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  • howling

    Hi everybody, my NFH has a collection of animals and has or tryed to despose of mine (originally i had 2 cats). When my NFH moved in they brought with them 40 odd pigeons (which are out all day every day) 2 small dogs (that howl/bark continuously when they are left alone) and a collection of small noisey birds. The pigeons ( in my eyes) have attracted rats and i have had to call the E.H several times, i have given them at least 6 large rats. The rest they told me to despose of in the bin. I sent a friendly letter to my NFH to imform them that their dogs howl and bark excessively when left, and i eventually contacted the E.H (again). I have not long been to mediation with them and they said they would monitor the noise, so far though not much as changed. The E.H said they will not get involved whilst mediation is taking place. This i thought would change things but then my NFH broke several of the agreements and i feel that its awaste of time and it also causes me stress.

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    Hi Eden

    By logging frequency/duration/type of noise etc., it should be possible to give E.H. a good idea of whether the noise constitutes a statutory nuisance. For a look at noise legislation, see (if you haven't already)

    Many apologies, from your previous post I did not realise that you were already taking part in formal mediation? Can the service give you any idea of when this process will end? Still log everything, though, as after mediation, the E.H. department will be able to get a really full picture and see what action they can start to take.

    I do hope things start to improve soon.



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      Oh, I know what you mean about the howling!

      I am an animal lover and I like dogs, cats, etc, very much - but when you live next door to a dog howler, it's enough to drive you up the wall.

      When NFH Couple no. 2 were next door to us they had a dog that would loudly and almost constantly howl and bark constantly when they were out - times didn't matter to the dog, it ocurred anytime from early morning to after midnight, it was really stressful and disturbing to live with. The record for the dog's howling was 7+ hours. Awful It also upset our own dog.

      On research into the matter, it seemed the dog had 'seperation anxiety disorder', ironically pretty easy to cure with some patience from a responsible dog owner. Our NFH of course didn't want to know.

      Take Care