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  • corks

    saw on country file on Sunday that everytime we buy a bottle of wine that does not have a proper cork stopper, we put the birds in portugal at risk

    the cork trees are very old, and every five years the bark in cut off to make wine corks,

    if we use screw top or plastic corks the cork forests are at risk.

    the farmers will lose their jobs and have to sell their land for other crops.

    the cork trees are a habitate for many birds, including our humble robin, who likes to vacation there at christmas (I know Ironic!)

    the myth is that corks can give a nasty taste to wine, in fact the figure is only one percent, not the 7 percent prevoius thought (cork taint its called)

    only two supermarkets at the moment label their wines to say if they are corked or not with a cork.

    so what can we do?

    we can keep struggling with the cork screw to save the birds!!

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    I think I'm right about this but not 100% sure. When a wine is referrd to as "corked" meaning that it tastes bad, it is not the cork that has caused the off-taste. It comes from air getting to the wine which oxidises the alcohol to form a number of nasty smelling substances - I can best licken it to the smell of musty old books, once you experienced it you won't forget it.

    The irony here is that corks are porous and therefore more likely to let air get to the wine than plastic or screw tops, although this is unlikely to happen if the cork is properly fitted and even less likely if the wine is stored in a rack on its side - because this keeps the cork moist and more air-tight.

    I think a far greater threat to robins and all other birds on continental Europe, particularly in the south, is the popularity of hunting ie. shooting small birds for fun.


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      the way it was explained on Country file was that wine taint was caused by a small percentage of corks, 1% in fact, this is due to a fungally mildew thing which comes from the cork.

      you are totally right about with the shooting of small birds, fun for who? certainly not the birds, never understood how people can get pleasure from killing


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        Just checked my facts and you're right. For anyone wanting a detailed account of what cork taint is, you should look here: