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  • pigeons

    Hi everyone, as i've most probably mentioned in previous posts my NFH have pigeons, they (40 odd) are out all day every day, and the (growing) collection of birds such as cockatiels, finches, etc, constantly chirping, cooing, screaching in daylight hours. I called the E.H.O about the large number of rats that have started to come into my garden (again), they told me on one visit that i must stop putting bird food out (on the bird table) and get rid of my small water feature ( a large bowl with pebbles, plants and water in it) i pointed out that before i had these things there was dead rats found in my garden so it's not me that's attracting them, maybe it's the pigeons?? he did'nt comment but they did on one occassion visit NFH and he refused to let them look (wonder why?) surely there is some kind of law on keeping these birds?

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    Hi Eden

    Sorry, I can't remember if your NFH is a Council or HA tenant?

    If so, report to the Council/HA as they need permission to keep that number of pets and permission will not be granted if they are causing a nuisance (inc noise, smells etc).

    I would imagine Env Health will need to be prodded a bit too - don't be fobbed off cos they can take this on too. Env Health should be contacted in any case, whether owner or renting. And keep at them - don't be fobbed off!

    Good luck



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      Hi Eden,

      The EH Dept of your LA are obliged to investgate this matter. I wonder if seperating out the issues would give you a little more movement - e.g. make it clear the other nuisance the pigeons/birds are most probably making - e.g. droppings around? (Deadly when dried/dust), noise issues, etc?

      The Environmental Protection Act 1990, available here (Extracts):

      (a) any premises in such a state as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance;

      (f) any animal kept in such a place or manner as to be prejudicial to health or a nuisance;


      Perhaps come at this from a health point of view too, as well as possible noise. In the meantime, if you can remove the bird feeder or attempt to make it inaccessible to (very agile!) rats, etc it hopefully will convince the EH Dept to take your concerns more seriously.

      Also, contact your local RSPCA ( ) to perhaps discuss the conditions the birds are being kept in?

      Good Luck


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        Hi everyone, i don't think i explained myself very well in the last post (so here goes). My house-owner NFH has 40 odd racing/ homing pigeons, which are out all day, every day. Usuallly i get their droppings and feathers over my garden and washing, and have lost two cats (sofar) one i know for a fact my NFH killed. The rats have appeared shortly after they moved in, in summer it's nearly impossible to have a BBQ or lay out in the sunshine without the risk of being pooped on (we have serveral gazebo's and umbella's). The growing collection of cockateils, finches etc. Chirping, screaching, cooing constantly in daylight hours so i don't get to enjoy the peace and quiet either, all the other nieghbours seem scared or just don't want to admit it's a problem.By the way the pigeons fly in a circle around their home so they don't get the muck landing on thier property!!


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          I used to have exactly the same problem - fortunately, my neighbour got fed up of pigeons and started keeping different types of birds... surely this is one for environmental health? Especially since you've seen rats!!!


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            If he wouldn't let the EHO in then he may have something to hide - perhaps he doesn't keep the pigeons and other birds in sutiable conditions. I would definitely try the RSPCA, they have considerable powers if they suspect any kind of animal cruelty, so I think he'd have to let them in.