in others.

    Wells had to file a claim recently because of damage caused by the recent hurricane Isabelle. When the claims adjuster from T. M. Everette Claim Service showed up to inspect the damage, Wells was at work and his dog was in the backyard. On the forms he filled out while inspecting the damage to the house, the inspector wrote the words "CAUTION-PIT BULL IN BACK YARD".

    Wells' insurance company stated that they will cancel his insurance for owning a Pit Bull and for "misrepresenting this fact" when he purchased his insurance. However, there is a very big problem with this. You see, Steve Wells doesn't own a Pit Bull and he never has.

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    thanks for that Mucks!

    insurance gone silly! :blink:


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      I have read not all pit-bulls are dangerous anyway.

      You can't tar a whole breed from the antics of a few.