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  • Howling Lane

    Just had to comment on this:

    I've just been outside in the street behind ours, with our Dog, 'Blossom' when I heard a familiar sound..........

    I stopped suddenly........

    Blossom looked at me pityfully.....

    I turned around sharply (nearly cricked my neck)........


    You guessed it. I heard the all-too-familiar barking/howling from a young dog who has recently moved in (with his owners) to a property on this street. It made my blood curdle....and brought back many an icky memory from past NFH couple no. 2.

    The house lights were off, the dog on it's own. The neighbouring property looked empty at the time (fortunately or unfortunately when they find out and hear the noise).

    It saddens me still and angers me still (very much!) to hear noise like this...maybe I should put NFH Forum leaflets through the affected doors.......


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    The "howler" Matthew has referred to is a nice looking dog, and one of my neighbours from the street behind us always keeps us up to date on him .......

    ......ok we like a bit of a gossip!!

    Appartently the dog is well looked after and looks very healthy. He is only young still so hopefully he will grow out of the whining. (really really hope)

    He is quite comical as he is a big dog and he trys to sit on the bedroom window sill to watch the world go by ( and often falls off!), he only seems to start howling if he see's or hears someone.

    We have started whispering to our dog if we can see him ....."blossom go wee wee'!!

    My dog thinks we are crackers!!