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Kitten Public Enemy No. 1

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  • Kitten Public Enemy No. 1

    Here's a story I've just seen on the search for something else:

    A KITTEN has set the fur flying after being branded a dangerous animal by council officials.

    Sasha, a six-month-old, pure white cat is 'lovely natured and friendly', according to her owner, Dirk Kriete.

    But Pendle Council says she is a danger to its employees after she scratched building inspector Len Ward's shoulder and tore his clothing.

    Mr Kriete, of Duke Street, Winewall, near Trawden, was amazed by the decision to put Sasha on the council's dangerous animal register, two months after the alleged incident in June. He said: "It's all ridiculous and a waste of taxpayers' money.

    "Sasha is a really bonnie little kitten and she was only about four months old at the time. The only thing she might be responsible for is purring too much.

    "I very much resent the allegation that I'm the keeper of a dangerous animal and I have asked the council to remove this kitten from that list."

    In a letter to Mr Kriete, environmental health and urban renewal manager Trevor Mitton, said: "On his return to the office, the officer concerned felt the need to see the council's first aid person who witnessed the scratches to his skin and tears to his clothing. They both then came to my office and I, too, witnessed the damage."

    Mr Mitton today defended the action by Len Ward and the council.

    He said: "It's council policy when an employee is attacked by animals, which are usually dogs, that they fill in a form and it goes to health and safety. It is then put on the database as a warning to other members of staff who may have to call at that house. It was a serious matter."

    He said the database mainly listed dogs which tended to have bitten someone and he admitted it was unusual for a cat to be on it.

    The register shows the cat as belonging to Mr Kriete's next door neighbour, Brian Jackson, because that is where the incident took place.

    Mr Jackson said: "Next door's kitten wandered in while Mr Ward was there and jumped on my shoulder, just playing. I put her down and then she jumped on Mr Ward's shoulder and scared him. But he said he was fine.

    "Two months later I got a letter saying my house had been put on the database and I don't even have a cat. I asked them to either take me off or give me a terror gerbil."

    The council has said it will remove Mr Jackson from the database and will now have further discussions with Mr Kriete about the situation.


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    what!!! :lol: :hihi: :lol: :P


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      Poor cat.

      Cats can scratch and be crotchety if they're scared. But I think this is taking it all a bit too far. :lol:

      Rinse it in cold water, bit of germolene - sorted.


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        This does not shock me , this is the attitude of people today. Why do they always send people who are scared of animals to someones house?. A four month old kitten, where do they live Bodmin Moor.

        Last year someone's minature Yorkie was killed, it got out of its front door and nipped the posties ankle. He felt the need to shake it lose and kick it across the garden several feet, resulting in it falling head first onto the concrete and being killed.

        We order food from our take away sometimes, and two of the blokes are terrified of our miniture pet Yorkie. Even though I always pick her up before answering the door, she does bark and race to the door when anyone calls.

        When I had my old Yorkie who was 16yrs old and nearly blind and a slow walker, with a failing bark. I answered the door with her in my arms, to find the take away guy running up and down my path in a real tizzy. I pointed out that he was ok , but he did a jog until I paid him.

        We always take their phobias into account now and never answer the door holding pets.

        But I still cannot understand why people do these jobs if they are scared of animals. Postie, Delivery jobs, take aways. You don't become a window cleaner if you are scared of heights.

        In a perfect world pets would never get loose and protect your garden from visitors, but this does happen. It has't happened to me yet.


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          It obviously needs destroying under the "Harmful Pets Act" 2009 :P

          What the he*l did he do to it?????


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            What a wimp

            "Hey mate, you've got a kitten on your shoulder!" "Aaargggh", brushing shoulder madly "Gerritoff, Gerritoff!" Startled, innocent cat who only wanted to show affection is now scared witless, extends claws to get a better grip as it leaps to safety, away from this crazy human.

            That's how I picture it! I'd love to be a fly on the wall when he visits the house with the pet tarantula

            "Almost anything you do will seem insignificant, but it is very important that you do it. You must be the change that you wish to see in the world." Gandhi


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              The PR effects of this is increible!

              The councill worker is now known -in his local pub!- as a twit who is scared of kittens and the council is seen as staffed by Hitlers. And the fact that they got the address of the kitten wrong? Just another example of how ineficient they are.


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                How pathetic is that. :angry:

                I have two Staffies, whilst out walking them with a friend of mine an incredibly drunk man, dropped to his knees in front of my older dog and threw his arms around him so he was totally under this him. Consequently my other dog who is 12 months old and was right next to him protected his "brother" and bit this mans face. :cry:

                It frightened me to death, but what an idiot. He was ok, apart from a bleeding cheek, if had he remembered when he was sober I would probably be prosecuted for possession of a dangerous animal.

                I know my dog shouldn't have bitten him but what if this man had attacked me?

                The laws and regulations wouldn't take into account what he did to the dog!

                Needless to say he got up walked a bit further then fell onto a van. Prat

                On another occasion my pup as he was at the time was playing in the garden whilst I set up a new garden pond, I was leaning over the edge of the pond trying to get the pump in the correct position when Hugo ran down the garden jumped onto my back and pushed me straight in!! I don't swim, could have drowned!!! aggghhhh...... perhaps he is a dangerous dog after all???

                I find it very funny these days, what a character he is! :lol: